29 Years Old. Black Female. 2 Kids. First Consultation for Breastfeeding Augmentation

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I went for my first consultation today. I was very...

I went for my first consultation today. I was very nervous considering that I never thought I would ever go for a breast augmentation surgery. Since high school I always struggled to accept my small breasts for what they were. I was always very self concious around other girls and realised very quickly through being teased that my breast size was not average. But I was never so unhappy until I had children and my breasts became even smaller. So today was my first step to being who I truly want to be..more confident and loving my body more. Overall I love my body..I have a great shape even after 2 kids my body still looks great but my upper body does not match my lower physique which is more feminine and curvy. I always get compliments from people at work/friends about how great I look for a mom of 2 but it's still not enough to boost my self esteem when I think of how small my breasts are.

Anyway back to my appointment. It went ok. Doctor seems nice but it felt rushed like he didn't explain much..I had to probe and ask questions to get him to explain. But he seemed nice. Said I'm lucky because breastfeeding helped expand my skin. I need textured implants (as opposed to smooth implants) because the groove under my breasts is not well defined and from his experience smooth implants would not work longevity wise and staying in place and not dropping too mucheap under the groove. He might go 255cc. Not more than 275cc which is exactly what I read up on and expected because of my size (50kgs and 1.5m tall). So its good, its not too big like I waneed or imagined in my head when doing my research. He also showed me some pictures of similar woman but again he was going too fast so i didn't really grasp which picture I liked exactly. He said my cc size depends on my existing breast tissue. He didn't say but I'm assuming based on the pinch test I'm less than 2cm. So I have very little so to fill a "full B cup" I would need that amount. Between 230 and 275 is ideal for my body size. He said he wiyld have different sizes in the operating room anf will decide once he us in thete but he thinks 255cc will be best. Anything bigger than that would look unnatural. I booked provisionally for the 8th of December. The quote he provided is R51 000. Initially indicated that it would be between R45000 to R50000in the email quote. He is more expensive and situated in lonehill,Sandton. I also have another appointment with another doctor in brooklyn, pretoria. He quoted R10 000 cheaper on the email quote but i have yet to meet with him to get a specific quote. I'm thinking I should consult with the cheaper doctor in brooklyn. See who I like best.

Disappointed with my First Consultation

I'm still replaying the whole consultation with the doctor yesterday. I feel robbed..like I was so excited for that first consultation only to get a surgeon who cared less about anything I had to say or anything he had to share with me... Im so mad I wasted my money on his consultation fee of R850 for someone that barely explained the procedure to me, his observations and what I should expect from surgery. 

I really wonder why he didn't at least just explain what type of implants he uses? I guessed from the implants on his desk that he uses Natrelle implants. I had to ask him what type of incision he would make, over or under the muscle, etc.. If I had not researched on those type of questions I would have gotten nothing out of him. I really had a first bad experience and I'm hoping my next appointment with another doctor will be more pleasant and reassuring.

Luckily I called the Brookland doctor'said office and asked for my appointment to be pushed up. It was originally the 8th of November and not I'm going on the 24th of October. I'm really excited about this doctor because he sent me a personal email detailing his methods and preferences. He even shared links to websites for Natrelle implants, location of the hospital facilities and even the supportive bra that he includes as part of his fee. Despite the fact that he is cheaper is not the main factor for me. I want someone that cares about what I want specifically even though he has done a million breastfeeding augmentations. I'm looking forward to meeting him. October is too far away ???? I don't think I would want to consult with more doctors. If I'm still disappointed after this appointment then ill have to reconsider when to try this procedure again, with my ego bruined and disappointed, I don't think I can take another blow. Also I was really hoping to have the surgery in December during the long holidays so I don't have to take off work during the middle of the year and still only have a few days off before being forced back to work. I hope he can squeeze me in for December operation.

My PS is amazing. Getting 330cc anatomical cohesive silicone gummy implants Natrelle 410 style

Hey ladies

So I went for my appointment with another doctor and it went so well. I'm so happy and relieved that I found a really great doctor who cares about what I actually want.

