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I am about to turn 43, have 2 children (6 and 2)...

I am about to turn 43, have 2 children (6 and 2) and had 2 C-sections. I was never skinny / slim, but the impact of 2 pregnancies and sections and breast feeding have left me droopy, empty and I want to feel better about my body. So I'm booked to go. Worried about getting through it all, the pain etc

10 days to go... Nervous. Excited one minute...

10 days to go... Nervous. Excited one minute dreaming of how good I might look at the end (not sure how realistic I am being). Then worried: thinking about scar position, healing, how big it will be... Then remembering having boobs done too do double the lack of mobility... How will the family cope, how long will I be out of commission... Worried about going under/to sleep.... Will I wake up and when I do, to what....

Ok, the update today is I now have my garments -...

Ok, the update today is I now have my garments - they zip up the sides - you part zip them up first, step in lie down, then start to work them up... I think they are going to be very reassuring, though they are not the foxiest outfits ever. The garment lady - Kirsty - is an ex theatre nurse who did dress making as a hobby, moved in to lingerie and was then asked to do some garments for surgery (men, women, post breast cancer etc)... And she has given me an adapted plastic milk bottle to pee in... I think this may be a useful thing - you can pee standing up; I won't have to worry about bending down and up to the seat.... though doing a pooh may be another matter.
My birthday tomorrow, and appt to have the permanent marker drawings put on me, then up at 5am to prep for getting to hospital at 6.30am. If nothing else I should sleep next week.. I understand I get prescription sleeping tablets - hopefully they will help too.
The garment lady also raved about the Surgeon - he worked on her son when he had a bad accident with a chain saw (neck and face)... she was so happy it was him working on her son.

So it's the morning of the op: I've showered with...

So it's the morning of the op: I've showered with Hibiscrub - dried and straightened my hair... ready to go. Dreamt I slept in and got in a total panic.... then my real alarm went off - looks like I want to do this then, eh?
Good luck to anyone going under today - and healing today - will update later!
Funny thing: my tummy is trying to look like it doesn't need surgery - like a naughty child /pet - kind of a bit sorry for itself and trying to get in to my good books.
Bad news: I have a cough... this is going to be interesting - I am prepared though, I have my cough drops - and I must take honey and lemon!

So it's the morning of the op: I've showered with...

So it's the morning of the op: I've showered with Hibiscrub - dried and straightened my hair... ready to go. Dreamt I slept in and got in a total panic.... then my real alarm went off - looks like I want to do this then, eh?
Good luck to anyone going under today - and healing today - will update later!
Funny thing: my tummy is trying to look like it doesn't need surgery - like a naughty child /pet - kind of a bit sorry for itself and trying to get in to my good books.
Bad news: I have a cough... this is going to be interesting - I am prepared though, I have my cough drops - and I must take honey and lemon!

So - day 1 post op or day 2 - it was yesterday so...

So - day 1 post op or day 2 - it was yesterday so I guess this is day 1.
- I don't like Morphine - making me nauseous - and the anti-nausea stuff doesn't help - this is the worst thing so far
- got up - pee'd - twice now - but am peeing on my garment - had a change today...
- so got to see the tum and it looks promising - I will have a low scar - that comes up to hips and with a little line up in the middle as they went half way through the belly button
- pain is ok
- I have 1 drain - considering I've had boobs and tum sorted - this is good going - it is coming out of upper pubic area which is a bit tricky... few more days to go with this I think
I am tired, and need to rest now, but on the up... hope you are all well xxxx

It's Thursday - can't get my head round how many...

