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I am soooo excited. I see my doctor next week...

I am soooo excited. I see my doctor next week Friday 22nd Nov '13. I am so happy that im finally taking step 1. I have been waiting for this for many years and finally got to scrape the money together to do it.
I am 32 of age. Mom of 3 beautiful children. I am 170cm tall (6 foot) and weigh 53kg (115 lbs I believe... not to sure) and I am curently a 34 A.
I am looking at silicone 300cc moderate, behind the muscle. My aim is to have a full C cup. But I have done some research and some doctors recommend that you go for bigger if you are tall because a 300cc in a A cup will appear smaller on a tall person than on someone that is short. But I will discuss this with my doc and im sure with his professionalism that he will give me the best suggestion suited for me. But if there is anyone here that has done it and whos weight and length is about same as mine and also had a A cup ... please I would appreciate your advice too.
For now im counting the days to see my doctor to discuss the best gift I will ever buy myself. The days of feeling self conscience and shy about my small chest will be over and I will finally feel like a WOMAN :-)

Examples of what I like to have ...

Here are a few photos of what I have found on internet. This is basically the look and size I would like to acheive.
Im sure if I show this to my doc then he will know exactly what I need to choose.
I am aware that the outcome depends on my breast tissue, my chest shape ext so I will probably not have the exact same outcome but as long as its close.

My current look

This is just how I look now.


I am happy with the PS I chose. Did my research. I would just love to hear from women who has had their BA done with the same PS. Dr Leon Dumas, South Africa, Durban.

Rice sizers as an example..

Sooo I did some googeling and they said rice in stokkings is best way to judge so here is me with my fake rice boobs. Started with 300cc but ended up loving 400cc. my hubby has a huge smile on his face. What do you think???? Suit my body??? How accurate is rice sizers realy???

Almost time to meet my Doctor!

Friday is creeping closer and closer. Actually wish it was the opperation date already but guess I cant skip step 1. Going to meet my doctor then discuss sizes and dates ext. So so so excited. Eager to know what the final decision will be on size. The rest I already know what I want. I just need the docs opinion on my cc. Whoop whoop ... dancing around from excitement. Come Friday come :-D

A bit worried!

I generally wanted my implant under the muscle but my doctor suggests over the muscle. He gave me his reasons and tgey do make sence BUT the more I read, the more I see in just about most woman wit A or AA cup sizes are sugested to take under the muscle because of breast tissue being low. Im afraid my boobies will look more unatural if I do over the muscle. But doc says cos I had kids and my breasts are empty, that its best to do it over cos under may cause a double bubble. Ag I dont know. Im very excited but afraid. is there someone here that had theirs over the muscle that had A cup breasts?????? Are you happy? Do they look natural???? I dont havr money to do it over so I want it right.
However .... the PS did assure me that he will make my twins look beautiful. I like the doctor and feel comfortable with him. He does seam to know what hes talking about. Im probably just over afraid. Any advice???

20 Days left!!!

Excitement, Nerves .. cant wait for D Day!!!
Sooooo happy.

1 Week left...

Today in exactly 1 week I will have boobies. Im nervous and excited all at once. I think reality will kick in once I wake up after surgery.

A last look...

Tomorrow is my op. Im so excited. Thought I might share a last look at my small boobies. Cant wait to see my big boobies. Whoop Whoop. Its finally going to happen.


I have boobies. Im soooo happy. Doc went for 350cc ... I love them.


Sorry here is a photo of my new boobies.

Another sneak peak

Took a sneak peak of my boobies on day 2.

Boobies 6 days old.

Hi. My new boobies are 6 days old now and I love them. Cant stop looking and touching them hehehehe. My hubby is so eager to play too but he will have to wait. . . Boobies are still sore. Especially after I have lied down for quite a bit and neet to stand up. Anyone had overs and was still quite sore after 6 days??? How long will I feel pain? I havnt been taking any pain killers for about 2 days now. Its not an unbearable pain. I cant wait for my boobies to heal completely and to start wearing bras that wil show off my cleavage. I see my doc on Friday. I hope he gives me the go ahead for other bras during the day. Cant wait. I sooo want to flaunt them hehehe.

8 Days

My boobies are 8 days old. Today my plasters fell off. I hope my ps will be ok with that. Its real hot in Richards Bay and you perspire even by sitting down. It makes the plasters wet hence the reason it came off. So idecided yo take a pic as it is now. I abseloutley love them. I took the bra off because I couldnt stand the sweaty smell anymore so I changed in to the other post bra the doc gave me. My boobs are feeling much better today compared to yesterday. I hope this is a sign of the pain starting to go away. In the photo it seams like the one boobs is dropping a bit faster than the other one. But thats ok. I know eventually both will drop to the same level. I cant believe I finally have boobs.

Bra Shopping

So my appointment went well. My PS is very happy with my recovery. Here are a few photos of my boobies in non underwire bras because my PS recomended it for the time being. Hubby took me shopping right after I saw my PS. As you can see. My right breast swelling has gone down a bit. Left boobie still riding bit higher but I know this will correct it self in a few months as soon as all swelling has gone and boobs has dropped.


My incisions after 9 days.

My old bikini..

Here are 2 photos. Before and After in my old bikini. New boobies overflowing in the bikini now lol.
Cant wait to see what they look like after settling.

Incisions after 3 Weeks

Here are some photos of my Incisions after 3 weeks. Its healing very well.

5 Weeks post op...

Hi Ladies. Its been 5 weeks since my BA. I am very happy with the results. They look great. Here are some photos I took of them now. Will send photos of the incisions some time soon. Its healing very nicely and can hardly see it. Doc did one hell of a great job. I will recommend him any day.

Incisions at 6 Weeks

Here is how my scars look after 6 weeks. They healing nicely.

3 Months

My girls are 3 Months old now and I am still very happy with them. They looking stunning.

6 Months old

Hi ... thought I might post a new photo of my twins. Cant believe they are 6 months old wow. Still loving them. They look so natural. Happy as can be.
Dr Leon Dumas

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