Very Questionable Results. Does It Get Better? I Need Hope! South Carolina, SC

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I am 55 and wanted a less tired look in my eyes....

I am 55 and wanted a less tired look in my eyes. They weren't bad to start with but at 55, I wanted to have something done before it got so bad that everyone would notice. I had upper and lower bleph with CO2 laser under my eyes. It has now been 6 weeks post-op and I think I made a mistake. The lower transjunctival with CO2 is great. It's still pink but smooth and I know the final results will be great. The uppers, however, are a different story. One eye is a different shape completely and smaller. It's very noticeable. The upper lids are still swollen and I have a terrible problem with dry, red eyes that I never had before. As long as I wear my glasses no one notices my eyes. It's a shame to have spent this kind of money only to try and stay hidden. Can I expect major changes after 6 weeks? Will the dry eyes go away eventually? Should my eyes be smaller after surgery?? I think I've made a mistake with upper lid surgery.

Update on Eye Surgery 7 Weeks Post-op

It's amazing how even a week makes a big difference with eye surgery. When I wrote my original post I was just at 6 weeks post-op and really thinking I had made a big mistake. I am now 7 weeks post-op and things are much better. I no longer have the dry issue at all. My eyes do look red quite a bit but Visine usually takes care of that. One of my eyes is still smaller than the other but other people wouldn't notice it as much as I do. Under my eyes is still pinkish but with make-up no one notices. The main concerns I have now is the smaller eye, new "crows foot," and bump at the outer end of my eye caused by the last stitch. I go in for my post-op check up on Sept. 2 and can't wait to see what the doctor says. I've been massaging the bump but no change.
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