It's Thursday - can't get my head round how many days post op it is - so lets say day 3 (Monday Op, Tuesday = 1, Wednesday = 2... hello 3).
This morning I am feeling groggy. I took my pain pills together last night at 8pm - Celebrex - 2 a day 12 hours apart, Mybulen - 1-2 every 6 hours - I am going with 1 at the moment and all is good. And I have a sleeping tablet, but will think about giving that up if it leaves me feeling this spaced when I wake.
I understand from a hypnotherapist that sleep - esp REM / dream sleep - is the most important thing for keeping us sane, sorting our heads out etc, and though I am dreaming, I am not waking up refreshed, peppy and good to go. Maybe I shouldn't expect that. But hey-ho.
I feel the commando-roll out of bed is getting a little easier - but I've only done it once so far this morning - it's only just 8am.
Today is SHOWER day: I have waterproof dressings on and could have gone anytime, but will wait until less groggy then was the sweat, grime, leakage, and I think the wee that is harboured in hard to reach places (thanks garment) all off and refresh my day wear. That will be garment 2 - the beige one.
Last night I was feeling the boobs - heard a bit of a wave noise, like some liquid moving about then I burped - so either I have an air pocket in there, or something... And goodness me I am gassy. I have been taking Tums which I feel is helping - just want the air out please.
I am feel bloated - have been since yesterday - everything tight. Last night quite bad and shallow-ish breathing - pulling binder away - in fact slept with it partially released around my top abdomen - this garment goes from under boobs to lower legs, so made sure it was ok over the tummy area.
Sleeping was not too bad - had a little bit of time on my side - not long - a minute or 2, as if I was resting mid escape-roll-out-of-bed. Felt nice.
My back is killing me. Changing my position from quite upright in bed to more laid back.
Don't feel too hunched over - not at 90degrees anyway.
So the plan today - take it easy - see if it helps the swelling, the back etc; move about - but try not to over do it. Try to eat sensibly. Watch the programmes etc I downloaded, read... boy it's dull.
Hoping that having my drains removed early as there wasn't that much coming out is not a mistake - and that I am not swollen from fluid. Dr says it will be reabsorbed if it is - or they can needle it out - this I do not want.... it makes me feel squeamish... please God no...
will let you know how it all looks underneath.

Later that day: before my TT/BA I used the...

Later that day: before my TT/BA I used the Countdown App on my iphone, and now I'm using to to count post op - and it says I'm 3 days post op - so that is what I will work with.
Today I have uploaded pics - sorry about the sideways angle, can't seem to sort that; these are taken in the morning, and I don't feel as good as these pics look at the moment - feel quite swollen.
I showered, got myself in to the garment ALL BY MYSELF, which is an achievement for me. Mostly I have pottered about - slept late morning to early afternoon - how did that happen, then went outside to sit in the sun a bit. Read a book. Shuffle around the garden a bit to keep moving. I feel tight in this garment; last night I slept with it partially undone - I'm trying to save such treats til later in the day when I really need them.
Bit worried as I feel little burning sensations where I think my scars are - probably normal, probably just over extending or over doing it a little. I've started taking Quercetin complex to help the healing, keeping up with the Vit C... and now for Ducolax as I think it will be time soon. Will have to up the dosage...
And to top things off, as some wise person put on a post recently - my period started.. and I'm not prepared... and I'm miles from anywhere... so this will be fun. So I have my HUGE granny pants on over my HUGE girdle thing... with only the gap between my legs to let things out... if I wasn't attracting flies before, I will be now!
I went through all of this to be a bit more foxy for the last 40 years or so I hope to have on this earth - this is not quite what I was imagining. So I will have to concentrate on the old Countforward clock and think 1 week, 1 month, 3 months from now...

So here we are: 1 week + 1 day. I'm definitely...

So here we are: 1 week + 1 day. I'm definitely better than I was this time last week:
- I can get in and out of bed faster; can do it with a bit of rolling and a bit of tucking my legs up
- I can sneeze and cough - it is a bit sore but not agonising
- I can get on and off the toilet relatively easily
- I can move about ok - in the mornings is best
- I have been off meds for 4+ days - but using paracetamol most days - Ibuprofen not much help
- today I have my first check up - expecting dressing change and wound check - not sure what else.
What do I notice? I am tired and sore. I have a REALLY sore back - can be a bit straighter in the morning - but definitely doubled over by night. I am not sure if it is the dressing, the wounds or a combination that is making me feel that I cannot fully stretch out.
I sleep with 1 pillow under my knees pretty much, so am not flat but quite flat - but standing is different. I am sore from sleeping on my back.
I am doing a lot more - have been for the past couple of days as the family is here. So walking about a lot more - been to the shops; walk; to the park; visiting; sitting in the car. I can get in and out of the car ok.
I am SWOLLEN: I am hoping swollen most of the time as I look bloated in the morning. I am wearing my compression garment most of the time but evenings can be tough - and I've had 2 nights without it. I bought a support thing yesterday - thigh to mid waist -I will try it today to see how it fits. Hoping it gives me an alternative to the CG for when I am most swollen.
Happy to have gone through this, but the anxiety that how I look at the moment is the result -ie swollen.
The boobs are ok - some movements / arm positions are worse than others. Leaning forward particularly - I'm guessing it puts strain on the stitches / wound. But really not much to complain about with it.
Quality of sleep: poor. Sore: one way or another - most of the time - but it is tolerable. Main agitation is wondering what this will actually look like.
At night I feel as heavy and uncomfortable as those last days of pregnancy; during the day I am a bit frustrated as I feel like I am post=baby and still wearing the maternity clothes - know what I mean (first time round you naively think you might get in to your old clothes pretty quick)...

