32 Years, 2 Kids and a Flabby Tummy Later... - South Africa, ZA

I picked up over 35 kg with my eldest son (now 10...

I picked up over 35 kg with my eldest son (now 10 years) and my baby is now 4 years old and I picked up about 23 kg.
But since my first baby my tummy never looked the same. I have stretch marks from under my boobs to under my knees! The more weight I loose the more flabby my tummy gets! I get so embarrassed when my tummy by accident sticks out when I'm reaching for a top shelf, ,, the kids will ask why does my tummy look like that?
Im still about 6 kg away from goal weight. I'll try to loose the weight by the time I go in for surgery.
I'm seeing the Dr S van Heerden on 9 October. I would like the surgery to be done in December as I am a teacher and the December holidays are the longest. (I'll have 5-6 weeks to recover).
what would you girls recommend I buy for my long stay in bed? eg: books, food, organize that I have made meals in the freezer so hubby can just take it out? special clothes?

tummy disaster

Here are my before pictures

P.S Appointment number 1!! Dr N. Landman

I have an appointment with Dr Nicolette Landman tomorrow morning!! if I'm happy with her I'll have the op with her, although I don't know anyone that has been to her, but heard good things about her.. Another Dr, that I have an appointment with in November is Dr Annandale, my friend had her boobs done a couple of years ago,, so big decisions to make.
My family thinks I'm wasting money and that its not necessary !! :( but I'm determined to go through with it, as I am the one living with it!

appointment with Dr Landman

Wow!! What a lovely Dr!! I felt very comfy and didn't rush me.. she answered all of my questions without me having to ask... really impressed. .. just waiting for final quote..

postponed tt

With tears in my eyes I had to postpone my tt. I have recently heard some negative news about my son's school work. He needs specialized schooling which is very expensive so I have to re look at our budget and then only cab I see what I can afford..as I have to take a loan out for the op. On the other hand I'm a bit relieved as I can loose some more weight and save money. I really want to have a breast lift and implants done at the same time which will save me recovery time and the surgeon gives a great discount if I do both..
So I'll still be listening to everyone's stories and hold thumbs that I dont have to postpone my op again.
Dr Schalk van Heerden

i have been to see Dr Landman for a Tummy tuck, but I don't know anyone that has been to her and no one knows about her, except one person. I'm starting to get cold feet about her, although my consult was very nice. I've decided to ask my G.P about a good P.S and he suggested Dr Japie De Wet, so I phoned him and I can only see him on the 27 October. My G.P says he is very good.. I think I have to see at least 2 different P.S..... well, I went to Dr De Wet yesterday for my 1st consult, and wow!!! what a professional doctor! He had time to answer all my questions, and boy oh boy, I had a lot! hehehe... He took His time with me, even though it was late in the afternoon, and made me feel very comfy when examining my tummy! I spent about 1 and 15 min with him. I will definitely recommend him to anyone!!

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