28 Years Old, No Kids, 255CC Natrelle Teardrop Implants - South Africa, ZA

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I have already had my first two consultations with...

I have already had my first two consultations with the Dr. I explained to him that I want a very natural appearance and do not want my boobs to look fake. I also want my boobs to fill out more at the bottom than have them push up at the top.

I have wanted boobs since a teen and have finally saved up enough to buy them. I am super excited but also extremely anxious. I have never been cut open before. I am also concerned about other things that can go wrong post op, like infection or capsular contraction.

I felt the need to tell my parents, sister and grandma. Not because I need their permission, I just feel that things have a way of getting out and felt that if I didn't tell them I would feel like I am trying to hide something, or that if I don't tell them and they find out they will be upset and disappointed that I felt I couldn't share it with them. I told my mom and dad last week and the response was quite unexpected seeing as I have always felt that my parents are super conservative.

To my surprise my mom had her boobs done after she had us. I was so shocked!!! She didn't even tell me after I told her that I am considering it. It was my dad that told me out of concern for my health. (my parents are divorced) Apparently my moms implant ruptured and she had to have emergency surgery. Crazy!!! That is another reason for wanting to tell the people close to me, because I cannot imagine having to go through something like that alone.

My mom (not having told me that she has implants) were very supportive and told me that it is a personal choice and that I do not need to tell anyone if I don't want to.

My dad's response was that he was a bit shocked because he hadn't realized I felt that there was something wrong with me. He told me that he was concerned for my health (explaining his experience with what my mom went through) and also said that he thinks I have an amazing personality and that he doesn't want me to change.

Maybe it is silly but this is something that I am also scared of.... The psychological impact that it will have. I do not want my personality to change or treat people differently afterwards. My dad said that he felt my mom changed after the surgery and that she started wearing revealing clothing. He also said that maybe it wasn't true and that maybe it was his own insecurities.

Either way I told him I doubt I will change and will still continue wearing my hoodies and Tshirts (being a bit of a tomboy). But after our conversations I am a bit worried about it. Does anyone have any advise?

I still need to tell my sister and grandmother. Grandma is going to be tricky, she will probably cry and I will end up feeling bad....

I am currently a 32A and looking to be a full B small C. I will post pics of my current boobs in the coming days and keep everyone updated on wards. I hope that sharing my journey will help others, because this website has been extremely helpful.


I made the payment today. Will have my post op Tuesday afternoon and will be first to get my new boobies on Wednesday. The receptionist told me to be there at 6:30 and that the operation will start at 08:00.

This has been such an emotional roller-coaster ride. I've been scared and excited to thinking maybe I should cancel or postpone. But now I'm just super excited with a little bit of nervous.

I also told my grandma today. What a champ!! I love her to bits. she is the most amazing person on earth. she told me that she understands and that if she where still young and not as fortunate in the boob department she would've done the same. LOL. Tonight I'll cheers to that.

I'm so glad that my family are so supportive and feeling blessed to have them and this wonderful online community.

Will upload some pre op boobies pics tomorrow.

Wish boobs

Would LOVE these!!

Day of surgery and Day 1 post op

Hi!! So day one and two are done.

Morning of the surgery
I had to be there at 6:30 and went into theater at 8:00. I came out at 9:30. When i arived i was so nervous but all the staff at the renaissance clinic was absolutely amazing. Especially the nurses.

When i woke up i was sssoooo thrirsty. I drank water throufh a straw with the nurses help and went back to sleep. At around 12pm I ate a whole toasted cheese sandwich and had 2 cups of tea. They said i could leave at 1pm but my boyfriend could only pick me up at 4 so I hung around and chatted to the nurses. The drive home was easy even though it took an hour to get home because of traffic.

Night after surgery wasn't bad at all. I think that was due to the local anestetic/pain meds that the dr injects as he goes along during surgery. Slept on my back and have been very good with keeping the the dr's orders. I try to rest a lot and keep my arms by my sides and have my boyfriend lift me up after my naps. No pain just pressure every so often.

Day 1 post op
This is a little harder. One good thing about it is that i had the drains temoved!!! I felt so much better after that. Got my sports bra and had a good look at my new boobs. Just know i will love them!!!

The most pain that i have experienced comes from my back an the middle of my chest. I showed the dr that the sides of my back are swollen and that the one side is bruised. Asked if he knows anything about it and he said no it isn't because of surgery. :/ wish he'd told me it's normal. He said to let him know if it gets worse or if anything changes. I do have his mobile number which does make me feel a bit better. Has anyone else experienced this?

I also tire quickly after walks but know that this is to be expected. I've also attached some photos. Will upload more soon.

Will keep everyone posted.
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