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Hi everyone, I have finally got my first tray in...

Hi everyone, I have finally got my first tray in after wanting to get my teeth fixed for over 20 years. I've never had braces and have found my teeth getting worse over the years. About 4 years ago I went to my local orthodontist who told me I wasn't a candidate for Invisalign and if I wanted braces I would have to wear them for 12 months then have surgery on my jaw to fix it then another 12 months of braces. I thought it was a little extreme so decided to forget about it. Fast forward to my eldest son getting braces with a new younger orthodontist which replaced the retiring doctor I went to see who told me I could be a candidate and wouldn't need surgery. Fantastic!!! So after a few months of organising today is day 1, woohoo.
So far so good, had a lisp at first but that is subsiding already, I can feel my tongue brushing up against the aligners so I'm hoping it won't break any skin on my tongue. Will file down if it does.
So I'm wearing the first 2 aligners for 10 days each then going in to get my attachments on. They are only going on the sides of my teeth, none at the front. Then I'll be changing aligners every 7 days, When my clinicheck came I was excited that I don't have to get any teeth removed which my Ortho said I would. He was just as happy as I was.
So impressed with them so far as I can't notice them at all.
I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has posted here about their journey, it's been very helpful to me and I hope my post will help others.


Day 3

Hi guys, up to day 3 and thought I'd let you know how it's been. So far so good. Has been a bit strange to get used to but I'm getting there. I've had to file the bottom aligner a little and it feels a little better. No ulcers in my mouth but my teeth do feel a little tender when I take them out to eat, hasn't stopped me eating though????
1 person at work yesterday noticed them, she thought I was wearing a retainer but only really noticed the top aligner. Her partner is a dental technician so she knows what to look for.
When at home for meals am leaving them soaking in plain water then just giving them a light clean with my tooth brush.
Have noticed my lisp is still there but another co worker didn't notice my speech change, maybe just noticeable to me.
I'm wondering if anyone sucks on mints whilst their aligners are in and does it stain?
It's a weird feeling of having excess saliva in the mouth then bring quite dry so I've been drinking a lot of water, which is good.
Have had a few headaches but I'm putting that down to a slight head cold I have, no biggie. My blocked nose isn't helping my dry mouth either, it'll soon pass.
Still excited my journey has started!!????
Looking at my clinicheck I have 58 aligners. The first 2 I wear for 10 days then change weekly so I guess just over a year, fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading????

Tray 1 in review

Hi guys, thought I'd give you my thoughts on tray 1 as I've now gone into tray 2.
I've gotten myself into a routine now and generally have my aligners out 4 times a day for around 20 minutes each time. I have 2 cups of tea in the morning then lunch afternoon tea then dinner so I floss 3 times a day. After my cups of tea in the morning I don't bother to floss, just brush.
When I'm at home I take my aligners out and pop them in some water then give them a light clean and rinse with my tooth brush and tooth paste. My ortho gave me some sensitive toothpaste to use.
Getting the aligners on and off has been easy so far but I've yet to get my attachments on, that is tray 3.
Knowing that I was changing over my aligners last night I drank my cup of tea, not hot, with them in and had a few glasses of red wine for research purposes to see if they stained the aligners, the things you do for research!!:)
Aligners didn't appear stained. This is the only time I have had them in whilst drinking anything other than water.
I'm still going through lots of saliva but I guess it's not as much as when I first started out. Drinking heaps of water which is good.
So I guess you could say I've had a good first week. I've wanted this for a long time so I'm still in a positive head space with it all. I can see how people can get frustrated with it all and feel like they have a mouthful of plastic. I haven't reached the stage of forgetting they are there yet and I still have a lisp as I have a type of bridge behind my 2 front top teeth to stop my overbite which affects my speech.
Has anyone else had these bridges in their journey?

Last night I swapped into tray 2 and they do feel snug but not painful as yet. I did file down all the edges so all good so far.
57 more trays to go, woohoo!!

Thanks for reading and I hope your journey is going well.

attacheents and buttons- now the real work begins!!

