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My procedure is in 2 weeks and I am excited,...

My procedure is in 2 weeks and I am excited, nervous and anxious all in one. I have been considering either a tummy tuck or lipo for about 3 years now. After several consultations I decided on the lipo procedure. I posted some before pictures and will be posting through out my "getting skinny" journey. My doctor says it will take about 4 months before the weight loss stops. I am currently a size 18 and hoping to be a 12 by the end of my four months. I also have to wear a compression garment for the whole 4 months (day and night). I will post more pics after the procedure and every week after. I'll be back in 2 weeks. ????

Procedure day 9/13/13

My procedure is tomorrow!!!!! I can't believe that I am not nervous. Here are dome before pics. I will post 1 day Op on Saturday.

Day 1 Post Op

I have read alot of stories and watched a lot of you tube videos on Smart Lipo and all if not most of the said that it was easy. For the most part it was but I felt a lot of it, the doctor had to keep putting the numbing meds in cause I kept feeling the pulls,tugs and pinche, at one point it felt like it was burning. Other than all the draining and going to the bathroom is a struggle all is well. I posted some before and after pic. I am very swollen but you can actually see a small difference. The doctor said that it will take time and that I need to expect real results. He also told me that I will not be as flat as a wall. Lol!!! But for me where I was to where I will end up will be good for me . ????

1 1/2 week post op

I had my 1 week post op visit last week. I was very swollen. I was not able to fit in the clothes that I was in before the procedure. My stomach is also really hard and I was told to massage it for at least 20-25 minutes every day. The massages will soften it up and make it flat. When I went to for my check up, my stomach was sagging, the doctor told me that it will take about 2 months before my skin tightens. That was 6 days ago and the saggy skin is gone. I was also told the my compression garment was too big and that I needed a smaller size, (2 sizes smaller). I didn’t want the larger garment to hinder me from progressing so until the smaller garment arrives I took a smaller girdle that I bought from “Angel Hour Glass” and I wear it on top of the other one and it works awesome. I may just wear the two garments until they both get too big, before I start wearing the new one. Besides all the swelling, soreness, and numbness everything is great. I am loving the way I am beginning to look. Pics posted.
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