Having said all that - looks like I am getting...

Having said all that - looks like I am getting some money back: I paid in advance - to the estimate - may be getting around £1200 back... Impressed. The hospital charges the op theatre by the minute and itemise everything on the bill... which is excellent - and I am pleasantly surprised to be getting a reimbursement. Yipee!

Had the first follow up with Dr today - saw the...

Had the first follow up with Dr today - saw the nurse for changing dressings, cleaning stitch areas etc. All straightforward - I have uploaded photos.
The actual scar lines seem low enough - and very neat: there is blood adhering in some places but I am amazed how neat it all looks.
Dr seems to feel it was straightforward - looks like I may have had a little lipo - around the end areas to prevent dog ears I think.
I now have micropore on only - should last a week at a time; to put antibacterial cream in my belly button every day; next week I can start to apply Vit E cream over the micropore to help with the scar.
I am pleased - will have a proper look in the mirror tomorrow. Feeling ok - took it easy today as sleep not great last night.
Dr suggested I sleep on my side and curl up legs - thinks that would be ok - seems a bit brave to me :-)
I go back next week for dressing check etc, then home the following weekend.
Just want the back pain to end now... trying slimming tea to reduce swelling; I have a tiny amount of fluid build up but Dr didn't think it enough to be a problem (yet).

Here I am at day 10: it's early morning and...

Here I am at day 10: it's early morning and probably the time of day I am least swollen. With the family together we are being very active - so up and about, walking etc - exhausted by teatime. In bed by 730 last night. Here are the highlights at the moment (that doesn't mean it's all good :)) )
- I can sleep on my side a bit - still feel a bit uncertain and uncomfortable with it, but it helps my back a bit
- I tend to have time out of my garment either in the evening and / or through some of the night - I am so swollen; I have an M&S support garment - knee to under boobs - which is a bit more forgiving but somehow not as helpful for my back
- I am trying to straighten myself out by doing it at night - I have soft pillows so my head 'falls' during the night ie goes lower; I have 1 pillow beneath my knees - my legs are at 30degrees maybe less? Think it is helping as when I do sleep I relax a bit more. If I am on my side my legs are defo bent - for balance as much as anything
- I found out my surgeon did a little lipo - round the end bits of the scar I think - to help prevent dog ears - may be worth requesting if you have yet to go; maybe a bit near belly button too
- I am drinking slimming tea - ie tea that helps you lose water retention - to see if helps with swelling; looking in to lympahtic drainage massage to help too - as the op disrupts the lymphs that drain us
- I am swollen - like late stage pregnancy - by night; it's awful; I cannot imagine being in normal clothes, looking good etc - bit of a downer at the moment. I have a little but not much water in there... worried this is my final look C:{
- I am very mobile - up and walking (maybe too much) - can lift my 2 year ol - probably shouldn't and haven't done it much - but can help her on to loo etc - also tried lifting her to my hip - did it, but then remembered my scar... probably not a good idea
- back is sore - particularly if I have been sat in car for a while - - it makes me curl up a lot more...
I know it's only 10 days but I see and read of those trying on nice undies and clothes etc and I am soooooooo jealous.... and as said, worried that this is it.....
Hope all you lovely ladies are doing fine; it is a long haul with lots of ups and downs.... but generally - I don't have the overhang - just a hangover from headaches and poor sleep :))
And reading your posts really helps x

Already posted this to Mommy Makeover, not sure if...

Already posted this to Mommy Makeover, not sure if this is just a bad day... But how do you tell the difference between swelling and the final result? I'm at day 13 post op.
My tummy does look better, no hanging flap etc, but I guess I expected a better contour, instead I still feel I look big around the belly. Do is it now down to me... Diet etc?
Feeling numb makes me feel swollen but I'm not convinced. I had hoped for a better line somehow. I am very active, have been walking, out and about with kids a lot since day 6... Gets easier each day, I can do more. But feeling down that this is the surgery result, I guess maybe I don't want to do the hard bit ie eat better etc... Not exercising or being able to for quite a while will not help either as I am used to training 3-4 times a week... Not a good day for me.

Day 15: I have my second follow up with surgeon...

