38 Yr Old - 228lbs, 3 Kids Via C-section & hysterectomy. Much Needed Tummy Tuck - South Euclid, OH

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My consultation went great! I feel the DR gave me...

My consultation went great! I feel the DR gave me realistic expectations. My goal is to stay on my current routine of being conscious of what I eat and workout moderately. I'm beyond nervous!! This forum has two sides, a blessing and a curse. LOL!!! Its very informative and very scary at the same time.


So. I've lost 7lbs. I was heavier than I initially thought. So, I had to get my tail in gear. Working out 3 days a week at a boot camp watching what I eat. And no alcohol. Let's see how this goes. I've decided to upload a few pictures. I can't wait for my surgery date.

64 days til the flat side

So, I weighed in today. The scale is going in the right direction????. I'm down 9lbs and pressing forward. The TT will take care of my tummy. I want to be totally happy with what I see in the mirror. So working out ensures that once my tummy is flat, I'm not pointing out other areas to fix.

Pushing forward

Down to 215! Really pushing for 200 or lower by my surgery date. I'm getting excited. 3/21 is quickly approaching!

My wish picture

30 days till surgery

It's truly ironic that I'm posting today. It's day 30 and the first day that I allowed myself to cheat a bit. I'm down 21 lbs which is fantastic, I think. But I still have 11 more lbs to go. I love this forum to follow others experiences and ask questions of others that are on the same journey.

22 days to go

Getting the nervous gitters. Down to 209 and still pressing forward. So far I've made a small list of things that I will need. So far I have
Chuck pads
Arnica pills and cream
Heating pad
Ted hose
Binders (2)
Loads of pillows

Anything I miss??

13 days to go and PAID IN FULL

So excited that it's almost finally here. 13 days to go. Also, very excited that my body is continuing to respond to this clean eating and exercise. I'm 207 lbs. I'm still striving to get to 200. Had my last visit with my PS and the hubby was there. So, all questions answered bottom line paid, got my instructions and prescriptions. Only this left to purchase is my recliner. I will be on the hunt this weekend for it

7 days to go

I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, I don't know if I'm coming or going. Let's just say I'm more than ready!!!

So tomorrow is my days

Tomorrow is it!! I'm so excited and just a tad nervous. I was told to arrive about 10:45am. I will update my journey as soon as I can.

Made it to the flat side

Ok ladies! I made it to the flat side. Dr Stroup was absolutely AMAZING!! Bedside manner made me feel so comfortable. Made sure that I understood exactly what was about to occur and updated my husband as soon as he left the OR. THE anesthesiologist and his team was just as great. Put me to sleep with no problem and was there when I woke up checking on me. Let me mention that 12 lbs was moved totally. OMG!! This binder has me snatched to the MAX!This medicine is putting me to sleep. Will update with pictures later.


I'm healing well. Only taking two pain pills and day. When I wake up and one before bedtime. Im not comfortable taking pictures just yet. I will keep you posted tho!

So uncomfortable

Omgoodness! I am so uncomfortable right now. My pain is concentrated in my back. I'm guessing because I can't stand upright. I do not regret getting my surgery by far. But you truly have to be dedicated to this recovery process.

It's been awhile

Just been dealing with this swelling!!! Sheesh! I'm almost. Almost 8 weeks out and the swelling it ridiculous. Back to wearing my binder to bed and much waist trainer during the day.

This was the best decision ever. IMO the...

This was the best decision ever. IMO the liposuction is more painful than the recovery from the tummy tuck. Really have to be patient with the recovery, the swelling is the devil. Each day is different. Really need to allow yourself ample time to heal. Lol!! 8 weeks post and Very satisfied!!! Can't wait until the swelling stops!!

Two months post surgery

A few pictures still fairly swollen

6 month ......UPDATE

So!!! I was not crazy or delusional.... went for my check up. And I have to have a revision TT and lipo. The area above my belly button indeed is not swollen. After he said the revision would be needed... Honestly, I checked out. At the end of the day.. I'm responsible for the OR, anesthesiologist and assistant. I discussed it with the hubby.. he isn't happy but of course supportive. I'm thinking right after the New Year. I'm not in a rush to revisit that damn pain. I will keep you posted

Dr. Stroup made me feel very comfortable. He took time to explain to me what I should expect. He was very informative and made sure that I had all of my questions answered. He even came back into the room because I had remembered a few additional questions that I wanted to have answered.

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