Explant with Lift 40yrs Old 4 Children

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Hello to you all out there, My story is a bit of...

Hello to you all out there, My story is a bit of a strange one, but I am writing it in the hope that someone out there can help or has been down this road too. Sorry if it is a bit long winded :-) Bit of history: About me... I am 40 yrs old i have 4 wonderful children, 2 grandchildren, happily married...with a super supportive husband. what more could i want right?? Well.... 2 years ago i got an itch in my right breast, it was a tickling type of itch which i though nothing of at the time. The itch is not on the skin it feels like it is behind or below my nipple beneath the skint and i cant scratch it and needless to say it drives me BANANAS. Yes i do have times when it doesn't itch but when it does it goes on for hours and hours. I have had 2x ultrasounds, MRI and a mammogram which have thankfully all come back completely normal :) but the itch continues. I live in QLD Australia and have been to the public breast clinic they have no idea what could be causing it, i have seen 2 different general practitioners without success and the surgeon who will be doing the explant cant explain it either ?? :( Has anyone had this or heard of it before. There was talk of damaged nerves so last week i had cortisone and local anesthetic injected into the tissue in the area of the itch but unfortunately that made no difference and left me with a bruised breast which is now sore to scratch. About my breasts: I have 350cc low profile over the muscle saline implants that are 11 years old. They are large droopy and uncomfortable. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain. My plan is to have the implants removed followed by a lift. HOPEFULLY this will get rid of this itch and give my breasts a better appearance. I am worried that i should put in a smaller implant as my dr and husband think i wont like the results? I really don't want to have more implants and i think i have enough tissue for a fairly successful lift? To be totally honest i have not enjoyed having implants at all. I was after a lift with my first procedure 11 years ago and my surgeon advised me against it due to the extra scarring. he was the one who suggested an implant to "fill" the space as he called it. i have over the years since having my implants, had 2 more children and gained some weight. (which i am trying desperately to lose ) Any advice would be much appreciated. I will post current pics later today (have to get hubby to take some :-) xx

An answer for my itch

So i had an ultrasound guided injection (containing a steroid and a local anesthetic) into the area where i think the itch is coming from. This was purely diagnostic to see if it was possible nerve damage. If it was nerve damage the injection would stop the itching temporarily if not, it would make no difference. Unfortunately it made no difference. Just bruising which i think has been exacerbated by my scratching. The sonographer and the Dr were so amazing and thoughtful always checking to see if i was OK. It wasn't painful i was just anxious for a result. So the investigations continue. Explant and lift booked for the 19th September :-). Still unsure weather or not to replace the implants.

The Doctor i have chosen

The Doctor i have chosen after careful consideration is dr dilip gahankari so far he seems kind patient and willing to listen .... will update as i go along. i dont know him well enough to review him yet :-)

Another decision made

So the "phantom itch" in my right breast continues......... I have decided that for me it makes more sense to have just an explant with no lift and no exchange. i was wondering if any ladies out there have had trouble with weight since having their implants inserted?? Maybe i am just looking for excuses but man am i finding it difficult to lose weight! I exercise most days, i wear a fit bit and always try meet the recommended 10000 step which i often do.
I am booked in for explant only on the 4th of october , somedays i feel like i just cant wait a second longer and the itch is driving me crazy.

Anyone out there who has had explant only i would love to hear your explant journey :)
Happy Healing everyone xx

Got the Bra 10 days to go

Hi Ladies,
I have ordered and received my compression bra. For those of you in Australia i got it from Exquisite bodies, they do a whole range of surgical garments. I am not sure of the quality as i have nothing to compare it to but it looks pretty standard. It was $39 free delivery :-)
This is probably TMI sorry for that ... i developed a cold sore on my bottom lip out of the blue. I have never had one before and it is really bad timing with only 10 days to go i want to be in the best health. I have been on the public waiting list for almost a year for my explant surgery so i am TERRIFIED it will be cancelled or postponed.
I have the surgi sponges to shower with before surgery and some front opening garments to wear pre and post explant. I wonder how my shirt will fit after :) TBH its all i want to talk about i think my family are OH SO OVER talking about my boobs i just wish the wait was over. I cant imagine life without this annoying itch, so holding thumbs it will go away too.
I have been reading with a lot of interest about breast implant illness and i cant help but wonder if my anxiety is increased because i have implants it will be interesting to see if there is a change. i also have a mirena and i have read a forum written by hundreds of other woman who have had unexplained inability to lose weight and anxiety since having the mirena so i am going to have that removed too ...hope i dont sound like a crazy woman if nothing changes i can accept that but not knowing if things might have improved if i hadnt taken the steps to remove all foreign objects from my body i cant accept.
Sorry for the long post ...my family will be grateful they didnt have to listen to it all over again :-) I will post some pre pics next week

happy healing

Exciting news date brought forward

Hospital called today to reschedule explant surgery.....to tomorrow!!
Feel a bit unorganised as i had my to do list all prepared and now it wont get done, but i would happily throw that list away to be free of these implants.
I took some before photos and was shocked to see how huge and droopy they are after some weight gain ????
I dont expect anything pretty poat explant but im prepared for that and accept it happily.

Thanks for listening everyone. I appreciate the stories before mine which have helped me to come to this decision.
I will post again post operatively.
Dr Geoffrey Campbell

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