38 Year Old Mom Who Lost Weight - South Africa

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Hi, I am in Cape Town- South Africa. I am 8 days...

Hi, I am in Cape Town- South Africa. I am 8 days pre-op and the nerves are starting to kick in. Is anyone else on this site from SA?
I was 110kgs and have come down to 72kgs. My tummy is my biggest problem. My legs are bum are small and that why I left that I had to do something about my tummy as I was out of proportion. I follow the Keto/low carb diet. is there anyone who can suggest some easy meals for after the op....or foods to avoid.

Thanks a mil.

Day 2 post op

Hi there, so I am day 2 post if and not feeling to bad. Spent one night is hospital and the worst was going to the loo the first time. 2 nurse helped me but getting my feet on and off the bed was extremely painful. Hubby has been amazing so far. It's sat today and go for my first check up on Tuesday where they will remove the drain (hopefully) and my bandages for the first time... Haven't seen my new tummy yet. Lots of pain killers to take and not feeling too bad. Hate sleeping on my back but it's all worth it.

1 week post op

Hi guys. I'm one week post op and doing OK. I have had my drain and dressing removed. The swelling is something u gotta get used to. Sleeping a bit better but dying to lie on my side. My scar looks OK for now. Stitches out next week then back to work.

12 days post op

Hi, so I'm 12days post op and feeling ok. I have a check up tomorrow to hopefully remove my stitches. I feel very tender at the top of my tummy. It's seems very swollen and hard. Is that normal. My compression belt is also quite low and doesn't cover my whole tummy....could that be a problem? I must tell you I would love nothing more than to sleep flat on my back hehe can't wait. It's still very tight if I don't havequite a few pillows to keep me up.
I'm going back to work on day 14 and I'm very nervous about driving my manual car. Haven't driven once yet. Only time will tell.
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