25 Year Old 6 Month Smile - Groupon Voucher UK - London, GB

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I wore braces as a teenager but stupidly never...

I wore braces as a teenager but stupidly never wore my retainer. It never occurred to me how important they were.

Fast forward 9 years I stumbled across a group on voucher for top and bottom arches for a total of £995.

This price did not include an x-ray which was an additional £50.

I choose the particular dentist as they would do treatment up to 9 months of required where as the other dentists on Groupon at the time would cut of at 6 months and charge you if more treatment was required. However the dentist is an hour journey via public transport.

I decided to go for it. As although I am saving for a house. I thought as a new mum this is likely to be the only time in my life that I will be able to afford to do it.

The process has been slow starting. It took ages to get an appointment due to them being busy then I was away on holiday. Then of course having to go else where for an x-ray. This has all coensided with me returning to work from maternity leave.

So it has been about 5 months since I brought my voucher and I am finally going in for my next appointment.

Wish me luck!

I will update at a later date

Braces put on today!

I am about to go to bed and have had the braces on for about 8 hours now. I have managed to eat okay (roast dinner! Made by my nan!!). I am a bit sore but made worse by trying to floss and nightly clean. The discomfort isn't TOO bad. Just achy. I have taken some paracetamol and hopefully might feel bit better after a night sleep.

Top set are off

I am due to have a clean and a filling/bonding on my left central incisor as it is shorter then the right.

I have opted for normal retainer for top teeth and bonded retainer for the bottom set. The bottom brace sould be off next month.
Asilva Dental Studio

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