Considering Chin Implant Removal - South Carolina

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I had a septo/rhyn and a chin implant about 9...

I had a septo/rhyn and a chin implant about 9 weeks ago... my nose looks wonderful however my chin implant has given me nothing but trouble. I HATE the way the implant makes my face look very squared and off, but the problemI'm having the most is trouble with my speech and after 9 weeks I still can't smile (the smile looks aweful) my lip will not allow my lower teeth to show. I am a dental hygienist so my smile is my career and it has taken a toll onmy quality of life. Another big concern is the past 4 days I have started to have pain on the right side of my chin into my jaw, things such as sitting toothpaste and eating have become very painful.

- If I have it removed after 9 weeks will the "pocket" make my chin sagg?
- Does the pain and swelling indicate an infection?
- Because my lower lip will not go down when I talk/smile could that be from the actual impant blocking or impending on the mental nerve?

Please help,
The hygienist with no smile :(

I had the implant removed about 3 weeks ago and...

I had the implant removed about 3 weeks ago and immediatley felt relief. My smile is back about 80% and gets better every week. The oral surgeon that removed it (not the orignal doctor) said that it had shifted a great deal and that is where the pain and terrible look was coming from. I wish the rest of you the best of luck because I know how discouraging it can be to feel that your "self" has been taken away.

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He does not acknowledge that my smile is different and says I'm beautiful and have nothing to worry about, therefore if I decide to have it removed or corrected I am responsible for all costs

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