330/360cc Natrelle Inspira SRM ~ Moderate

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Looking to put life back in my once perky full B...

Looking to put life back in my once perky full B cup boobies! After 2 pregnancies and breast feeding they are a bit sad looking... Deflated and droopy, I don't mind small but I can't take the droopiness :(. My first dr consult recommended 275-300 Mentor Profile Plus round sicilicon. Seems like everyone wishes they went bigger but I don't want to be top heavy I love to run. Also, interested in the transax incision, going to see a dr that specializes in this curious about the recovery time if it's longer or more difficult. I have 3 more consults in two weeks woohoo! I will keep you posted!

Wish boobs!

I'm wondering which size will look best on me for the look I'm going for... I like the natural look but don't mind if ppl wonder what's different about me ?? I'mthinkingbe2275-325ccc

Consultation Day!

So I had 3 consults this past Wednesday and I'm a bit confused now. I had my mind set on 275-300cc.
1st Dr. specializes in transaxilary incision which I liked but recommended 325-350cc mentor plus under the muscle.
2nd. I didn't really get a good vibe reccomended 286-304 cc Allergan under the muscle, Attila incision.
3rd dr was great and brought up a good point that my left nipple didn't have a defined line and reccomended crease incision and said I had to choose so but any could work in my range I picked 275-350.

Which Profile?!

I had my mind set on Moderate Plus but the first Dr. I saw on Wednesday had a lot of pictures from patients that chose moderate classic that also looked really nice and very natural. Will the moderate plus make them very full on top?? Anyone pick the moderate classic by Mentor? Not sure which I would be most happy with?

More Before Pics

Consults done!

I have now picked a Dr after visiting with 6 different dr's ????. All the dr's were great but I really liked the last one we met last night. I think that he really understood the look I am trying to achieve and noted the differences in each breast and had great rec's to try to fix that.

Implant type?

The Dr I will be doing my BA recommended Mentor Moderate + and Inspira SRM profile. I am not familiar with the Inspira SRM profile, anyone have that implant type in the 300-350cc range?

BA is Booked!!!!

Well I have chosen a Dr. and I have paid my deposit and picked a date. February 7th will be here before we know it! I need to get ready!!!! Omg, I can't believe this is happening so soon!

Waiting and wishing ;)

Wish pics to pass the time!

Pre-Op Next Week!

So my pre-op has already been scheduled, they do it 1 month before surgery. They said it will take 1 hour, and I will meet with the nurse to go over everything. I asked if I will meet with the Dr again during that visit and they said no. I feel like I want to discuss size and profile again to ensure we are on the same page? Is that normal, when do you meet with the Dr again before surgery? What was your pre-op experience?

Still debating lift in lefty?!

So my left breast sags a little and it bothers me. My Dr said he will do the dual plane on the left and it should lift it up w/o actually doing a lift procedure. However I have seen a lot of reviews post op lately with Nagy results. I'm still debating if I should request a lift just to be sure or take a chance w/o one?!

Pre-Op Done!

Today I had my pre-op appointment. The nurse went over a ton of paperwork, took pictures and discussed implants again. I will get to review again with the Dr. the morning of surgery. I am leaning towards the Inspiration SRM which is the moderate. It is a little fuller than the mentor moderate plus and gas a bit of a more cohesive gel. Anyone with the Inspiration implants SRM?

Can anyone recommend a quality multi-vitamin?

Hi ladies! I have not taken a multi-vitamin since I was on prenatals. So it's been a while, and back then I was on prescription prenatals that were great but pricey. Can anyone reccomend a high quality multi-vitamin? I currently take Juiceplus but looks like I will have to stop two weeks pre-op due to a few ingredients like garlic and alfalfa!


So today was the most anticipated day for me, BA day! Everything went seemingly smoothly. I showed up at the surgery center and right away I was taken back to get ready! Then Zi met with the Dr and we discussed profiles again as I was still on the fence for profile. He said her would try sizers on me in surgery and pick the best profile/size based on my wish pics. Next thing you know I'm in the operating room and off to dreamland. When I woke I asked for size and profile. He choose 330 in my left and 360 in my right to address the mild asymmetry, he also choose the Natrelle Zindpira implant in the SRM style which is a fuller moderate implant. After I went home and felt good for the most part. Just resting now, go back tomorrow to take the bandages off!!! So excited hope they turned out nice!!

Bandages Off POD1

I love my results, my Dr picked the perfect size and profile for me I think. Very swollen but I can tell once they settle all will be good. Here are a few pics!
330/360 Natrelle Inspira SRM
Dual plan to fix slight sag

Sleeping woes!

Curious how everyone is sleeping post op? First two days weren't bad since the meds knocked me out but now w/o meds I can't get comfortable! How long did your PS have you sleep elevated on your back? I'm dying, I just want to either lay flat or on my side. Any reccomendations???

1 week Boobverssary!

I'm really liking them so far, can't believe it's one week today! I wonder if they will get smaller after swelling goes away? Did you notice the size changing in the first 3-6 months?
Dr. Charles Messa

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