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Looking to put life back in my once perky full B...

Looking to put life back in my once perky full B cup boobies! After 2 pregnancies and breast feeding they are a bit sad looking... Deflated and droopy, I don't mind small but I can't take the droopiness :(. My first dr consult recommended 275-300 Mentor Profile Plus round sicilicon. Seems like everyone wishes they went bigger but I don't want to be top heavy I love to run. Also, interested in the transax incision, going to see a dr that specializes in this curious about the recovery time if it's longer or more difficult. I have 3 more consults in two weeks woohoo! I will keep you posted!

Wish boobs!

I'm wondering which size will look best on me for the look I'm going for... I like the natural look but don't mind if ppl wonder what's different about me ?? I'mthinkingbe2275-325ccc

Consultation Day!

So I had 3 consults this past Wednesday and I'm a bit confused now. I had my mind set on 275-300cc.
1st Dr. specializes in transaxilary incision which I liked but recommended 325-350cc mentor plus under the muscle.
2nd. I didn't really get a good vibe reccomended 286-304 cc Allergan under the muscle, Attila incision.
3rd dr was great and brought up a good point that my left nipple didn't have a defined line and reccomended crease incision and said I had to choose so but any could work in my range I picked 275-350.

Which Profile?!

I had my mind set on Moderate Plus but the first Dr. I saw on Wednesday had a lot of pictures from patients that chose moderate classic that also looked really nice and very natural. Will the moderate plus make them very full on top?? Anyone pick the moderate classic by Mentor? Not sure which I would be most happy with?

More Before Pics

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