Tummy Tuck - South Africa, ZA

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Hi all tt ladies.I havnt had tt yet and I really...

Hi all tt ladies.I havnt had tt yet and I really don't know if I ever will.I've went for consultations with a very good SA surgeon that cost me a lot as its expected and just to ease my mind knowing I can't afford it.I'm on this site for a long time now,following the before and after stories.the excitement,the doubts,the successes.I've been obsessed and negative.I've been positive and finally decide to give up the thought of ever having one myself.I've personally chatted with a few of you just to feel closer to my dream.I have so many things going on in my life,so many more important things to focus on financially,that I have to let go of this.I'm turning 40 in a few weeks.I am hypothyroid and except that I have this huge tummy that forbid me to feel better in any clothes I'm swollen and feel awfull.I don't feel like going out in the public I don't even wana be seen by friends or family.but I have to work and I'm forced to force myself in clothes and sometimes uniform and just ignoring people staring at my tummy and ignoring anyone asking how far I'm pregnant even though I've never in my life were able to have my own child.I want to thank you all for sharing your stories,making me live it at times and feeling as if I was part of it,thank you for those who unknowingly replied to my messages when I just needed to be included in a dream come true.those who still have to go,I'm so glad for you and I know it will be worth everything.those I've lost through healing and reaching their goal I hope you enjoy every moment of it.the doctors really are equiped by God and that's why they are so great.the passed 2 months I haven't even gone on the site because I'm giving up on this dream.I look at myself and I'm making peace because it will not be possible for me.my prayers are with you all,those awaiting,those still thinking about it and those on the recovery road.thanks for this so beautifull site.thanks for bringing different woman so close all over the world.thank God for the doctors that is so fully equiped with knowledge and thank You for using them to make dreams come true.a part of me will always be with each of you that are able to do something for themselves to feel positive about themselves.God Bless.

only update some photos

Had lots operations when I struggled to fall pregnant.had hernia repair few years ago and its torn again as you can see in my photos.it took a lot to send photos but I think I owe it to you all.

hey all tt ladies

Hey all tt ladies!its been awhile.I'm still in the same situation and I've been off the past few weeks but I thought of u all and prayed for succesfull operations and speedy recoveries.hope evryones doin fine and those who still awaiting,I'm glad with u,those who's healing YOU DID IT!I'll check in from time to time and if I be able to have my dream I'll share it with u.hope u all have nice evening,or day or afternoon.take care!


Miracles do happen!!if you believe!!!!!
dr kleynhans

My dr was dr Rory Dower of Busamed hospital,Somerset West.

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