22 Years Old, No Kids, Liposuction on Entire Stomach and Back - Atlanta, GA

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I went to my consultation on 6/6 for tickle lipo...

I went to my consultation on 6/6 for tickle lipo and put 2,700 down. I go for bloodwork on 6/9 and the procedure is on 6/17. Dr.ladipo was veryyyyy nice he answered all my questions. The procedure comes with a compression garment, 3 strawberry machine massage things, and follow up visits of course.

Day 1 of lipo surgery

Well I went in at 7:00am and was in the table by 8:00am. it lasted for about 3 hours and he took 2.5 liters of fat from stomach and back. They said tickle lipo doesn't hurt but I felt pain in some areas especially the belly button area! But my results are so nice looking it was worth the pain.

Day 3

I'm really sore and It was hard getting out of that compression garment to take a shower. Bria and Phe from call/text to check on me they are so sweet :) . I have a another garment and lipofoam on the way via mail...

It's getting better

I received the lipo foam in the mail and I think it makes a big difference. It makes your stomach flatter and helps with discomfort from the tight garment. I am still sore and swollen...still hard for me to get out of the bed,etc. I'll post a follow up pic on then 4th of July


Most recent pic


So now I wear 2 garments. The same one the doctor gave me plus a waist clincher plus Lipo foam lol. I just want it to be flat as possible. I did notice around my belly button area it's starting to bulge out further than the rest of my stomach... But still looks better than before
Dr ladipo

Professional office

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