Day 15: I have my second follow up with surgeon today, dressings change etc and hopefully the go ahead to start on scar treatment.
My boobs and body feel different: I'm tender and more sensitive and I think done if this is down to numbness reducing, nerves regrouping/ reconnecting. Feel kind if tingly/ buzzy at times. My middle strip where MR took place feels tight, I am able to flimsy sit up using them, sometimes. Still bit dire and swollen. Still feel tight and heavy round lower tummy.
Still worried that thus us the final result; it looks better, I ought not to complain, but had hoped for better shaping around the belly ie flatter.
We have been busy; out and about, in the car etc. I find if I sit in the car or got too long it is harder to be straight. But I am without pillows at night do pretty flat, and manage some time on my side. But whatever position I still ache and am uncomfortable. Last night I was so tired I was resting by 630/7pm and I'm still in bed nearly 12 hours later. It's like having a baby; the clothes, the big clumsiness/unable to mice with ease; not bring comfy at night; lack of good quality sleep.
Partner and I have managed a couple of gentle 'moments' together and it's nice to do something normal! Nothing fancy you understand.
Does anyone else have their body going into spasm? It's like my whole body wants to stretch , legs are stretching, arms etc, but can't quite do it with my core. It feels weird; trying to do a stretch but its sort of in stages and twisted...
Also my core muscles sometimes cramp or go tense.
Had my haircut yesterday and apart from the hairdresser taking too long washing my hair and it being foreign my back it did give me a lift... And just a thought,but when I go back to work if anyone says I look different I'm going to say its the haircut!!! Covering my tracks for those who don't know. But eventually they will notice the slight Quasimodo look I have going in with my back... But that's for next week :-)

2nd post today: had 2nd follow up. Healing going...

2nd post today: had 2nd follow up.
Healing going well, the scars are very fine with bits of dry blood stuck in places; the boob lines downwards are very fine and a bit faded in places; and you can hardly see it round the areola.
Dr says it will be 3-6 months before I see a final result; there is done swelling. Was telling him I had been looking forward to having done contours and he said I have them, saw them during surgery, it's just recovering them now.
I can start to exercise again at 6 weeks; tummy exercises after 8 weeks. It seems an age away. But all in all it has given me hope and a bit of a lift.
Hope everyone is doing well.
I Fi think I have nerves growing back; I have tingly tender sensitive feelings and think it is regrowth/reconnection. Feels strange. Getting itchy round my scars too.

Boy do I know about swelling today... last night...

Boy do I know about swelling today... last night was a bit naughty - 2 glasses of wine, and pushed 2 yr old up a hill for 20 mins in her buggy - had to take my CG off through the night, and bra; today I can hardly get in to it.. even my partner noticed I'm swollen... so taking it easy - waiting for them to leave the vicinity so I can catch up with 'The Thick of It' - a satirical political programme.. it's my treat today; I have 2 episodes - 1 hour to enjoy... what indulgence.
As to the rest - healing is going well; very mobile; we have a 14 hours flying time tomorrow so compression socks at the ready - it's over night so hopefully all of us will sleep!
Boobs doing ok; I have that post-injection-at-the-dentist tingly sensitive thing going on round the boobs and the tummy; BB still feels REALLY weird - don't know if I'll get used to that at all.
I'm thinking no funky, sexy halloween costume this year... what about the rest of you?

24 days in, back at work, driving a manual gear...

24 days in, back at work, driving a manual gear car and all well there. Wearing proper trousers etc feels strange: how I miss the ease of my jiggers and stretchy clothes. I'm conscious of my knee to bust armour showing through very VPL!
I seem to be healing well, however I can feel the implant in my right bust I think. Some arm movements, when I bend over/forward I think I can feel some movement, not sure if this will settle down.
Almost fully upright, though I may need some work on my posture. It does feel like it pulls if I try to standp up straight,, though I can lay flat in bed.
using Dermastine as recommended by my surgeon over the micropore, but I read that the scar is really determined by the incision and skill of the surgeon, I have to say my chap was excellent. It is fading in small places, but I know we have some way to go on this.
Have done a little bit if clothes shopping a pond things look better, however the CG takes away some of the fun. Want to buy nice bras and pants and clothes but I think I have to be paitient.
I have told people at work and have been open about it and sharing some pics.
I have some questions:
- when can I change to a normal bra?
- how long do I use micropore for?
Still swelling particularly late evening, but it's true it gets easier every day.... Getting rest is hard, apart from going to bed when the kids are down.
And I will need to Orkney hard on not raiding the Halloween sweets... Loops too late.
Hope everyone is well x

Bought Spanx yesterday and something similar - I...