Dr Japie De Wet is so amazing. He is warm friendly and very informative. I had my appointment scheduled for 12:30pm and unfortunately had to move it to 3:00pm because he had an emergency surgery. When I arrived at his office, they were very nice, clean and neat. His receptionist was also very friendly. I filled out some forms (which looked very professional. They even had a diagram where the doctor would jot down his measurements and notes for the consultation. I didn't wait long before meeting him. He apologised for the reschedule and we sat down to talk about my expectations. I told him I want to be fuller and more shaped with my breast. I want to be round and full but not too round that the implants are sitting too high and inevitably look too fake. He completely understood what I was saying. He understands that I want a very natural enhancement. I'm not out to have a huge cleavage or too much upper pole. He went on to explain how we would discuss the procedure (incisions,etc) based in the type of implants, size etc. He asked me what I know so far and of course I went overboard because I've been reading everyone's reviews and researching like a man woman...lol.. He was very impressed with my new found knowledge and asked if I knew the difference the implants round, anatimical and smooth vs textured. I said yes of course :) and he was very detailed why different implants suit different people. I appreciated that as I did not get that from other PS. He did not rush our conversation and was very engaged. Although he seemed a bit tired, probably from the long day he had, he never rushed me or avoided answering my questions fully. I went to get undressed and he proceed to take measurements while drawing on me as well and then took some pics.

Then I got dressed and he told me that we will now talk about what he has in mind for me and the recovery time as well as explaining possible complications. He said that he thinks a 330cc anatomical implant would be best for me (moderate profile) and I thought wow, I didn't think he would recommend anatomical considering all the reviews and difficulties with this kind of implant but because I lack so much upper tissue the round implants would be too obvious and sit too high for my petite frame. I understood completely and it was in line with what I want (a full B/small C). He also recommend textured implants as they prevent capsular contracture, you don't have to massage the implant and it stays more in positions. He also said it's the more current trend and better than smooth implant. I agreed with him. I lover how he explains everything so I can also understand. I'm scared about anatomical but I trust his judgement. I jut don't want to go too small. A little cleavage and fullness would be nice. I read someone say these implants look like old saggy lady boobs and I don't want that but I also don't want overly round and fake. I'll rather go with the latter and get a bit more projection.

So we ended the consult on a good note. I emailed him some questions the next day. 1) if he could be more specific in terms of which implant profile and projection he will be using. He did say he would have a range and decide on the table which is best for me. Which I don't mind but would like a bit more detail and clarity.

Second question was about me taking time off work. It's close to our year end holidays and I wanted to know if he provides sick notes for the week I need for recovery or if I will have to take from my annual leave. Oh my surgery is booked for the 2nd of December. I am so excited ;)

Will keep you ladies posted ;)

Final stats

So my PS gave me a quick response to my email questions. So he in terms of the profile/projection for the Natrelle 410 style gummy textured implants, he will be using a high to extra high projection with a moderate profile (mf or mx) in terms of the sizing charts by Natrelle. I'm happy with his choice because I was worried he would yluse a moderate profile with a moderate projection which looked a bit flat to me. Based on what I had seen from sizing charts and the implant he showed me in his office.

I have been looking for actual pictures of woman who have these gummy implants with that type of size and projection but it has been a bit difficult consider long that they are not the most popular. So if you ladies have any pictures or reviews to share, please let me know.

Now I need to sort out my financing (I requested a loan from FHF considering that I cannot access my savings at the moment. My PS fee amounts to R34500 and the hospital fee is about R9500. I would like to pay it off over installments if I am unable to pay in full cash. I will only be loaning the fee for the PS. The rest I will pay on the day of surgery directly to the hospital upon admission. Expensive but worth it in the end I believe.

Wish me luck xoxo

Confused??! Bra size and top sizes after BA?

So I went for a yoga class this morning with my sister-in law and some friends. I have always been self conscious about my itty bittys but ever since I went back to exercising (I do pilates and a fitness class at work at least twice a week) I hate how flat chested I am in a sports bra. It's ugly and not appealing at all. I'm trying really hard to get my pre-baby body back, granted I'm not that big to begin with but I would like to be more toned. I love my body, I really do but my bobs just dissapoint. I have a great behind but my front flat chested appearance makes me unproportional.