Hi guys, thought I'd update you all and let you know how things are progressing.
Yesterday I went to my ortho and he put my attachments and buttons for my elastics on.
I have approximately 8 attachments on the sides of my teeth, none on my front teeth which is good.
Can't really see them but when I take my aligners out my whole mouth feels weird and to eat is weird. Last night I had spaghetti bol which was nice and soft but whenever I tried to chew I was rubbing on the attachments which didn't feel nice at all, it made me slow right down with chewing so that awkward chewing feeling went away and I didn't bite my gums.
Flossing after dinner was a bit of a chore. I couldn't get some of the floss in between my teeth where previously I had no problem but I think it was just a little of the attachment stuff that they hadn't filed down. Ended up using my son's braces floss which worked.
First night of wearing rabbit bands which attached from the sides on the outside of my teeth. Does anyone else wear bands at night?
They were a little fiddly to get on and felt restrictive but I guess this is why we wear them, anyway I slept fine all night and woke up feeling good. I did go to bed a little down in the dumps with all the new changes and the horrible way my mouth felt at dinner time but this morning after breakfast and the cleaning process my mouth felt a little better so I am more positive about everything.
Some other good news is I only have to wear the aligners for a week before I change them again, I'm very happy with that news!!!
My ortho said that because my teeth are moving backwards from my molars so there is lots of space to move. he will check on my progress though monthly to make sure my teeth are tracking as planned, so I may need to go back to every 10 days but fingers crossed it stays at 7 days.
I received my chewies and started using them after my cleaning sessions.
My teeth feel a little tender but nothing to drastic. Yesterday I took 2 paracetamol before going into my appointment but getting the attachments and buttons on wasn't painful just a little uncomfortable.

Have been managing to wear them in for most of the whole day and only take them out for my 3 meals, so no snacking which is good for the waistline (hopefully).
I still feel a little self conscious wearing them especially if people are looking at my mouth when I'm speaking. I almost want to say "can you see my aligners" but I think I am just paranoid as the few people I have told have said they haven't noticed them, which is good.

My clincheck says that I won't see any significant changes till around aligner 20, and even then that's only slight. I enjoy looking at my clinicheck though just so I can see how its all looking and going to look.

Anyway thanks for reading and I hope your journey is going well.

Tray 4 update

Hi guys, hope you are all progressing well????
I'm now onto aligner 4 which is going well.
Life with attachments have been ok. It still feels uncomfortable with my aligners out but I guess that's a good thing as soon as able they are back in my mouth.
Had a girls night out last Friday with $5 cocktails, who could refuse that!!! So I had Mojitos with my aligners in, took them out for dinner and some red wine then the cleaning process ad aligners back in. So only out for dinner. Surely with all the flossing and brushing i have earnt some brownie points with regards to not getting any cavities with my aligners in and drinking cocktails, fingers crossed????
Actually as I sit here writing this I am slipping on some white wine, a first for me as I'm a red wine drinker, the things you do for Invisalign!!
Have posted some photos but there isn't any change and I'm not expecting any for another 6 weeks.
Thanks for reading????

Ortho visit

Hi guys, not really much to update but thought I'd let you know that my ortho visit went well. He is happy with my progress and said that my teeth are tracking well. I'm up to tray 6 now and still changing weekly. He is happy to have me change weekly whilst all my teeth are shifting from the back, there's no movement from my front teeth for about another 6 trays according to my clinicheck.
I'm wondering if anyone else has over 50 aligners to get through?
All the posts I read on here are around 20-30 aligners.
Is it because I am changing weekly and most on here change fort nightly if not using acceledent, then it sort of works out the same time wise?
I have a lot of confidence in my ortho so I'm not really worried....yet????
The last 2 trays have been giving me a few headaches, literally!!
Particularly at the change over of aligners, they subside towards the end of the week, progress I guess????
I see my ortho again towards the end of September, I tag along with my eldest son who has traditional braces. I'm glad I didn't go traditional. I enjoy knowing that if I had something important on I could/can take them out.
I did compare aligner 5 to 6 at change over and noticed that 5 was stained a bit compared to the fresh number 6, I do keep them in to drink my afternoon cup of tea though, so I might start using the sterident and soak them.

Anyway thanks for reading and I hope your progressing well,

Aligner 15????

Hi guys, just thought I'd update seeing as I haven't been in for a bit. As the title says I'm up to aligner 15 and all is going well.
Actually I have noticed the last 4 aligners have been uncomfortable around the upper front teeth and have required filing. Previous to this I have had to do no filing, I guess they could be a new batch, but it seems sharper on the edges.
So I'm still wearing my impala bands at night, brushing and flossing after each meal,
I spent 2 weeks in New Zealand recently which was kinda annoying with my aligners in but I just popped them in and out when eating and brushed when able, sometimes not straight away.
I would sometimes be brave enough to take them out at a restaurant which totally freaked my teenage boys out, ha ha.
I'm noticing if I talk a lot my mouth gets really dry and my top lip sticks to the aligner which is annoying,
I'm still a bit paranoid people can see them especially if they are standing close to me and I guess I act self conscious so always turn away when laughing.
Have posted some updated photos. As all movement has come from the back there is little movement at the front yet.
Thanks for reading and I hope your enjoying your journey
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