Undecided on Zeltiq

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I had 3 sessions of zeltiq done a week ago on my...

I had 3 sessions of zeltiq done a week ago on my lower stomach and sides. While its too soon to know if it was worth it or not, my concern is for the side effects I'm currently feeling. My experience during the 3 hour session was fine, I was even able to take naps in between the sessions (lights were dimmed and soft music playing).

Days 1-4 after my sessions were uneventful - my stomach was numb to the touch just like I was told it would be with no brusing. However in days 5-7, I am feeling constant pins and needles with some intermittent sharper pains (not unbearable but really annoying especially when it keeps me from sleeping). When I get the sharper pains, I also get prickly chills down my leg (reminds me of how shingles felt). Anyone else have similar experiences and if so how long did this sensation last?

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I completely trust my doctor and would recommend her to anyone. As for zeltiq, I'll have to wait and see what type of results I get before I can say without a doubt whether it was worth it or not.

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