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I have read many of the reasons why the ladies on...

I have read many of the reasons why the ladies on this platform decided to have their breast reduction surgery and I can find myself in each and every one of them. It was because of the courageous messages that I read here that finally allowed me to take that last step. So thank you ladies.
I had my procedure done at Netcare Waterfall Hospital in South Africa. My surgeon so far has been beyond amazing. Three days before my procedure, I discovered a lesion in my left breast and although it did not have the characteristics of a cancer the radiologists till could not determine what it was. I was disappointed because I knew that doing a biopsy would take time and my procedure was scheduled for the Monday, three days later. MY surgeon, knowing this, called in some favours and I was able to have the biopsy that afternoon and the result the following day, meaning I could have my surgery as scheduled. This was beyond the act of duty as a doctor and I’ll always be grateful to him for that. Not to mention, he is kind, amiable and professional. The nurses were great as well, very efficient and professional.
If possible I will hold off on my rating until I leave the country in a month or so but so far everything has been very positive. I know each person’s journey is different but reading yours has helped me a great deal so I hope to return the favour and that this will in turn help someone else too who has been hesitant.
I had to spend the night at the hospital as the doctor wanted to ensure that my pain was well managed but all went well. The following day I had to leave with my draining bags, which I was hoping NOT to do but oh well. I was instructed on how to drain and measure them. I sent the info to the doctor and he said I could come to the hospital to have them removed. That felt like such a victory to me!!! It was extremely uncomfortable to sleep with them. Luckily we live 20 minutes away from the hospital so it wasn’t an issue. I was so happy when they were off!
Day 3 has been uneventful. I’m looking forward to take a bath without wetting the dressings though but I feel better each day so I’m grateful for that.
Please let me know if you have any questions or advice for me. I’d appreciate it!
Waterfall City Hospital

I will give an overall rating after all my consultations with the doctor are concluded. However, so far so good.

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