4 months Post op

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Hi everyone :) I have always been semi flat...

Hi everyone :)

I have always been semi flat chested and have wanted to bigger boobies for as long as I can remember!

I went for my first consultation yesterday and was completely comfortable with the doc :) he has done 5 of my friends who look fabulous!

Here is a bit about me
I am 5'10
136 pounds
Current cup size A or small B? Not sure!
I am very active, run and swim at gym

My surgery is booked for the 11 June 13 and I am going over the muscle with textured silicone gummy bear implants.
I am still a bit unsure about the sizes as my doc said either the following combinations
Left boob 325cc (This boob is a bit bigger than my right boob that is why he is putting 25cc more in the right smaller boob-see pics)
Right boob 350cc
left boob 350cc
right boob 375cc

I am worried about the second combination as I dont want to be too big but maybe cos of my height and weight it wont look massive???

Any thoughts and wisdom you can share with me????


6 more weeks till my surgery!! I am still...

6 more weeks till my surgery!!
I am still undecided about the sizes :(

So I have exactly 28 days to go!!!! I posted some...

So I have exactly 28 days to go!!!! I posted some pics of me with 325 CC Rice sizer on my left boob and 350cc on my right boob (asymmetry- right boob smaller) and some before pics full body...

What do you think about the sizers?

What do you think about the sizers?

2 weeks to go!

So I have 2 weeks to go before I join boobieland!!! Eeeek tooooo excited but shoo I am getting really nervous!

1 more week to go!

1 more week to go!!! Getting so excited! Is there any one else scheduled for the 11th June?

2 days away!

2 days to go! Can't believe how time has flown!!

less than 24 hours and I will have boobies!!!!!

less than 24 hours and I will have boobies!!!!! Man have I been nervous today! Did any one else get tummy cramps the day before?

Another before pic

On the otherside!

Hi All! What a tough 24 hours!! Was in so much pains and zonked from the morphine! Got a peep at them today and love them so far !! Got 375cc in my right and 350cc in my left, will update pics soonest

Burning sensation

Hey all, I have been having a burning sensation in my left breast for the last 2 days but my right breast is fine! Is this normal?could it be the nerves?

13 days Post

Hi Guys, well I haven't updated in awhile as I didn't have access to my laptop.
1st week was very hard! Really battled as I couldn't get up by myself and was very sore!
Week 2 I started feeling a lot better and had my stitches taken out 10 days post op!
See attached my updated pics, this is me 12 days post op.

I have started driving again today and starting to get back to being normal.
My right boob is a little bit higher than my left boob which I hope evens out soon!!

I have no pain at all except the heavyness of the implants on my chest!! My right boob which is higher than the left one is feeling abit stiff but no pain at all!

I am happy with my size.
Left 350cc and right 375cc


Right 350cc and Left 375cc

Incision pics 12 days post op

16 days post!

Sunburn feeling!

Hey All, I have updated some pics that I took this morning, the swelling in my boobs has gone down quite a bit in the last 3 days (since my last pics)
Right boob is still a bit high but it is definitely getting softer and has dropped a bit! Just wish it was dropping as quick as my left boob!


Sun burn feeling

Oh and I have this annoying sun burnt feeling on my breast! not so bad when I just have my bra on but with clothes it is irritating!

27 days post op

Hi Every one,
So I am 4 weeks tomorrow and feeling almost back to normal!
I went to see the doc on Friday which he cleared me to resume exercising (Not to over do it)
I also started sleeping on my side which was so awesome to do last night but am a little stiff this morning! :)

Doc also said that I can wear non underwire bra's during the day but to sleep with my surgical bra for another month! I actually dont mind as it is super comfy:)

My recovery has been really easy and I am loving my results each day that passes! I am really happy with the size and doc said this is my size and swelling has gone completely :)
My right boobie has also dropped quite a bit and looking more even with the left which I am soooo pleased about! You always worry about these things!
I measure a 34C :)

I will post more pics next week on my progress!
Oh and I got Gummy bear textured implants-350 cc in the left and 375cc in the right.

Bye X

25 Days post OP PICS

8 Weeks today

Hi Everyone,
I am 8 weeks today and absolutely loving my new boobs!!!! My nerves have started awaking in the last 2 weeks and have been quite annoying but no serious pain!!
My right boob still feels a bit tight but definitely has gotten soft!

I would say every thing has gotten back to normal for me :) I have updated a pic of me at 8 weeks!


8 Weeks today

8 Weeks today

10 Weeks post op

Hi All, not much to update other than I am not having any more zingers! I have loaded some pics :) I am really happy with my result so far!!!

12 weeks

Hi All, I have just reached 12 weeks and love my results! I can't believe how time flies! Can anyone tell me when it is ok to start wearing underwire bra's?! Tks

15 Weeks post op

Hi Guys,
Not too much to update, just very happy with my results :)

I have uploaded some recent pics.


15 Weeks post op pics

4 months post

Loving my new boobies!!! Going bikini shopping this weekend and can't wait to see how they look in a bikini!!! This BA has been the best thing that I have ever done!! LOVE them!!!
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