So I'm really excited to this for me... to make myself better and happier. Yes my husband is there and supportive but I've made a conscious decision not to involve him in my decision making. I do not go with him to the doctor and I do not discuss what size I want. Only thing I told him is I will not be going very big because he keeps making jokes about my breastfeeding size post op and "grabbing" my bobs in a certain way to demonstrate how he thinks I will look like. But I've assured him I'm not going to be that big. I guess he is trying in his own way to be interested and involved. IT'S my body at the end of the day. Its my money that is paying for the procedure. I am a very independent person and I do not feel the need to justify my decision to anyone. I have told all my sisters and recently my mother in law because I had to apologise for the fact that I will be missing her 60th birthday but that's. oh not forgetting my co-worker and close friend. She is very supportive, of anything in my life so we are very close and share a lot of things about ourself together. I have not told my mom yet. I don't know why, we are very close and she is very understanding. She is coming in December for my mother in law party and it would be great if she could be here on the day of surgery to help me with everything, including the kids, maybe even drive me to the hospital. She is retired and stays far from me so its really nice when she visits. It will be on a friday so I have asked my husband to drive me but he will have to take leave. We will see. Im also thinking of handing the kids over to my mother in law so I won't have to deal with cry over not hugging or touching mommy.

Anyway back to my story. I went shopping after yoga and happened to see some really nice yoga/gym clothes as I was looking around and got excited to buy some bralettes (sports bras) and pants and a tank top. I've always worn a size super small or size 6 in most of my clothes. Whether it's a dress or top which I've been comfortable in but now I'm doubting if I will even still fit in some of my clothes. The tight fit stuff I think will adjust but other stuff?? I bought the bras in a ss (super small) like I normally do but now I'm not so sure it will fit into my new boobs. I will upload some pics. Please let me know what sizes you changed from. I'm thinking of taking them back and getting a small. It fits ok and there is still lots of room for my new additions but I obviously don't want to spill out of the top. I don't know, I'm confused. I really like the tops and I don't want to wait for later to buy them. Also returns are only available for a month. My op is two months away. CONFLICTED!!

A few more days before BA!!! Can't believe it.. Almost there..

Hey ladies

It has been a while since I gave an update. It's only 3 more days till my surgery. I can't believe how fast time has gone by, granted I have been very busy with work, wantibg to change jobs and other stressful things in life. I haven't really thought much about my upcoming surgery until now.

So I made payment for my surgery a few weeks ago. Luckily I landed into some extra money so I opted not to take out a loan for the BA and instead use the money I had intended to save for this, rather than burdening myself with payments every month. I think less debt is the best way to go. So I transferred R34k to my doctors bank account. The only thing left is to pay the hospital fee which should be paid upon admission. That is around R9k so ill use my credit card for that payment. I'll still need to catch up on my payments on my credit card but at least that is better than being forced to pay a certain amount every month. My husband also offered to cover some of my expenses for the first few months so I can pay off my debts.

I haven't heard much from my PS since he last responded to my email regarding the size/projection for the implants he wants for me. I called the office to check if they received payment and also if I need to book anything, order anything like the surgical bra or something but the receptionist said everything is in order so I will just have to trust that. I hope they order me a nice black bra. I would hate to have an old brown granny bra.. lol

I also went to the shops to buy a few things I think I will need.. based on everyone's reviews, which are so helpful, especially when your not really sure what to get. So I got a top that bottoms all the way down.. The material is not very soft, it's more like a blouse than I comfortable t-shirt but I struggled to find anything better.. so it will have to do for the first few days when I can't really lift up my arms. Also tried getting comfy pants but failed. Ooh one thing I'm happy I found was nipple covers..For those sensitive nipple days.. I got them at Cotton On. I also went to the pharmacy to get the antibacterial soap to wash with the night before and morning of surgery as well as bactroban ointment which my doctor prescribed. He says I must put it in my nose 5 days before the BA. I've only used it for 2 days now.. I hope one extra day missed won't make a difference. The ointment is making my throat very sore.. I just recovered from a chest infection, I hope I don't get sick.. would hate to cancel my op.

I am also lucky that my mom is coming tomorrow to help me recover and take care of my kids while I am unable to lift a finger.. literally. She seems pretty content with my decision, I was afraid to tell her but I know she is my constant support no matter what. My sister also volunteered to come help with the kids but now she is also scheduled for an emergency op on Thursday. Unfortunately she has cysts on her ovaries that need to be removed.

