265 Cc Silicone over the Muscle!! Getting Really Nervous Now!! - South Africa, ZA

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I've wanted implants since i was about 20 years...

I've wanted implants since i was about 20 years old, but i was always to scared to do it. I have always had very small breast ( i call them Jelly tots..lol) I feel like now is the right time. I am currently 51kg and 1.63cm tall. My current size is 32A..I am wanting a Full B, small C cup so my surgeon suggested the 265cc Silicone over the muscle. I want a natural look and really do not want to go too big. I tried on the 265 cc sizers and they seemed so big...Couldn't belive how big they looked but i think i am just not used to seeing myself with boobies. My op has been set for the 13 February which is just around the corner.

I have been having weird dreams lately about having boobies. I dreamt last night that Dr Rey from 910210 was doing my implants for me, and i was awake during the operation, and i was speaking to him while he was doing it...And he wanted to put in 350 cc and i told him there is no ways you are putting those in me!! Hehe.

I am doing my op no through normal anesthesia but with heavy sedation. They apparently give me 4 different types of drugs such as Propofol.. Cant remember the name of the other drugs they used. But they also inject Anesthesia near my breast. I heard that apparently this is also a good method as their is less pain when you wake up, less change of blood clots etc. ( Has anyone else had the op through Heavy sedation? )

Another before pic

This time next week, i will be having Boobies!!!

Omw so this time next week i will have my boobies. Im so scared. Im worried about the local Anesthesia and the pain block they will give me. Apparently they will also give me the date rape drug so i dont remember anything.
I still have to go shopping this weekend to buy a few buttoned shirts to wear afterwards. As i will apparently have a drain in for a whole week!! A whole week with a drain is really not a nice thought!!
I have already bought canned peaches, and a tea for constipation. And also the shea butter. I have alot of pillows at home, so im thinking of making my couch a bed for the first few days. ( Also scared my boyfriend whacks me in the middle of the night on the chest as he moves around alot in the night and it has happened before where his arm whacked me in the nose twice already...Lol)
I pray i dont have a tough recovery!!!

Awesome reading everyones reviews!!

It is really awesome reading everyone's reviews and what everyone is going through. It has also helped me prepare for what is yet to come!! Thanks for all your comments etc!! Is anyone else scheduled close to the 13 Feb? Seems i will be in bed, or should i say my couch on Valentines day. But i think its an awesome Valentines day present to myself :)

Think it looks natural!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

So I've decided to take a days leave from work today. Busy preparing for tomorrow. Im cooking alot of food at the moment so I don't have to stress about food for the rest of the week.My fiance is also taking leave for tomorrow to be there for me.i also have a friend sleeping over from tomorrow so I will have more than enough support :).just trying to keep myself busy as it makes me feel less nervous for tomorrow. And it is REALLY hot and humid here where im staying im constantly sweating.i have to be at the surgery rooms at 07:30 tomorrow morning..shooo to think this time tomorrow I will have my boobies.will update tomorrow again

Surgery done

We'll yesterday was my surgery.went in at 08:30am.i was sooo scared I was in tears.i was awake during my surgery,(they call it twilight sadation)so I was talking to them during surgery I felt some pain now and there while they were busy.i was in recovery for 4 hours afterwards.havent had too much pain only near my ribs where they injected me with the local anesthetic.feeeling very uncomfortable.they have wrapped me up in tight bandages and the bandages need to stay on for a whole week..meaning I can't even see boobies for a whole week...I'm struggling to do normal things like pulling my pants down to go to the toilet etc.the worst is trying to get off the couch.Really feel like a helpless person :(..have to carry this annoying drain with me too.will have to wait for a week to post pics of my new boobs

2days post op

Well today is my 2 days post op.Ive had some pain especially after lying down and getting up.still feeling uncomfortable,so I loosened my bandages just a little and it already feels much better..felt like I was punched in the ribs. Im surprised at how well I have been sleeping the past two days. I've been talking half a sleeping tablet In the evenings and it works like a bomb. I sleep through the night.only wake up at 5 am to take my meds.Cant wait till Friday to take these awful bandages off and take a look at the twins


So its 4 days post op and I still don't know what my new boobies look like. I have sticky bandages on so I cant even take a peek.my Ps seems to be abit strict with recovery considering I have to have a drain for a whole week.Not allowed to lift my arms.i managed to take a bath this morning by myself at least.Im still taking antibiotics,anti imflamatory and pain pills,but only taking one painpill.Had my first Bm yestrrday at least!Just 4 days left then I will update with photo's!!Cant wait!!!

8 days post op

So today I had my drains removed and those awful sticky bandages.i got to look at my boobies for the first time and they look really good! :) Was abit sore when he peeled the bandages off and felt weird when he pulled the drains out. But what a relief, I feel free!!.I actually feel like I am already starting to have booby greed,thinking I should have gone with 295cc instead. But will still very happy :) My nipples and lower breast feel abit numb but will get better.

my beautiful new boobies

Managed to take a shower for the first time in 8 days..i was taking sponge baths before.Still sore to lift my arms completely. Luckily my stitches come out on wednesday.But I think my boobies look great.still need to drop abit!!And apparently I am not supposed to massage them..funny how plastic surgeons differ

1 Month post op

Well its been a whole month already, and i LOVE my boobs. Still thinking i could have gone with the 295cc instead but they are perfect. I still have to sleep on my side for another 2 weeks and cant wear underwire bra's for the next 2 weeks, and i cant gym for another 2 weeks. Cant wait to start gyming again!! I have been trying on Bra's etc. Seems my size is a 32 C/D cup.
They have definitely dropped and and feel like they are getting much softer.


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