I was OVER looking pregnant!

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Hi ladies I've been pregnant 3 times, last one...

Hi ladies

I've been pregnant 3 times, last one being a twin pregnancy. The last birth was also my first c-section, and whoah, it was the worst pain I ever felt, but like everyone else I survived and even though at the time I never thought I'd see the the day the pain went away. Although my kids hammered my body I can't let them take all the blame, I've let myself go!

I don't want to be super slim, I just want this 'flap thing' that shows up no matter what I wear! It's also made me prone to infections there and it grosses me out! I constantly have to wipe there and it's smelly :(

I've tackled many obstacles in my life, but my damaged abdominal area has been depressing me for years now. So now I'm ready to tackle this hurdle. At first my husband didn't take me seriously, but he has seen how self conscious I am about my body. He's on board now!

I'm 5 ft 2.99 inches and weigh 172.8 pounds

I went for a consultation last month. Doctor

This is me

Posting my body pics. Nervous, but it is what it is

More pics

6 weeks to go! Preparation started

I've decided to get off my ass and start exercising. Doctor said it would make for a better finish. Also, the surgery is not small change, so I want to do whatever I can to make the most of this experience.

I've downloaded a pedometer app to measure my walking... didn't make it to the recommended 10 000 steps, only 4500 steps ( eek!) but I'll get there...

I've also decided to clean up my diet, up my water intake, eat more protein and good cards. Prepared my meals today for the rest of the week.

I'm stoked to do this properly. Getting super excited.

I'm shopping around for a comfy second hand recliner. Hubby says to shop for comfort, even if it's ugly, we can resell or donate it after I no longer need it.

Tomorrow I'm going to be sure to take a 30 min walk during lunch, and to use the stairs...

36 days to go: Periods and husbands (Grrrrrr!!!)

I was so motivated but my period last week totally threw me off. First it was the bloating, then the cravings. And I know that the bloating affects my weight, but I'll go ahead and weigh myself and be mad at myself for regressing (face in palm)...

Then, I'm so uncomfortable, the thought of walking puts me off.

I held out for a few days until I did what I usually do, I tell myself you deserve it, it is THAT time of the month... it always starts with chocolate, then I see what ever the kids are eating and tell myself 'just for the taste'... 'to get it out of my system'... hahaha... then all I'm left with is a chocolate and chips wrapper...

But this is a new week. I really want to get into a healthy eating and exercise habits now to make the results even better.

My hubby is annoying me. We both joined the gym a week ago, although I haven't managed to set a foot inside the gym yet. Now that he is getting into things he just declares: 'I'll be late because I'm going to gym', 'I can't watch the kids because I'm going for a run', and he is setting goals for doing races in the next few months... and then he just strolls in after and sits down for dinner (ooooh!!!).
I'm all for us both getting in shape, but this is what always happens... his goals becomes the priority above all else... So last night I snapped. I said 'If you're going to draw up a programme for yourself, please fit in the days you will be cooking and the days for family time... and I'' be sure to send you my schedule as well, because we're not going to let this household run around only your goals and priorities.'

We are already dictated by another of his hobbies, and most weekends he spends at least one day of the weekend away with this sport, be it competing or practicing...

I'm also annoyed because he promised that he'd pay for the TT. Now he says he only promised to help - so now he can only give about 35% of the money, because he is going out of the country to compete in a competition. Also, he'll only be able to give the 35% in two parts... I'm still grateful that he is contributing, but I'm disappointed... And every time I say something about him not helping around the house or not being there he pipes that he'll be doing everything while I'm recovering and he is contributing 35% of the costs, so I should be grateful...

Anyway, its Monday, 36 days to go, I will not let these events steer my focus away. I'm going to draw up a schedule for us both as a point of discussion.

19 days to go

Hey ladies

19 days to go! It's getting real! I've bought a recliner and had my second PS consultation the other day. I was given a shopping list of meds from my PS, but I'll get to it sooner to the time

He told me that the drains I'll have doesn't look like the bulb one's that I saw many of you have. Starts with an H... but I can't remember now...

I'm getting a bit weary of the pain that's on its way. My c-section pain was awful, and that pain is nothing compared to what's ahead. And I hope the PAIN is going to be worth it! It's probably going to look weird to see half my stretch marks gone and the other half remaining...

My family are driving me up the wall! Having a TT will leave me out of commission to run errands for them and cook and clean, everything they take for granted...

I'm also worried about the workload that I'll have when I get back. Luckily I have a desk job, but I'm concerned about all the driving when I go back. I drive 60 minutes to the office and herding the kids to and from school, and in the afternoon it gets as bad as 90 minuteso back due to traffic... and I drive stick :(

I'm slipping up with my eating habits, but I realise now that I was PMSsing... and I haven't worked out much because I'm trying to get as much done as I before the TT, so when I get home I'm exhausted.