Oh not forgetting,I also got some tablets to help with constipation and some probiotics.. I know that is a real struggle in this type of op so I do not want to be blocked up... lol... I have my station ready next to my bed with all the stuff I need. I will also fetch my preggy pillow from the cupboard so it van help with sleeping on my back all the time.. that is the one thing I dread.. I'm a side sleeper..

Overall, I'm quite excited and can't wait for the days to go by. I don't feel nervous at all.. I'm pretty good at tolerating pain.. I did have 2 kids both via c-section and survived so I think I can handle this as well.

Almost there... wish me luck ladies..

Wish boobs

More wish boobs

Goodbye itty bitty titties

Just a quick update. Finally out of surgery and feeling slightly normal.In a bit of pain/discomfort not sure which really. Feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. But happy ????

Surgery day

Wow.. can't believe it's finally over... I had my operation and all those months of waiting is finally over.. It really is worth it though, I'm so happy with my results already.. I have boobs which was always the main goal.

So my mom and I left the house at 7am so we could make it for the check-in at 8am. Was a bit of traffic but managed to make it to the day hospital by 7:45am. Got there, I had already emailed my pre-admission so they had my file ready. I just had to fill in the anaesthiologist questionnaire and make payment for the hospital fee. Very friendly staff at the hospital and it was quick. They called me to my bed and said I should change into my gown and disposal panties.. mind you I peed like 10 times since I got to the hospital. .. don't know if it's nerves or because I hadn't eaten since the night before and my body only had water to get rid of.. luckily I had a very good morning poop so I didn't feel bloated.

There was one other lady before me and she took soooooo looonnnggg... They dragged her outo at around 8:30 for her op and I was next. We waited and waited and waited, I was getting so scared tired and nervous from all the waiting and thinking, I only got pulled to the op room after 11am. I think my mom was more nervous and scared for me then i was.

My doctor came shortly before to explain everything again.. that I'm getting anatomical implants, asked if i had ant questions. I adked how long i had to sleep on my back, etc and mangement of my stitches. I once more felt very comfortable with my doctor.. He really is a sweet caring doctor.. could have prayed for better. Finally it was my turn. I came back around 1pm to my room and as the doctor estimated it took about an hour for the whole procedure and about 30mins in the recovery room.. I was very groggy but could hear my mom and the nurses chatting away in the background. But my waking up wasn't that bad.. I thought I would feel nauseas and be so out of it but I was relatively fine. But that when the feeling on an elephant sitting on you kicked in. I was in pain/discomfort that I could quite explain and it only got worse from there. I got pain med around 1 and by 2:55 I already wanted more. The nurse said I could only get something at 4 which made me very unhappy.. I was dying..

Luckily my doctor came back to check on me and discharged me. He said I would feel that heavy Ness for a few hours and I would be swollen/in moderate pain for a few days and I should feel better soon. He said I shouldn't wet my waterproof covers and leave the bra on for 2 weeks. My next check up is in a weeks time. He pulled down the bra and I finally got to see my beautiful new boobs.. They looked amazing.. The left one was more painful and bigger than the right side so I was a bit worried. But he checked and said everything looked perfect. Surgery went well. No complications. So I must just relax and wait for swilling to go down.. I don't want to stress myself to much on the fact that they are "not the same". My boobs were anyway not the same size before and the difference is minimal now that I've had a sneak peak. Finally went home.. my mom drove my carea horribly.. I was scared for my life but I had some of my med again before we left so I was starting to feel better.

Now I'm home and the pain is really not that bad.. even the elephant feeling has subsided.. I will be sticking to pain med every 4 hours.. The pain is no joke and I am a weakling.. I can't deal. I've set my alarm so I don't miss it. My sweet hubby has been taking cate of me since i got home.. made me some food and tea.. also had a yoghurt to help with constipation. But here are some pics.. hope you guys like.. let me know what you think.

Post op day 1

This morning I was in quite a bit of pain, especially my left side. It was very painful and swollen, I couldn't even raise my arm like I had done successful yesterday. I was very worried I had a hematoma but I emailed my doctor and he reassured me that I should keep using my pain meds and anti-inflammatories with the ice packs and I should feel better within 48 hours. I feel much better now after taking the med at 8am and keeping the ice packs on my left breast.

