I actually went through with it! So far, so good.

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I am 31 yr old mother of two girls 7 and 4. I have...

I am 31 yr old mother of two girls 7 and 4. I have never been a huge fan of my boobs. Looking back I should have been, but hindsight is 20/20. Anyways, my pregnancies took their toll on my boby like many women. I kind of let my self go
after having my children, nothing too crazy but
20-35 extra pounds. After my second child I decided it was time to get back into shape.... too bad there are no workouts for stretch marks; ) So I will be getting my surgery tomorrow. I am currently a B and will be getting 500cc /silicone/ high profile (I think) and forgoing a lift. I went with my surgeons recomendation because he has been doing this for 20+ years, I have google. Lol. Anyways, I have sag to my breasts and was looking into lifts. I went to 5 doctors.... wow, they all differ in recomendations, price, and bedside manner. One said anchor lift, another lolipop, another periareola, and a couple said one is not needes depending on my expections. I ended up going with my sisters doctor because 1st.. he did my sister's twice with great results 2nd.. my sister has four other friends who also went with him and had good results 3rd.. He consulted with the whole time! He took as much time as I wanted. Very nice man!!

I am not going with a lift because I would like to avoid the scars (for now). I am aware that gravity will once again grab hold of my body. I went back and forth with this decision, until I read something somewhere... "a lift cannot be undone". I happen to like the drop of breasts, I happen to be 31 and not 18 anymore. I want a more "natural" look.
My biggest beef is the loss of upper pole fulness. Aging is a b***h ;)

I did it!

So, I did it. I had my surgery at 9 am this morning. They took me back and took some pictures. Set me up with a warm blanket, started my IV, talked about the snow, and off to dreamland I went . Woke up in pain :( , but nothing I couldnt handle. Went straight home and talked with my mom for a bit while my husband ran around to find my percoet (sp) nobody had it! He had to go to a hospital pharmacy. Once I took some meds I felt much better . Now I am in bed relaxing, but I do have to say this is anything but comfotable. Lol. They look weird! Be ready for that! Ibknow when they settle I will most likely have my desired result. I am pretty sore and a little out of it, so I will to post pictures later tonight or tomorrow. I am excited I did it. Thanks for listening.


Here they are. High, hard, and swollen ;);


I am in pain and cannot sleep very well. Do any of you know if breast augs are more painful for women who weight train with heavy reps and many focused on chest?

feeling some relief!

Man, that was more painful than I had prepared for! My pain mostly came from lying down. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some better sleep. My poor 7 year old has the stomach flu :/ She has been getting sick all night! She seema to be doing better now thankfully. Now I just hope I don't get it too. I can't imagine throwing up with all thatbis going on with my chest. *fingers crossed*

quick pics

String of bad luck

I would advise against everyone in your house getting the stomach flu, fighting with your husband, and 5+ inches of sbow while recovering. I am regreting having this done, but not because of the actual surgery, but not having the time to recover. Hope you ladies are doing better than I am.


Feeling better, just wondering when I lose the football boobs. I know I am only 6 days out, but I want them prefect yeaterday! Lol ;)
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