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I had vaser lipo done on my back on the 2/4/12 in...

I had vaser lipo done on my back on the 2/4/12 in CapeTown South Africa..I am writing this review as i did not read any reviews about dr's in Cape Town that did vaser. It will be monday 14/05/12 6 weeks post op and i am feeling fantastic.The procedure was done in the dr's clinic.I was stiff afterwards,but otherwise fine.I went for aftercare every day for 1 week and will recommend it as well as wearing the garment.I am still wearing the garment.

Day 3 was my worst day as i was very sore and 5 the drains were taken out.The swelling started soon afterwards and even my legs and feet were swollen a lot.It was very difficult for me to sleep as my back was stiff and hard,but with daily massage (twice a day)it was much better.I actually recovered so well that i wnnt back to gym after the 3 rd week(slowly cycling and doing low pact excercise.I was reluctant at first to do the procedure as i wanted the Dr to do my back and arms in 1 procedure ,,but i am actually very glad i had it done and i also understand know why she could not do it together.

She aspired over 6litres from my back alone .My back was a miracle as i still cannot believe the results.Iam amazed at what this dr. did .She actually do not do any procedure in less than 2 months apart ,but my arms was done 5weeks post op from my back.I will write about my arms later.This dr is a true artist ...I did not think that any one could fix my back after all the loose hanging fat that would not go away with dieting and excercise,but she really did a miracle for me.I praise GOD for working through her.My body was messed up as i had many plastic surgery operations before.I was cut on my back and my lower back and my bum had no shape..It is truly a a wonderful procedure and the best investment i made on myself so far.. .

I had vaser done on my arms and neck on the 7th of...

I had vaser done on my arms and neck on the 7th of May .It is 10 days post op today and i am feeling fantastic.I am amazed at how quick the healing process has been for me.I am a bit stiff in my arms and it is a bit swollen,but i feel wonderful. The dr took the drains out after the 3 rd day . I really do believe that the aftercare and the garment is the reason for my quick recovery.The dr aspired 1 litre from each arm.I am so excited that i decided to do the rest of my body as well.I am planning to do my legs and stomach later in the year.The nurse is doing lymphdrainage and ultrasound twice a week on my arms and chin.I have decided to go for 5 more treatments over the next 2 weeks.I must say the biggest problem for me at this stage is the garment for the arms, as it is very difficult for me to put on without help. .i have decided to go back to the gym next week as it helped me a lot with my recovery of the previous procedure i had on my back.I am just going to do low impact excercises to help with the blood circulation I will post photos of my arms at a later stage..The cost for the procedure on the arms ,2 garments as well as the aftercare so far amounts to R20.000.00 (2.500.USD).

I had Vaser procedure on my arms on the 7th of May...

I had Vaser procedure on my arms on the 7th of May.The photos are 3weeks post op on my arms and and i must say that i am very satisfied.The photos of my back is 8weeks post op.The dr took 1 litre out of each arm .She is really excellent..I went for lymphdrainage and ultrasound every 2nd day for the 1st week and from the 2nd week twice a week.Ihad no pain ,but my one arm was a bit stiff and hard.I had openings in each of my arms and although it was oozing a lot i believe it too be the reason for my speedy recoveryThe nurse did an excellent job and advised me to take painkillers for the 1st week before my lymphdrainage which resulted in minimum discomfort and pain while being treated.The dr charged me just over R2,000.USD..for the arms and aftercare..I went back to gym after the 2nd week and although Dr recommende 3 - 4 weeks i really feel it is helping me a lot with my recovery as i amdoing light excercises.I cannot wait for my next procedure,but Dr is still deciding when she will do that while monitoring my recovery. I will really recommend Vaser to everybody that have my problem.I was stuggling with my body for years and had traditional lipo done to my arms years back ,but it was a disaster.!The dr couldnt do my Back as i had too much loose skin.With the Vaser it was possible and the results are fantastic as my skin is smooth,pain minimal comparing to the other lipo procedure and healing process much quicker..

On the 4th of June i had vaser done on my legs...

