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My smile isn't the most crooked, but it for sure...

My smile isn't the most crooked, but it for sure isn't perfect. From a distance, it looks fine but when you get up close you can see that my wisdom teeth came in and had pushed all of my front teeth (especially bottom ones) all out of whack.
I started my journey back in March (when it was still smile care club). I had saw an advertisement on pinterest a few months prior and found the link I had saved and really looked into it. I submitted the online questionnaire and photo assessment. My first set of pictures weren't good enough and they sent me an email requesting I take them differently and were super helpful with tips. They emailed back a few days later saying that they think I would be a candidate! I was so excited, I ordered a dental impression kit and it took a week or two but it had finally arrived. I was so excited to do my impressions and get started but then I realized I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. Being a student in college and with everything going on wrapping up the spring semester, I didn't have time to get my teeth pulled so I put the box away in my closet and made an appointment with my dentist for after I got home from school.

In May I had my wisdom teeth extracted and then after my mouth had fully healed I completed my impressions. I figured since I had watched so many different how-to videos and had read the tip guide included from cover to cover that my impressions would come out perfect. Everyone I had watched on youtube that talked about them said it was extremely difficult and they all felt like they had done it wrong and I thought they didn't read up on how to do them. Well- I sure ate crow. They were really difficult, the time constraint made me nervous and after every one I thought I would do the next one better, but it didn't look like they turned out any different. I had problems in every single one I did and I was positive I wouldn't be approved and would have to do them all over again. *forewarning: lots of drool and stress*

I got them in the mail on June 20th and on June 22nd I received an email saying that they had received my impressions.

June 30th I got another email saying I had been approved!! And then on July 7th I received my treatment plan and I ordered them that day. I went ahead and paid for them in full so I could also get the added benefit of teeth whitening gel. When I reviewed my treatment plan I was so happy I think I teared up a bit. It was such an amazing feeling knowing that I will have straight teeth again and my confidence has gone up already and I haven't even started yet! No joke, I think I've watched the treatment plan a good 30 minutes every day since; it's just mesmerizing to watch and see something transform in tiny steps. My friends that all had metal braces never got anything like this when they went through their process! My treatment consists of 20 pairs of aligners worn for a 3 week period over a course of about 14 months.
***For those who don't know what groupon is or how to work it, Retailmenot has a coupon for $100 off your bill with an easy copy and paste coupon code.

July 16th I got a follow up email saying they were done 3D printing and were beginning to thermoform my aligners! Y'all I am so excited already!

I've uploaded a few pictures of what I'm starting with now and what the expected results will look like! If I knew how to upload the video I would. I will bring y'all an update once I have something to report on- keep on smiling :)

They've shipped!

I got an email yesterday with a tracking number and the expected delivery date is Monday! So- while we wait I found pictures of my impressions so Yall could see how they turned out! I was concern since some parts the goo was missing but they were approved so fingers crossed that the aligners fit! Update coming Monday!

They work!!!!!

I got them in the mail today! I paid in full but to keep track of your progress so they mail them to you in 3's! They fit great- tight, but great! I was worried that they wouldn't fit exactly since I thought I messed up on the impressions but they are excellent. The texture is different than I expected. They literally snapped right in. I told my mom I had them on and she couldn't even tell I was wearing them. Updates in 3 weeks!

Tray 2 updates

Just switched to tray 2! A couple of things I've noticed during the first full tray set:
I know my teeth have moved because food is getting stuck in places it never used to before. So even though it's kinda gross it's also kinda good.
My teeth were slightly sore the first two days of my first tray. But not really sore at all on this second tray.
I honestly feel a little more confident already because I feel like the plastic makes your teeth look a little straighter and shinier. My confidence in this process is growing! So far so GREAT!
Lastly, unless I tell someone I'm wearing them, they have no clue I've got them in. It does make me talk a little differently, especially when I sing, but that's such a small thing.
If yall have any questions let me know! I'd be happy to help:)

Starting to notice major changes!!!

It's really starting to be noticeable how much my smile is changing!!! I feel much more confident already and the fun is just beginning! I'm attaching a picture of before I started and now. You can't see too much of a difference yet with my uppers but it's coming! Keep on smiling :)

Half-way there!!

I'm on tray 10/20 and the difference is SHOCKING! I would *correction, I AM* recommending this to everyone I know! Braces are a thing of the past. People are barley noticing my aligners when they're in but they are noticing how much straighter my smile looks. I love it and plan on setting my mom up with them soon! At the start of each new tray there's pressure and a little pain, for the first day or two and then they're just tight. At the end of the tray they're less tight feeling and more comfortable because my teeth have completely adjusted to them. If you have any doubt about trying this company out- please take my word, this is the best decision I've made. 10/10.


This has been the best financial investment of my young life. My confidence has improved and I just feel better knowing my teeth are getting straighter day by day! I was going through some old pictures the other day and didn't even realize how bad my teeth really were before I started! Smile Direct club is life changing. I'm so glad I stumbled on this on pinterest :) I really hope everyone else has as good of an experience as I have. I apologize for the delay- school and work have been a lot recently! I forgot to take pictures on some of the trays- super sorry! But you can still see the visible transformation!!!
Keep smiling :)

Almost done!

Only a few trays left! My teeth are almost perfect! (I've been wearing this tray for about a week)
If you click this link, you can get a 50% discount on the impression kit AND $100 off your aligners!!! (yay for saving money WHILE getting a perfect smile!)
Happy Friday- keep on smiling!
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