24 Years Old Looking for a Major Mommy Makeover! Big Boobs Wanted! - South Carolina, SC

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Hey everyone I am a 24 year old mommy of who has...

Hey everyone
I am a 24 year old mommy of who has had a major struggle with weight since after having my baby. Still dealing with excessive loose skin around my abdomen and now sagging deflated boobs from breast feeding. Im looking to re-invent myself and be a healthy happy sexy young woman. Im 24 years old for christ sakes I am so sick of covering up under oversized sweaters and loose tops. I was to be that young confident curvaceous woman I once was and that starts here and now. I will update you on who I choose and if i find an decent cost. I have seen plenty of post on here with unsatisfied women and I know one thing, if I am shelling out thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures, I will be damned if I get off that table unhappy with my results. I know exactly what I want ( similar to my profile pic) and I can't wait to find a doctor who is up for the challenge and isn't just looking to pocket a few thou for mediocre work.

I hope you guys follow my journey and send me some useful tips along the way!

Who to pick...

Hey dolls & future dolls I have been doing loads of doctor research looking for someone who definitely understands where I'm trying to get to. I must say as the days go by I feel myself leaning more towards overseas doctors, two in particular. Dr. Medina and Dr. Cabril they seem to have to results I'm looking for and the reviews I love to see. So I made my first leap of faith and contacted Medina. So far she is just as sweet and responsive as everyone says she is. I have sent her my info, pictures and request and now I just have to wait for her to get back to me with her take on everything and prices. I will update you some more after she gets back to me I promise. Anyone else planning on going to DR next year around March/ April? If so comment below and tell me how your search and journey is going. Until next time loves!

Medina Slays Bodies Baby!!

So not even two hours after I wrote my last review I received an E-mail from Dra. Medical! Yay how exciting! So in a nut shell Dra. Medina quoted me usd 6000.00 now this price includes
Tummy Tuck
Breast Lift with Implants
and liposuction on the back, flanks, and waist.
Im still in shock at how fair this pricing is.

And for a 10 day stay at the recovery house with a shared room, meals, 24/7 nurse, +free wifi for us 750.00!

And transportation from the airport , medical appointments, and back to the airport usd 100.00

I am honestly happy with that price list and for $6850.00 I can get all my procedures done plus recovery house, nurse and meals for the price of one procedure in the states with nothing but a thank you and have a nice day.

I know people say that you should shop around when it comes to doctors but I'm pretty much sold on Medina. I have been researching cosmetic procedures and doctors since 2011 after I had my son ant to me Medina seems like the perfect fit for me. She responds in a timely manner to your e-mails and is very informative and thorough with all the information she sends you.

I will keep you loves updated and I will definitely let you know when and if I book a date with Medina you guys! Wish me luck & if you have any questions please leave them below.

New wish pics

Still contemplating everything, I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared shitless at the thought of traveling overseas for cosmetic surgery. But my everyday want to look and feel confident and sexy and be comfortable with my body is definitely weighing heavy on my heart. For all of you who have received overseas procedures how did you decide on it ? I kinda feel like it will be one of those last minute "fuck it's " for me.. That's normally how I deal with fear, I just go out on a whim and hope for the best.. Anyway enough rambling... Ttyl

Wish pics.. Back on the hunt

Hey you guys. As most of you know deciding on getting major surgery is a really big step because let's face it there's a lot of what ifs and risks involved. I decided to take my sweet time to research PS's locations and results and although I am in no rush I do plan on having surgery before summer 17. I have seen some reviews on here about unhappy customers when it comes to their surgery results and I definitely don't want that to be me, especially since surgery is not cheap and I want to see my money turn into a good quality investment in my body so that I'm overall happy and healthy.