I need to pay for my procedure and hospital fee soon. It's a lot of money, I'm holding back because I keep thinking that there are other important things... The upcoming procedure has made me follow up with a few reimbursements due to me in the office and elsewhere... not much but every cent counts!

Hopefully I would've managed some exercise and resumed better eating habits before I post again.

Vent over

Whoooo saaaa

Have a good evening/ day wherever you are


7 days to go (yikes)

Hey ladies

I'm inching closer to D day. I started setting up my recouperation station in my bedroom but the little helpers keep unpacking my things as everything looks soooo very interesting (like the neck pillow, pill boxes, heating/cold pads, my new slippers...everything!), what is this for mom, i need one of this too mom... so I've packed everything back in my shopping bags until the day before... I tried 'breaking in' my recliner and I have 2 four year olds on top of me making a game of it!


But I think (HOPE) they'll back away when they see me in pain..

I was very good with exercising the week before last, but then my period came and I was like ok, screw the diet, I need bread, pasta, rice...., just a bite of chocolate, no wait, in in pain, I deserve eating the whole chocolate... and then I was completely off track again...

I've paid my surgeon, fetched my meds, started gathering items that I've seen everyone else seems to have on their TT supplies list. I even prepared about 25 healthy meals for me consisting of steamed veg and chicken and put it in the freezer, but my lovely family (*note the sarcasm) have pounced on my prepared individually wrapped meals (face in palm)...

After paying the doctor my bank account looks miserable, and I'm a bit panicky that I've parted with so much money. I just hope it'll be worth it.

I'm scheduled for a lymphatic drainage massage a day before the procedure and a week thereafter again to help with circulation.

Whilst I should be counting down my days till the 6th, I'm beginning to panic about how much work I still need to get done at the office before then, and as a mom of 4 I can't exactly drop the mommy duties and just stay late afternoon work to catch up. Kids need to be transported, fed, helped with homework, I also have to plan an extended family lunch for Sunday - why oh why did I commit???

Good news is... I got the bell!!!! And I plan on making use of it with my minions (I mean family)... lol

Almost on the flat side!!!

Is it possible to recover without assistance at home?


Due to matters beyond my control it seems like I will no longer have help after I am discharged from the hospital (2 days post op). My husband will be doing all the errands getting kids too and from school, cooking and he will be working. The person who was going to assist has a major emergency related to her child, so I totally understand that the child must take priority.

If I plan really well and put everything I need is arms reach, will it be possible to cope without aid? I am a tough cookie, but am I tough enough?

Freaking out a bit here!

Checking in at the hospital

It's happening ladies! 06h45 here now. I'll probably be the first patient for 8am surgery. All the best to anyone else going under. Hugs

See you on the flat side!

1, 2, 3 days post op

Hi ladies

All went well. this is my first update.

procedure went well, doc says he removed about 3 pounds of skin (not much but lots to me). he says that my muscle separation was about 4 finger widths. Unfortunately my stretch marks couldn't all be removed, but I knew that there were just too much to begin with, just so happy that flap is gone! I was well cared for and the hospital and they gave my pain meds regularly. I stayed over for two nights and was discharged late in the afternoon so I had about 3 days care.

My legs were strapped with velcro straps that are linked to a dvt compression machine for the first day and night. Later they put the compression socks for me.

Thankfully I had a catheter in so I didn't need to get up to wee on the first night and first day post op. It was mid afternoon on day 1 p/o when the doctor okayed the removal of the catheter. A lovely physiotherapist then came and taught me how to do breathing exercises to avoid getting mucus on the chest from laying flat for so long. She also taught me a technique of rolling in and out of bed with the support of my arms so as not to exert any pressure or tension on my mid section. With her aid i walked a s l o w short distance (with pain). Another thing she taught me was to carry a folded a towel in a pillow (I suppose those flat baby pillows would also do) to protect my stomach and contain the pain when a cough, laugh or sneeze literally hit me to the core. I carried this pillow case 'baby' with me as well as another pillow case in which I chucked my drains - just made my life easier...

I was scared that with the catheter out I'd accidentally wet myself (LOL) so I got up regularly to go wee, and every time, it got easier. The nurse explained that my muscles are now stitched and a bit in shock but with regular movement the soreness would dissipate, and it really did get easier.

Day 2 post op I was wheeled to the doctor's office, located in the same hospital to have my dressings changed. The nurse was impressed by my recovery and said I should't worry about the swelling, I am doing fantastic.

