29 Years Old. Black Female. 2 Kids. First Consultation for Breastfeeding Augmentation

I went for my first consultation today. I was very...

I went for my first consultation today. I was very nervous considering that I never thought I would ever go for a breast augmentation surgery. Since high school I always struggled to accept my small breasts for what they were. I was always very self concious around other girls and realised very quickly through being teased that my breast size was not average. But I was never so unhappy until I had children and my breasts became even smaller. So today was my first step to being who I truly want to be..more confident and loving my body more. Overall I love my body..I have a great shape even after 2 kids my body still looks great but my upper body does not match my lower physique which is more feminine and curvy. I always get compliments from people at work/friends about how great I look for a mom of 2 but it's still not enough to boost my self esteem when I think of how small my breasts are.

Anyway back to my appointment. It went ok. Doctor seems nice but it felt rushed like he didn't explain much..I had to probe and ask questions to get him to explain. But he seemed nice. Said I'm lucky because breastfeeding helped expand my skin. I need textured implants (as opposed to smooth implants) because the groove under my breasts is not well defined and from his experience smooth implants would not work longevity wise and staying in place and not dropping too mucheap under the groove. He might go 255cc. Not more than 275cc which is exactly what I read up on and expected because of my size (50kgs and 1.5m tall). So its good, its not too big like I waneed or imagined in my head when doing my research. He also showed me some pictures of similar woman but again he was going too fast so i didn't really grasp which picture I liked exactly. He said my cc size depends on my existing breast tissue. He didn't say but I'm assuming based on the pinch test I'm less than 2cm. So I have very little so to fill a "full B cup" I would need that amount. Between 230 and 275 is ideal for my body size. He said he wiyld have different sizes in the operating room anf will decide once he us in thete but he thinks 255cc will be best. Anything bigger than that would look unnatural. I booked provisionally for the 8th of December. The quote he provided is R51 000. Initially indicated that it would be between R45000 to R50000in the email quote. He is more expensive and situated in lonehill,Sandton. I also have another appointment with another doctor in brooklyn, pretoria. He quoted R10 000 cheaper on the email quote but i have yet to meet with him to get a specific quote. I'm thinking I should consult with the cheaper doctor in brooklyn. See who I like best.

Disappointed with my First Consultation

I'm still replaying the whole consultation with the doctor yesterday. I feel robbed..like I was so excited for that first consultation only to get a surgeon who cared less about anything I had to say or anything he had to share with me... Im so mad I wasted my money on his consultation fee of R850 for someone that barely explained the procedure to me, his observations and what I should expect from surgery. 

I really wonder why he didn't at least just explain what type of implants he uses? I guessed from the implants on his desk that he uses Natrelle implants. I had to ask him what type of incision he would make, over or under the muscle, etc.. If I had not researched on those type of questions I would have gotten nothing out of him. I really had a first bad experience and I'm hoping my next appointment with another doctor will be more pleasant and reassuring.

Luckily I called the Brookland doctor'said office and asked for my appointment to be pushed up. It was originally the 8th of November and not I'm going on the 24th of October. I'm really excited about this doctor because he sent me a personal email detailing his methods and preferences. He even shared links to websites for Natrelle implants, location of the hospital facilities and even the supportive bra that he includes as part of his fee. Despite the fact that he is cheaper is not the main factor for me. I want someone that cares about what I want specifically even though he has done a million breastfeeding augmentations. I'm looking forward to meeting him. October is too far away ???? I don't think I would want to consult with more doctors. If I'm still disappointed after this appointment then ill have to reconsider when to try this procedure again, with my ego bruined and disappointed, I don't think I can take another blow. Also I was really hoping to have the surgery in December during the long holidays so I don't have to take off work during the middle of the year and still only have a few days off before being forced back to work. I hope he can squeeze me in for December operation.
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