Upper Blepharoplasty with Fat Transfer to Tear Troughs and Under Eye C02 Laser Resurfacing - South Africa, ZA

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I am 43, lost a lot of weight recently and noticed...

I am 43, lost a lot of weight recently and noticed the loss of fat in my face caused my eyelids to sag, orbital area to look gaunt and the act of applying makeup a nightmare while lifting up loose skin folds. I just had these procedures done a few days ago by a well- known surgeon in Cape Town South Africa. I live in another country so I guess this could be seen as medical tourism. I have been surprised at how painless this has been and have been impressed with the professionalism and artistry of the Surgeon. He is known for a conservative approach with natural looking results. I will update with photos as recovery progresses so let's see how it goes. If the results are what I expect I will very likely be using this surgeon to correct loose skin issues from my weight loss in the future.

Stitches out!

My stitches are out, wasn't that painful- having my eyebrows threaded was worse! Doc is happy with my healing, however one eye is more swollen than the other so I'm a bit lopsided. Bruising yellow but almost gone.

Day 7

A week has gone by, and today things are MUCH more healed up, less pink, less bruised or swollen. Still got the one more swollen eye and it feels a bit scratchy.

Day 8

Still healing well, one eye still a little more swollen and a bit of pinkness still in lasered areas. I've included a shot of eyes closed so you can see where the incision lines are, even if they're still covered in tape.

Day 11

My one eye is still more swollen than the other so they look uneven but I believe this is common. From what I can see peeping out under the tape, my incisions are still quite red- again, to be expected. Other than this I am happy with how much more open and less tired my eyes look already. I go back for another check- up with the Doc tomorrow and hopefully the tape will come off. This has been a relatively smooth experience, thanks to his expertise. I can't wait to try on makeup to cover the last vestiges of pink and mask the scars. Then I will test- drive my new look in public!

Day 14

Day 14. Tape strips off. Wearing a little concealer. I've been given "surgeons tissue oil" with instructions to massage it in gently 3 times daily. The skin is still a little tender and there is minor swelling so I only put minimal concealer makeup on to disguise the redness. With eyes closed you can clearly see the incision ridges which are a little lumpy in places but this should flatten out and fade with time. I've been recommended some sun block gel and a makeup compact containing sunblock by my PS, will post what it is when I get it as I had to order it. I'm very happy with how my eyes look so far, and as it is still early days, they can only get better.

Day 15 with makeup

Day 15. Did my tissue oil massage of upper lids. Put on my RegimA revital-eyz anti- ageing emulsi-gel under the eyes. No idea if this will help, got it from my PS's office and figured the greasy laser eye gel would repel the sunblock and make up so am giving it a whirl. Put foundation under the eyes and on the lids, in fact over the whole face ( not something I do often) and then used a series of shadows ranging from matte beige to matte brown to contour the eyes. Eyeliner, mascara and Bob's your uncle. I think it looks fairly good- not on CLOSE inspection, but passable. What I'm REALLY happy with is how open and bright my eyes look!

Day 17

On day 16 I had a bit of a reaction to either eye make up, tissue oil or sun block and my eyes were sore and streaming. Well in this photo I am wearing a makeup compact from my PS containing a factor 50 sunblock which protects my tender skin and covers the pink lasered area and eyelid scars at the same time. It is really good and I haven't had a reaction again. It is called Heliocare color oil free compact SPF 50 and I also have the clear factor 50 gel- fingers crossed no more reactions!

Pics from today, without and with makeup.

Pics with and without makeup from today. So far so good. Still have pink half- circles under the eyes from laser. Have been given hydraquinone ( think that's right) cream to use at night to lighten these. Anyone else have this problem? I think it takes a long while to fade.
Otherwise still seeing swelling reducing and lid scars slowly fading.

Day 36

Very happy with the healing of the Bleph scars, with makeup on they are invisible. Several people have remarked on how good I look but the can't quite put their finger on why, so I think it has made a big difference to my old tired look.The red under- eye laser marks have not faded much however, which is annoying. I can't let anyone see me without concealer on them as they are still pretty noticeable. I am persevering with the hydraquinone cream at night and being vigilant at only scuttling into sunlight with sunblock, huge hat and sunglasses on. I feel a bit of a plonker in all this ( its not a look I usually sport) but Oh well it must be done!

46 days out

The scars on the eyelids so far have healed surprisingly unevenly- one is WAY less raised and red and the other is pretty red and bumpy still. However I know in 6 months they will be barely noticeable. Last night I put nothing but tissue oil on and the laser marks are much lighter, although not enough to go out without makeup. I think the hydroquinone cream makes it redder as it is doing its thing so inspecting it when I've NOT put the cream on is more accurate. Heat ( either environmental or hot water) makes the marks a lot more red too. When I am flushed after exercise they seem almost purple. The healing is slow, but it is happening but I must be patient!

11 weeks along

Very happy with Bleph results. Laser marks still there and Im hoping they will continue to fade- left eye scar more raised and bumpy but slowly smoothing out.

11 weeks eyes shut

Dr Lionel Jedeikin

He has a great reputation, professional but warm manner and his staff are lovely. I had heaps of tricky issues trying to organize things long distance and they were extremely helpful. His after care instructions were right on the money and his discussions of aesthetics and medical concepts in lay man's terms very easy to follow. I have yet to see the fruit of his labours ( 6 months to really see all results was his comment so will update) but so far I am confident he is an artist of the highest calibre.

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