I got home late yesterday afternoon (still day 2 post op) and it was great to see the kids, although my kids really struggled not to jump on me and hang on me and try out their karate moves on me (twin boys - 4 year's old, oh dear). My husband and older two kids were surprisingly helpful and checked in on me, made me tea, scolded at the younger ones to be gentle with mom, and helped me walk from room to room. I just couldn't settle down... do i get comfy in the bedroom, then I'm bored, go to the lounge and I am exposed to kiddy TV with two kids who OWN the remote (lol), but thankfully they had an early night. At about 10pm i took my sleeping pill and went to sleep but I was awake by 3 again (i have always had sleeping issues)

thankfully my help and home got sorted out and I'm not alone at home today while hubby is at work and kids are all at school, although now I feel I actually was adequately prepared to cope on my own, if i hadn't found a solution. But my helper is doing all the cleaning and is around when I really need a hand (I had tempted so may times to just pick up things on the floor that I dropped cos I'm clumsy), but then I swallow my pride and call for help. haven't taken out the bell though - I'm a bit embarrassed about that bell...

pics didn't upload

take 2

7 days post op

Hi all

I can't believe it has been one week since my surgery. Yesterday my PS removed my drains and I am unplugged! (Btw I found that a sling bag works best for carrying the drains).

My PS seems to do things differently from others. I did not awake with a binder or compression garment - he wanted the incision to heal a bit first. So yesterday I was given my Marena Binder for the first time for put on after my....(drum roll please) first shower in a week.

He also gave me a ton of dressings and ointment for changing my dressing if need be. He was extremely happy with my progress and positive attitude. Belly button looking good too ;)

So while sitting on a chair in the shower i removed all my dressings and washed with antibacterial soaps that you get at the hospital, then put on the ointment, Inadine dressing, Telfa bandage and then Hypafix adhesive fabric... after all of that - binder on - OMG - Now I understand! The binder sucks my energy! Its not painful, lets call it firm and supportive.

The combo of meds plus the binder wipes me out! But thats great because now I rest and rest well...

Here I thought I was a tough cookie, lol, but the binder showed me who is boss ;)

Tomorrow is my second lymph drainage massage, so hopefully that helps with the swelling and recover too.

Hugs xoxo

7 days post op (and i'm getting impatient)

I know its too early to see results, and I stupidly did what many RS ladies warned not to do - I weighed myself and I tried on clothes!!!

My abdomen just looks like a trunk, no definition. The flap of skin is definitely gone that that's great, but I'm getting envious of the results of other ladies :(

That said, I know I should be grateful. My incision is healing well, I move around quite easily, my drains are out and I have no major pain, just the discomfort of the tight binder. But I wish I could see more progress...

Sad face :'(

9 days p/o with pics

I've loaded some pics between dressing changes - 9 days post op. Didn't realise how high my cut sits on my hips... so boy shorts panties for me I suppose...

What do you guys think? Am I seeing a bit of definition below the ribs, or am I imagining?

I've been avoiding updating because I envy other people's results

Hi ladies

Tomorrow its be 9 weeks ago that I went under. I've been avoiding doing an update because my results isn't as amazing as everyone else's. I am over the moon that my flap is gone, clothes are looking much better on me and I am so grateful that I recovered without incident but I expected more...

I think the PS pulled up my pubic area too high and therefore my incision looks too high... I think so because he used the same incision line used for my csection - and it wasn't that high - so he must have pulled the pubic area up too high. My left side its definitely too high and too long! At my post op visits I was more focused on wound healing so I wasn't focused on how the scar looks... Also, not sure if I should have had lipo - he had advised that I had visceral fat (fat between the organs) and that you can only correct through diet and exercise... but I wanted a bit more definition at the waist...

I've see some ladies on this site looked bigger than me (no offence to anyone) but seemed to get a better result

And I know i must be patient, it's early days, but I don't foresee its going to improve. The gap between my incision and my new bb is too small...

My next appointment is 20th December. I don't know - should I ask to see him sooner, should I just be patient - it may well look better by then.

I think I need a revision? Although I'm not sure that I'd want to go through this again and I don't know how he can fix this

What do you guys think?

Honesty please

Hi sisters

I'm just over 14 weeks post op and looking at my old pics... Whilst I am undeniably far from the body I had before, and I am grateful for that and the care I had from my surgeon, I have my final consult with my doctor and I'm going to ask what options I have to get less of the pooch... It's my first face to face in a long time and I'm just going to be honest, I think this is more than swelling, that is a pooch...

Perhaps some lipo is needed, perhaps it'll settle with time, it's only 3 months p/o. I am exercising regularly so can only imagine that the results will improve (although no ab work yet, only stationary cycling, treadmill and elliptical machine).

For those who have not read my review before, I am a mother of 4, the last 2 children was a multiple birth. I had muscle repair and removal of excess skin, no lipo...

Final comments in preparation for my consultation? I'd appreciate some thoughts?

Dr Struwig

He was referred to be by my GP. We hit it off straight away. He is funny but gave good overview of what the procedure will entail. My pre op visit was on 15 August and I'm due to go under on 6 September. I thought the quotation would be for much more, but I was pleasantly surprised. He also has a great office of efficient staff members who respond within record time and are always helpful.

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