Bought Spanx yesterday and something similar - I am tired of wearing the thing that goes all the way to my knees - work trousers are not looking good; but I'm not sure they are as good at compressing as the main CG which really flattens me... oh dear, never satisfied... looks like ebay or Amazon for a tummy binder...

This time 4 weeks ago I was back on the ward,...

This time 4 weeks ago I was back on the ward, taking the pain medication and in wonder at it all. 4 weeks later life is pretty much back to normal, and I can't believe how the time has flown.
I don't have a sore back - though I don't think I am standing fully straight yet; when I really stretch out or up I can feel it pulling almost from the top of my thighs, in from my sides and up - it feels strange but good - and promising for when I can get back to the gym.
The only hindrance now is the garment - I am wearing Spanx for the daytime, or something similar - I have bought a few different things to wear under work clothes as the VPL at my knees, the catching on my trousers etc was getting to me. My garments can feel a bit big at times, but when I swell they can also feel tight. I guess it's the main way I can tell that I am swelling.
My boobs feel pretty good; I think my right one is going to take a little longer to settle - some movements of my arms etc make me more aware or think that I can feel the implant, that it is moving. My surgeon says it may be a bit of fluid built up around the implant but it should all settle. It's not sore so much as an odd sensation.
My periods are all over the place. I had the Marina installed (IUD) about 6 weeks before the op - since then I have had a period - then it started again shortly after the op - and now again: the first and last I think are normal, the other brought on by the op.
I am keen to get in to normal bras, but I think I may have to go buy some: I haven't bought any for ages, partly as I didn't want to spend the money knowing the op was coming, and partly because I wanted to wait anyway. Have the real 'before and after' experience. So I will venture forth this week I think - I'm tired of the non-underwired type - though I may eat those words once I get them on and find out it's sore on my incisions.
Today I bought surgical spirit - in a few days when I change my dressings I will try to remove some of the built up gunk / goo that has accumulated from the micropore tape. My wounds look pretty good - very fine and I think they will be hardly noticeable going forward.
How do I feel in myself though? I am glad I did it; I feel I look better naked for sure; not so sure I am feeling the love yet - I still feel tubby / big; I don't have the contours I imagined I might - though everyone is assuring me it is swelling. But overall I am much improved.
I am uploading pics from today - the 4 week milestone - but I think you will agree there is a difference from the before pics, but not so much since.
Hope everyone is doing well x

Just over a month ago I had the op... and now I...

Just over a month ago I had the op... and now I feel quite blase about it all... admittedly the first week to 10 days were hard, but everyday gets easier, and like so many others I'm glad I did it... but can't wait to be rid of compression garments and micropore.
In latest news, I bought a girdle type thing with hooks and eyes from Macom, medium - bit optimistic, it is tight and digs in a little... but feel I need it. Firstly my armpit to knee number is not as tight (I never thought I would see the day) - though it can be when I swell. It's not good under normal clothes, especially for work... so a couple of spanx, and the girdle. I feel whilst most items do squash you in, it's the tummy area that really needs it. The only strap one I can see is only available from the states... and would take quite a while to arrive. My surgeon suggests wearing CG for 6-8 weeks - and I'm nearly at 5 weeks - it would come post that time.
That said, I cannot imagine not wearing one at the moment. Previously I would never wear shapewear - I don't like feeling constricted - and like push up padded bras - I feel it is false advertising... but now.... I think I feel more confident in it. I guess there will be transition period to not wearing it that I will have to manage - and I think swelling will be a problem again.
Also, I bought some bras - 34D seems to work for me; I had wanted a C cup, but I can't complain - the puppies are pretty good and settling down nicely.
So today I have the Macom girdle, pants (yes, pants! on their own! not over CG or anything!) and a new bra - admittedly this one is a sports bra - zip up front - and I have some nice normal, slightly flash bras (ie not the plain black white t-shirt bras I normally go for) (even bought matching pants - now that is optimistic, as I have 'hungry bum' ie my cheeks munch them up and I spend most of my day dragging them out of my crack.
Update complete :-)
Dr. Barker

Friend of mine went to this surgeon - had a great result. Also read an article where he is mentioned - woman saying years later she is still flat. So that is very reassuring. Hoping I will get a low scar, good result - and overall be able to get back to running, gym etc and not feel too awful once I've healed.

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