52 Yrs Old - 5ft 140 Pounds - Tired of Large Breasts - South Africa, ZA

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Finally after years of having large breasts, I am...

Finally after years of having large breasts, I am going to have a meeting with a PS on 23 June.
I am 5ft tall and have always had large breasts. When I was in my twenties I weighed 100 pounds and was very thin. I've had 2 children - two C sections, a hysterectomy, my ovaries removed and a bladder repair operation. I am now 52 years old and I'm tired of trying to find a swimsuit that fits, trying to find a dress that fits. I wear a UK size 10 pants and then find not even a size 16 blouse fits. When I was a bit thinner I was a 34DD cup, went up to a 34E, but since gaining weight ( I've been the same weight for 3 years) I am now a 34G size bra. Even if I drop a few pounds, my breasts stay the same size. Buying bras is a nightmare. Doing any form of exercise that requires jumping around, bending forward, swimming and running is impossible. I end up with 4 boobs! As I've got older my breasts have gotten droopier and softer too. So, time for a revisit to a PS, lets get the boobs assessed and see how much a reduction is going to cost, how much time to recover and what size will best suit my 5ft frame. I would like to be a 34C - off the rack standard size UK 10. I will post photos ( when I pluck up the courage).

Visit to the PS

Yesterday I had my appointment with the PS. I'm very pleased with him and his bedside manner, his patience with ALL my questions. At 52 stripping down to my panties and standing naked in front of a young 30ish man was quite daunting. So he measured and drew and lifted and felt each breast, drew on my chest with a pen. Drew an X where my new nipples will be. Asked me what size I would like to be - I am currently a 34G ( a 34 is a bit tight round my ribcage, but a 36 too loose) and I would like to be a 34C. He said that's doable! I stated very firmly I do not want a large C going into a D and in the end being back at square 1. I never again want to find myself in the situation of squeezing my breasts into cups that are too small and constantly tucking them in all the time. Always either spilling over the top or oozing out the sides. I said I do not want square breasts, elongated ones, nipples that are too close together that look odd ( I've seen this on Realself before and after). I don't want a scar that goes halfway to my back, nor do I want uneven nipples. He said that all of my wishes are quite acceptable but I must understand that because I have SLE Lupus my vascular system is slower to heal, that my scarring may be a little more intense than "normal" and that it may be a much slower getting back to normal process. It is an overnight stay in hospital, our medical insurance will not cover any of the costs ( in South Africa medical insurance NEVER covers any selective PS). I wont have any drains either. I asked him about the extra pouchy bit of what I thought was fat under my right arm close to the breast and he said he cannot remove it because it is breast tissue and the blood flows from there into the breast, so it is important to leave it so that I heal better. Especially since I have Lupus. When I was 26 I had a little scare and the breast tissue under my left arm was hard and like a golf ball, so a surgeon removed it, so I don't have any breast tissue under my left arm. I will have to live with it under my right armpit. Then I asked about my tummy envelope, which isn't big, but its a small fat roll that bulges over my hysterectomy scar. Not good news here as it cannot be liposuctioned as the skin will go like a deflated balloon and there isn't enough skin to do a tummy tuck. He suggested that I try and lose 10 pounds and see if it flattens out. I have been on 8 years of steroids and cortisone so my tummy looks a little rumpled. Fortunately I don't have any stretch marks. I got home and told my husband all of the news and looked at our calendars and decided that the best time to schedule the surgery is at the end of July as we are going on holiday from the 14th til the 21st and next week I am looking after my baby grandson for a week because the baby daycare is closed for a week. Sooooo it looks like we are all good to go for the end of July.... and I'm going to see if I can lose the 10 pounds before surgery. ( there goes my red wine). I'm excited and so nervous that I ended up with a migraine last night... lol! can't believe its going to happen.... at last.. I will post pics shortly.

Pre Op consult 12 July 2016

So my surgery is booked for the 27th July and my pre-op visit booked for 12th July. I am VERY nervous, excited and plain scared!!! I received the quote, chatted with the Surgeon's manager and it she e-mailed me all the forms to complete as well as the pre op and post op care. She also told me to follow the post op instructions 100% to get the best possible results. I must wear the surgical bra for 3 months. It seemingly has a zip up the front. The first one is included in the cost of the procedure, but I've asked her to bill me for another one too. Is beige ok? OMG it's finally happening... All these thoughts going through my head.. Will I mourn my girls? Will my tummy stick out further than my boobs? Will my husband be totally repulsed by the scars and my smaller boobs? How will I feel? Lighter? How will I feel sexually as a woman? The PS said he will be taking over 2 pounds ( 1kg) off each breast. Yay.. no more bra strap grooves.. Will those go away over time? I was planning to lose 5kg in weight before the surgery, but we are going on holiday to the Kruger Park next week for a week.. So I doubt I will lose any weight. Ideally I wanted to be 60kg at time of BR, but I'm 65kg right now. I suppose with 2kg's being lopped off, I will only have to lose 3kg after the op... hahahaha... I'm looking forward to the change, buying a swimsuit off the shelf, wearing pretty bras and not those huge cupped ones.. buying a standard UK 34 dress, or blouse.. I hope I'm not disappointed! photos to follow shortly..
Dr Philip Hayes

So far I'm very happy with my choice of Dr Hayes.

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