I'm getting them! - from A to C :)

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Hi everyone! Just recently discovered this site...

Hi everyone! Just recently discovered this site and I'm loving it! :) how good is it to be able to read other girls experiences and opinions about the same thing we are going through? Helped me a lot!

Anyways, I'll tell you a little about myself and hopefully some of you can relate and we can go through this together (yeah I know I'm talking about boob jobs like its a love story or something but for me it kind of is hahaha) I'm 22years old, about 160cm tall and 49kg of weight. I'm currently about a 32/34A (tiny tiny haha) and wishing for a small C kind of look on me :)

I've been thinking about a boob job since I can remember, but never was the right time. But now, I'm finishing uni and flying over to my home town and everything fits perfectly!!!

I think I'm quite sure of what I want (round silicone implants, in the range of 270cc to 300cc, placed under the muscle in a dual plane form).
I'm meeting with my surgeon once I arrive home, on December the 18th and will of course discuss all of this with him, agree on a size between that range and see if it's better for me to have the incision under the breast or around the nipples ( I DONT WANT VISIBLE SCARS)

Well girls sorry for the long post, don't want to bore you all out so I will say goodbye and I'll be posting whenever something new comes up :)

Leaving my pre op pictures too xx

wish boobs!

Hi girls! I am SO excited about getting my BA! I have the full support of my boyfriend, my family and friends and I am not worried at all about anyone noticing I had them done! There´s no shame in that! I will probably be telling people myself and showing my new boobs with a big, proud smile in my face! WHY should we be ashamed about doing something that makes us feel better about ourselves?! You know what? Probably girls who judge you are one of the following: 1. girls with big boobs who just dont understand it, BUT I can assure you that if they werent born with those, the idea of a BA would also cross their minds. 2. small boobs women who just dont have the balls to do it, this could be for several reason.. SO COME ON GIRLS :) Be happy about this, enjoy the process, enjoy them afterwards! dont hide your new girls, dont hide the smile in your face :) little secret... if people are judging and see you embarrassed about it they will think they are right, if people judge you and they see that you still have a huge smile on your face they will probably think YOU did the right thing! Be smart about it, be happy about it!!!

"please no" boobs

Hi there, not much to update yet so I though I should post some of the photos I´ll take to my surgeon as my NO boobs... ps: I am sorry if anyone likes these ones, I am not, by any means trying to offend anyone.. we all have our individual taste on boobies.. and I just dont think these ones are for me :)

oops, didnt finish uploading "PLEASE NO" boobs

sorry, pressed "save changes" instead of adding other photos.. here they go :)

Meeting with the surgeon

Hi ladies, sorry I haven't updated anything for a while. There wasn't too much to update so far!
BUT today I have my meeting with my surgeon!! In just some hours! Really excited about it! Im now organizing all the photos Im taking. Basically into two folders, the "NO" and the "YES" to show him what I like and dont like.
Im going there with my mom and a cousin :)
Have a list of questions too:
The obvious ones like:
Type of silicone? round or tear-drop?
Under or over the muscle?

and then some other random ones like:
fear of nipples pointing out?
loosing nipple sensitivity?
when can I drive?
How long do I need to stay in bed fore?
Any thing to do/not to do before surgery?
Buying special post-surgery bras?

Well, Im extremely excited about finally deciding on size and type on implant!!! :) probably something in between 270cc-330cc!

Will let you know more as soon as I get back!!!

Here some of the "wish photos" Im taking!!
Mariano Avila

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