I'll keep you all posted


So being back on the hunt and finally ready to start my journey to a better me I have begun looking for a new PS. I decided not to go with Medina simply because I'm not down with traveling overseas for sx. I have seen a lot of her work and it's really great but with all the risk factors involved in the amount of procedures I'm wanting I would much rather have a ps that I can get in contact with at anytime and I won't have to worry about language barriers and so on and so forth. With that being said I have been looking for Doctors out side of South Carolina mainly because when it comes to bbls you really don't hear about local doctors slaying booties and what not. My PS search started with the infamous DR. Miami. He's truly killing the game right now! But after research, contacting his office and reading reviews he's not the one for me. Although his work is worth the wait I'm not down with waiting until January 2018???? plus some of the girls on here have been saying they need r2 with bbls bc of uneven results and I wouldn't want to wait 2 more years to receive a revision. Time is still passing slowly in my search but I have come across another PS who has really beautiful bbl results named Dr. Delvecchio. Check him out on IG and if you have had a bbl/ tummy tuck with him please comment below so I can check out your reviews, thanks!!

Dr. Delvecchio

Spoke with Peg Dr. D's patient coordinator and went over details of my online consultation with Dr. D. Because of my height & weight he wants to divvy up my my mommy make over into two parts: aggressive lipo to my back, flanks, arms, thighs & of course my stomach along with my bbl. Then after 4-6 months of healing return for my tummy tuck w/ lipo and my breast augmentation with implants and possibly a lift. So I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to have everything done at once but my health and safety is way more important than anything and the doctor knows best. Honestly I thought he would have told me you need to lose weight but the fact that he said let's split your ticket instead makes me like him even more and feel more comfortable with him as a my potential PS. Okay I'm 5'3, 185lbs so because of that my estimate for the bbl with the aggressive lipo is 11,000???? just for those two procedures at first my thoughts were "fuck that's alot of money" "I can get the entire mommy makeover done in DR for half that to include the recovery house and everything" but honestly I really like this mans work when it comes to body contouring and xl fat grafting to the butt with the bbl he really does a beautiful job. What do you guys think? Have any of you gone him before? I will probably post preop pictures after I decided on a PS and put my deposit down. Until my next post ladies.

Shopping Around

Hello ladies, I have a local consultation with a PS that was highly recommended to me. Before I put my deposit down for Dr. D I would like to just weigh all of my options. As i previously said in my last post, Dr. D suggests 2 surgeries.. which I'm okay with BUT, I really want to have a tummy tuck & my boobs done first or all 3 at once if possible. Reason being I have a booty already and can live with or with out the bbl, its just an added bonus to round off my hips a little more and add a little extra poke out to my poke out. But honestly I set out on this PS journey to have my post c-section stomach corrected and my my now deflated mom boobs enhanced. So we will see what he says on Tuesday & we will go from there!

Dr. Sonny O

So I went to see Dr. O and I am sold. He is a local South Carolina Doctor and he is experienced in breast augmentation and body contouring, right up my alley. The atmosphere in the office was very calm cool ad collected. It's very clean and modern. His office also does laser hair removal and the new fat melting technique which is pretty cool. The staff was very welcoming and on top of their stuff. During the consultation Dr. O addressed m concerns before I could even tell him, which was great. You could just tell he knew what he was talking about. He even informed me that I have a umbilical hernia that he can remove while he's repairing my abdominal muscles and performing my tummy tuck! sweet. other doctors never even mentioned the word hernia to me. So yeah I was like okay I definitely want this guy to be my doctor. As far as my breast are concerned I have a desire for larger fuller boobs so naturally when I was breast feeding I was supper excited so when they deflated I was like shit. So Luckily he said my boobs don't need a lift thank goodness because Im not extremely fond of the anchor lift scar. Also He noted I have great cleavage and my frame can support a larger implant which is exactly what I want. Im thinking 700 ccs high profile silicone. My personal preference, if you're not a fan of larger boobs thats cool, but my money my choice and I choose big!

Dr. O also has hospital privileges at all the Roper branch Hospitals in the area so you get a choice as to where you want to receive the surgery & each place varies a bit in price. So for me with both surgeries and the cost of silicone implants it's roughly 12k. you get 1000.00 off for combining procedures which is nice. the down payment is 10% of the total cost of surgery and Payday is coming up for me so I will be locking down my date shortly. I might to a post as to why I chose a local doctor over a out of state, let me know if you guys would be interested in that comparison.

Until next time!
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