On the 4th of June i had vaser done on my legs.Today is 4weeks post op.I must say that the legs were totally different from the rest of the procedures i had done so far.It was a bit painful and it was very difficult to get into the garment the first 2 weeks.The inside of my legs are still very sensitive when i touch it and the inside of my knees swollen and numb.The dr aspired 4.6 litres from my legs.I must say that my legs are looking very well and although it still feel like 'pins and needles '.it was all worth it.The aftercare is helping a lot .I had 10 treatments of lymphdrainage and ultrasound ,but booked another 5 treatments of massage and ultrasound.treatments as it really help with the healing process.I am very happy about the results and will post some pics when the swelling is down..the dr did a fantastic job with the vaser as well as the aftercare follow up.i am already planning my next procedure ,but the Dr suggested that i wait till August or September.Wow !.cant believe how well my legs look!..Vaser is really the only procedure that i will recomment to any one that wants liposuction done. Iam going to gym tomorrow morning as i believe that cycling will help a lot with the bloodcirculation.....especially for the knees.. .. ..

I have to share my experience around the vaser ...

I have to share my experience around the vaser procedure i had done on my stomach!!..After i had my legs done, my Dr suggested to wait a while before i have another procedure done. Well i waited for about 9 weeks and then i had my stomach done ..Although the procedure was done about 10 weeks ago i still feel that i need to share it with you .I had a few procedures done by Dr Kotze and i must once again say that Vaser is a wonderful way of sculpting the body .It is the only lipo procedure that i believe in .The procedure was done under sedation .I had no pain for the 1st 3 days and then after that i had a bit of discomfort .but Dr gave me some medication that helped me .. 7 days later i started to swell for a few days which is normal as it is part of the healing process according my Dr, Through all the procedures( including this one ) i had minimal pain and the healing process was very fast. I can honoustly say that my body changed weekly and now after almost 3 months i look absolutely fantastic! I was a miracle patient as my body was totally misformed through various cosmetic operations (that went wrong )through the years ,but Dr Kotze did a fantastic job!.I would really want to go back next year and see if she could do a touch up procedure for me on certain areas as my problem was SO VAST that it was impossible to do everything the first time round .It is honostly nothing but a MIRACLE what she has done for me thus far..I also TRULY believe the after treatment played a very important role in my healing process ,as well as the fact that the procedures were done by such a caring Dr ,who is truly an artist.used by God to help people like me. .I want to encourage people that read this review, to really consider Vaser ,should you have a problem like i had.NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you have a dedicated Dr that has a good track record like Dr Kotze.The Nurse was always very professional.and as a team they would go the 2nd mile to accomodate me ,even by phoning and sending me a sms at night .I could phone Dr even 2am at night and she would answer her phone.To me that is TRULY a Dr that put her patients wellbeing first.. I had a swimming costume on today for the first time in more than 20 years !! My family gave me STANDING applause!! .My sister bought it for me ....and i must say ,........I. looked pretty cute for a grandma in her late 50;s.!! Just the mere fact that i had fun in the pool with my grandchildren IN A SWIMMING SUIT brought tears to my eyes .Thank you Dr Kotze .You really gave me my selfconfidence back that i lost through the years.

It is a few months after my last Vaser lipo and i...

It is a few months after my last Vaser lipo and i must admit that am still very satisfied with my results.I go to the gym at least 3 times a week as i believe that excercise is most important after the Vaser. I intend going back this year to do the touch up procedures as my body was so damaged that it was humanly impossible to do everything with the first round of procedures. Dr is going to touch up my legs and vaser my knees and calves.She is also going to twig my arms ...Iam so excited!. I will keep you posted .iam just waiting for the cooler weather that is normally making its way here by April......... ..
Dr Kotze

the dr and the nurse was very caring and anwered all my questions .The aftercare is very important and the nurse Pottie was very gentle with me.They were and still are available 24 hr .The dr email me and sms me and i can contact her 24 hr.They were very professional and caring.I was amazed at the cost and i paid a dep of 30 % 2 weeks before the procedure and the balance just before the procedure..The dr do procedures 2 months apart ,but 1 of mine was done 5 weeks apart as i was very fit and ready to do it.

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