So day one did not start of well. I also haven't slept very well. I took a sleeping tablet last night at 8om but only fell asleep at 10pm and woke up by 3:30 am. I missed my alarm and medicine dose for 12pm, maybe that is why I could bear the pain this morning.

Anyway feeling much better now.. just want to get some sleep in. Will update again after a few days.. I'm sure not much with change. My boobs are very tight, high and swollen.. seemingly I have sensitivity on my nipples but nothing painful. And my bra is not too tight, its very comfortable actually. I took a quick sneak peak. Havent showered yet. Maybe tomorrow. See my pics below. Not sure why they are posting upside down all of a sudden.

Roller coaster week

Hey ladies.. sorry I haven't updated in a while.

So last time I updated you with some pics on day 1 and since then I have had some ups and downs.

So day 2 was really the worst day for me, my boobs were swollen and painful especially the one side so obvious I thought hematoma so it was a Saturday and I couldnt call my doctor (for some reason I only had the office number and not his cell) so I emailed him telling him how sore and swollen my left breast was. It literally felt like it was going to explode out of my chest they way it was getting so big but he reassured me to keep taking my voltaren to help with swelling and my pain med. He also said I should put ice packs which really helped. And I really did get better after that. So I took my pain meds every 4 hours, had my alarm set to wake me and my recovery after that was honestly not that bad.

So the worst thing for me was the tightness and heavyness that you feel.. and it's not something a lot of women talk about.. These things are like small rocks on your chest.. They are not soft at all and the tightning of the muscles was just really not a nice feeling for me.. The muscles would spasm and tighten around the implant making it very sore and uncomfortable. I think most people call it morning boobs but it happened to me more than just when I woke up. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my one boob or both would be really tight and I could find no relief except from my ice packs. My doctor didn't give me any muscle relaxers so maybe that's why? ? It was just the worst feeling ever. I went to the shops with my mom and baby daughter on Tuesday and it was just hell. They were heavy. I regretted it the next day because I held my daughter too much and I just overdid it by being at the shops for too long. I laid in bed all day the next day, just to recover. They became sore from doing too much I guess. So even if you are feeling better, just relax and recover some more.

I stopped my pain meds when I could go through the night if i woke up and felt that I didn't need them. I extended to every 6 hours and eventually stopped.

The one piece of advise I would give is don't have unrealistic expectations. Your boobs were not perfect to begin with and won't be perfect afterwards. I say this because my left boob is bigger than my right. It is noticeable when I am naked but not so much when I am wearing clothes. My doctor and I agreed that because my boobs were not the same size,one was bigger than the other, it was not a big difference hence he would not try correct the symmetry. But i feel it is more noticeable now then when I had smaller boobies. So he put the same size implants in both sides. I'm not upset about it, I've accepted that they won't be twins. My nipped are not twins so I can't expect my breast tissue to be the same too. You must also mentally prepare yourself for the fact that the implants will look horrible for a while. Like mine are super high and still block shaped.. Its a slow painful realisation knowing that they won't soften up or be in the final position for a few more months.. and being naked also feels and looks weird..its like having a cleavage without a bra on. They are big and they are high and they are hard. That will take months for any change. If you realise and accept that then you will be fine.

Otherwise I am very happy with my boobs. Sometimes anyway. It's a love/hate relationship. As I said because of the hardness and muscle spasms, sometimes I wonder why I'm going through all this agony and discomfort for anyway.. bigger boobs? Who cares?lol. I just want to feel "normal" again and thoughts of regret have crossed my mind. But I am happy with them sometimes I do think I went too big and other times I love how big they are.. lol so it's a process. I have a lot of side boob especially on the bigger one. I don't hate side boob but I do wonder how it will look in a bikini and the projection is quite a lot. They are Big but I did want a big B/small C and that's what I got. The surgical bra they put on that I'm wearing says 34C. Yikes! Oh I also hate the bra now. I want to burn it when this is over.

I went out with my husband yesterday for dinner and I had a V-neck top on and he loved how they looked and so did I. It was nice to be out and about, trying them on.. lol if I can say that. I also went for a team year end lunch today and I kept wondering the whole time if my colleagues noticed my change. No one did.. Thank God.

I hope I haven't left anything out but if you have any questions I'm happy to answer.

