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Hi lovely ladies, so iv been reading realself for...

hi lovely ladies,
so iv been reading realself for over a month now, practically everyday! big ups, what an amazing site :) iv been wanting to have breast implant surgery for three years now, and iv finally decided its time. I am 21 years old, 58kg (127) and 1.70 (5.6) and my breasts dont look any bigger since i was 12. :(

So i cant decide!!!!!

i have been to my consultation appointment, where we spoke about size, procedure etc. I decided then to go with a C cup size, but now a few days before op, I am so uncertain. Im worried that a C cup will be too big for me and will feel unnatural. so a C cup to me would be around 280 - 300cc. i am really hoping to just come out looking natural and fitting with my body.

oh no, should i postpone?

im worried, im two days away from having my surgery and im feeling sick, extremely sore thought and slight fever. Anyone know what the implications my be if i go ahead and am sick? should i rather postpone? :(


throat not thought

ONE MORE DAY......eeeeeekkk so unreal

Hi all, so i phoned in to my PS office and checked with them if i should postpone and they said it should be fine if its just the start of a cold, and the anesthetist will be there to double check on me too. so im really relieved.

I honestly cannot believe this is happening! im so excited!!! tomorrow this time will have boobs !!!!!

Some more wish boobies

Counting down the hours..... literally

So im so excited and also scared at the same time, i must say as iv been counting down the days i had alot of thoughts as to this is or isnt the right thing. For me, i hope that it brings me feeling more confident in my own skin, and feeling more like a women, not a 21 year old stuck in a childs body.

Im feeling tons more confident in the choice of my doctor, thanks to sunnylady14. and also more happy to leave the final size choice up to him, as he knows best. I have given him my preference which is between 260-300cc and im sure that he will chose the best for my frame.

i have read allot the women say the wish they had gone bigger, but i think i will be really satisfied by just having boobies and i dont want to go over the top.

Iv just finished packing my overnight bag, there really isnt that much i need.

Chat soon, and wish me luck
:) x


hi all,
Im post op day 3, havent had access to a laptop.

my doctor went for 280cc, he said they suited my frame best, so im really happy, i spent the first night in hospital, i dont remember too much, but was releaved when i was done. The second day has been the worst so far, felt very emotional could be all the drugs. Im feeling very tight and heavy and sore from having to sleep on my back.

i went for a short walk today, apparently it helps to speed up recovery.
tomorrow im seeing them for the first time, so excited.

will keep u up dated and post some pics soon :)

a lil update

so all has been great, allot easier than i thought it would be, the first 4 days were the toughiest, after that just better and better!!

i am so HAPPY with the size, exactly what i wanted!

i am a lil worried though, as my left is a bit bigger than the right? not sure if this is normal. ?

otherwise all is great :) stitches coming out tomorrow !
its almost 2 weeks post op, cant not believe it. wish id done this long ago!

feeling great

time is going by so fast, i cant believe i had this done only two weeks ago, feeling so great. Think it may be because i expected it to be so so terribly painful.
The shape is good, still need to drop, my nips are really sensitive, and i have a numb feeling close to the scar.
I can finally not wear this compression bra 24/7 yay! only at night to sleep in.
but my doc advised no under wire bras. Any one know exactly how long i should wait.?

after 280 cc

Still happy!

Still so happy with the results, getting better and better. feeling 100%, exercising, and doing pretty much everything i did before. Is there anything anyone can recommend for scarring?

quick update almost 6 months post

heeeeyyyy all, just wanna do a quick update. im still really really happy. might have gone for a different incision, i got mine in the crease and it bothers me a bit, because i notice it, other wise over all i am so happy, never felt this comfortable in my own skin, its awesome. :) Remember to always ask your doc all your questions. i would do this again and again. recovery was quick was back to normal gym after 2months :) Good luck ladies
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