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I have been thinking about "having my boobs done"...

I have been thinking about "having my boobs done" since I was 18, but accepted the benefits of having small boobs and what were relatively nice looking boobs. It was only after having our son and loving the look of my boobs when breast feeding that I got a taste of what having boobs would be like! Sadly hitting the gym to lose the baby weight resulted in loss of the boobs first followed by the bum and tummy (so cruel). The more I trained to improve my body the more my lack of boobs bothered me, as I could do nothing to improve them. A combination of factors like finding bras uncomfortable and pretty pointless, and shopping with my mother in law the one day who suggested we "look in the training bra section", that really got me considering it again. I struggled with the stigma associated with having your boobs done and felt it was perhaps a bit vain for me to be contemplating it. The one day when my husband said I should see a consultant if I wanted and have a chat about what I was looking for, I jumped at the opportunity and justified it to myself by saying that if he couldn't achieve what I was looking for, I would finally accept my small boobs and move on. I decided to see a relatively new plastic surgeon in our area but one with an already great reputation. We spoke about what I was wanting, a very natural augmentation and not a high projection and fake looking outcome. I was limited by a narrow chest and low body fat and we've decided on 255cc, possibly 275cc moderate profile placed under the muscle. I'd love to go a bit bigger to 300 or 325cc but it's not possible due to the base diameter of the implant unless we go for a higher projection. It's probably a good thing as I'm very active, in the gym most days or riding my horse, playing tennis etc, but more importantly my job is physically demanding. I haven't found very many similar reviews, but have been so impressed by the general support and how informative people have been on here, that I thought I'd share what I hope with be a positive experience with everyone.

I can't believe my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow!

I am actually working tonight and driving myself to the hospital for admission at 6am. I had to rush and pack a bag before leaving for work. I'm not feeling very prepared and think I'm in denial (a coping mechanism?). Crazy that I managed to squeeze a last gym session in, although it was just a half-hearted one!

All done!

So surprised at how comfortable I am at this stage. Surgeon used local anesthetic and I'm feeling pretty pain free. Just movement to sit up and move arms is a little tender. He ended up putting in 295 cc. Said it created a better cleavage. Will post pics asap to show you, but not a lot to see right now under the bandage and bra.

Day 2

Had a terrible nights sleep, not due to pain but because the women sharing the room was snoring the WHOLE NIGHT. She just had the cheek to say to the nurse that she was tired and had been up since 3am! Hahaha. We just looked at each other in horror because we all know she slept ok. So, I was offered either an injection for the pain or tablets. Now the local has worn of I am certainly feeling some pain but not unmanageable. I agreed on the inj as it meant I could have it now before breakfast and it's morphine based rather than a codeine non steroidal anti inflammatory, which I can have later after being discharged . Feel there is no point waiting to feel painful, and preemptive analgesia is sensible. Not allowed to shower yet, so just a freshen up is in order. I'll try post pics but seem to struggle from my phone.

Post op pic in bandages

Day after surgery

So I had a sneak peak at what they look like under the bra. I had managed my expectations and they do look the typical bullet shape at this stage like many of the other review photos I've seen on day 2. My bandages come off in 3 days so I have to try wash and adapt for the short term. I have very little pain associated with the surgery but my tummy looks bloated and I feel bruised in places. Keeping up with the meds.

Day 4 post op

Went for my post open check. All going to plan. Removed the bandages to strap down the top of the breast. Surgeon says because my chest muscles are so strong I need the support the bra provided initially. Feels much better without the bandages. Not taking too.much notice as what they look like at this stage because I know they're likely to change. Plan a slow treadmill walk this evening to stretch my legs. I'll post some photos but they are very poor quality selfies.

Day 5

The bloated tummy looks terrible! If there is any incentive to stop the meds it's to relieve this. Boobs still very very hard and immobile. I'm looking forward to them softening up a little. Loved my 3 km walk on the treadmill yesterday and think I'll repeat it again today. Here are some pics in the sports bra.

Sports Bra pics day 5

May have overdone it a little yesterday

Feeling pretty sore today. Combination of a little dinner party last night and the pressure from the sports bra I was given to wear post op. Went and invested in a couple of softer but still supportive bras and what a difference it has made. Bumped into a friend who I hadn't had a chance to speak to about the surgery plans and she was so impressed! Made me feel incredible. Said it looked so natural and that's just what I wanted to achieve!

New bra!

Boobs feel like they did when I was breast feeding

8 days post op and my boobs feel so full! Like engorged. This normal? I hear everyone say it but I'm also really looking forward to them dropping and softening. I've had to start driving and increase my activity to a certain extent. I feel more pain associated with the incisions and engorgement than anything, but have been very lucky I suspect.

A week later (2 weeks post op)

Less bloat, a bit more pain with bruising and some pain along the line of incision. Had my intradermal sutures removed on Thursday and the plan is to manage the incision scars now with micropore tape. This worked so well with my caesarean scar. I do have areas of numbness on both breasts but I understand this is normal and hope for improvements in sensation daily. At least my nipples are sensitive and reactive so I'm delighted. I have held back a little on passing comment on my plastic surgeon but I will share what has impressed me the most in the photographs and that's how beautifully he has cut and stitched me. Incredible surgeon. I went to him with a very clear spec of what I was wanting to achieve and he has been incredible from start to finish. As a veterinary surgeon I have very high standards and expectations and can't be happier with the end result.

After 1 week

After 2 weeks

Just over 1 month post op

Getting back into weight training, feeling good and loving the boobs! Why didn't I do this sooner?

Good size for my frame?

Dr Philip Hayes

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