2 week update

I'm healing nicely and loving my new boobs :)

So I went for my follow up on Wednesday. The doctor removed the waterproof bandages and underneath were ateri-strips covering the incisions.

I'm still scabbing and wound looks fresh but I'm feeling little or no pain now. It does happen that I get a stabbing pain now and then but nothing too major. I have been wearing my old black sports bra and it gets after a while..think its because the bra is too small and sitting on my incision.

I've posted some pics of the incision. Had to buy kelo-coed cream for the incision to help it heal and prevent bad scarring. Also bought more steri-strips. All this cost me R800 out of medical aid. Yikes.

But otherwise my boobs are feeling more like mine and not heavy rocks anymore. I can squeeze them in my hands a little and they have settled in nicely but my doctor says they are still swollen and will settle more.. I can't wait for them to start jiggling. They do move a little bit if I try hard enough.

I can't finally sleep on my side without feeling pain or morning boob pain is also gone. Sleeping on my back wasn't as bad as I thought though. It was actually comfortable with my preggie pillow I still have from when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Nothing else comes to mind now. Hope my updates help. Stay strong ladies. It takes patience.

Pics did not upload

2 week pics...trying again

No padded bras and a side of boob greed

Lol.. literally the title says it all. It's holiday time now so I decided to shop for some new bikinis since my old ones don't fit. Firstly because they are too padded and my breasts are not soft enough to get cupped into the bra. So I realised very quickly that I can't have my bra shopping spree just yet and most likely padded bras are a thing of the past for me now. I guess I don't need them anymore. My boobs are so perky now. I went for lunch with a friend the other day and only wore nipple covers. She hardly noticed a thing and I wasn't in the mood to explain I had a boob job. I had a very low hanging camisole top on and felt really great going braless with my perky boobs.

I must say I feel like they are getting smaller now. I don't know if it's because they feel so much apart of me. I hardly notice that they are there, they are not heavy like before. I do still have the bruised feeling so they are sore to the touch but its not painful. Even on the incision. I like to squueze and jiggle rhem alittle.

My cleavage has gone down with the swelling.. so boob greed is real. I love them so much. Even though they are not the same size, they are perfect for my frame. But my little subconscious does wonder if I could have gone bigger, especially on the side of the smaller boob.

Anyway I'm on my way to the seaside. Can't wait to post pics with my new bikini.


2 months
So its been about two months since my operation and things have been going well so far. My scars are healing nicely. I don't mind the appearance but they are still slightly raised. I do apply the gel my doctor prescribed but I don't know if it is helping much. My left breast is lower than the right. Maybe because it's bigger or because the right has a more raised scar and thus preventing it from gravitating downwards. Anyway my 8 week post op appointment with my doctor is approaching so I will bring it up with him.

Otherwise I love the size. They have shrunk significantantly so if you thing the size is big when choosing your implant... Go Bigger.. lol because the will go down and you might have boon greed.. rather too big than too small. They are much softer now. They move around and feel very natural to me. I would forget it's an implant sometimes. I have taken some pics and will also post a video for you guys. Please excuse my daughter in the background. I'm a busy mom.

5 months update

So its been about 5 months since my op and so far so good. I have been massaging down on my right breastfeeding as it has been a little bit higher than the left and it has been working so far. I feel like my boobs are a little bit more even at the bottom. But again they will never be the same.. They are sisters not twins ???? my one breast will always be smaller than the other and the nipple is a little bit lower than the other. So I don't mind.. They look great and they feel great too. They are much more softer than before. I can squeeze and move around like normal boobs but they will never be truly soft enough like a natural breast is.

My scars are also healing nicely. They are not raised. The one side doesn not fall exactly under the crease and is visible from the front view but i dont mind. They are soft and getting lighter by the day. I use Bio-oil as a scar treatment to help them along the way to get a bit lighter.

I am officially a size 34B and I love it.. everything fits me perfectly.. bralets, unpadded wire bras, even padded bras fit me a little bit now.. but they make my boobs look like DDs so I don't wear them often. I really like to go bra less and just put nipple covers depending on my outfit. It's amazing.

Best decision I've ever made...???? I barelu notice them now but I feel so comfortable and confident because of them. I'm happy.. I have loaded a few update pics. Hope they help in your decision.
Dr Japie De Wet

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