27 Y O, 5'4, 130 Lbs, 1 Pregnancy&breasfeeding in 2006, FINALLY my time, got with 470 cc HP Silicone-ZA

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I've been staying in South Africa for a few months...

I've been staying in South Africa for a few months (for holiday&traveling), and decided to have my BA here. First of all, the South African currency is very weak so it was not at all expensive for me (only about $2745 due to the weak currency), which is about half the price I would expect to pay for in my own country of origin (N-Europe). So I started looking online for qualified plastic surgeons in my area. It didn't take me long to decide on the perfect doctor for me. I sent e-mails to 3 different doctors, and by the time I got answers I had already set my mind of one of them. He took only a few hours to reply, which I really appreciated, and I could see that he personally wrote me back. It was not a standard copy/paste e-mail that he sends everyone, but was clearly written for me. So call me crazy, but that matters to me. When doing something personal like this, and something that's as important to me as this, it really matters that the doctor I choose really shows that he cares. Not only did he reply within a few hours, but he included every little detail that I could ask for, as well as for the cost I should expect to pay, which was just about the amount I ended up paying.

So I read many reviews that people had wrote about him, all of them very good ones, and looked into his training and qualifications, and he looked to be one of the most highly trained and qualified PS in South Africa, so by then there was no question I wanted him to do my operation. So I called his PA booked my consultation with him on 18 April (2016) and operation with him on 20 April .

Now this was a little tricky, because I was in South Africa on a tourist visa that was about to expire, and I could see that if I wouldn't get an extension on my visa, then I would have to leave the country 2 days after the operation, which I was very nervous about, considering I had no idea what kind of shape or pain I would be in this soon after the operation. So I e-mailed him again with this concern (on April 7), and he wasn't comfortable with me traveling so soon after the surgery and he offered me to have the surgery on April 13 instead, and I could come and see him for a consultation the following morning, April 8th. That way I would get at least 1 week to rest after my surgery before I had to leave the country. I was so happy and thankful, I could really see that he cared, and he wanted to put my safety and well being first.

So the next morning on a Friday I drove to town with my husband to see him, it was about 2 hours drive. I had to wait just like 15 minutes in the waiting room, filling out papers and stuff, and since he squeezed me in between appointments, I really couldn't complain at all, I was just happy that he agreed to see me on such short notice.

His office looked really nice and clean, and his assistant was very nice as well. My husband came in with me and the doctor asked me what I had in mind, and I tried to explain it to him as well as I could, was very nervous though. I told him that since my pregnancy in 2006, my breasts felt "empty", and I desired more upper fullness and a larger size. I told him I thought I wanted about 400 cc, and that I definitely wanted to be bigger rather than smaller. I told him that I had heard of so many women that went in for BA but ended up wishing they had gone bigger, and I definitely wouldn't want that. I also showed him some pictures of what I had in mind, and he also showed me a few photos of patients of his that he thought had similar build as me, and the sizes on them. Then we went into the examination room where I put on a super furry and cozy robe, and he examined my breasts. I told him that my bra size was 32 C, since that's always the size I felt fitted the most. But he told me that he thought my breasts were more like a full B, rather than a small C. He said that I probably wore the C for "more filling" and I think he was right. I always bought bras with super push-ups as well, just for the feeling that they were a little bigger than they were. He said that I had fair amount of breast tissue, even though my body fat is very low (about 12%). He also said that my right breast was a little smaller, and that it was very common to have one breast smaller. I hadn't even noticed that, it was by that little, but I could see it when he pointed it out.

So we went again into his office and he explained in detail about what he wanted to do, and how everything works. He answered every one of my questions and I left his office feeling very reassured and satisfied. He said that he thought that 400-420 cc should achieve the look that I wanted, but he would make the final call in surgery. So I put my complete faith in him and trusted him with the outcome. So now there were only 5 days until my operation.

Surgery day (13th of April)
My operation was at 8 AM, so I was supposed to be there around 6 AM. I reported myself in the reception and paid the clinical fees and filled out some paperwork, and around 7 AM I was called into the ward. I was given a bed, and a robe, and I just lay down and tried to relax, I was very nervous. A few nurses came to greet me and one took my blood pressure and asked me a few questions. All of them were super nice and made me feel very good. The anesthetist came in to see me, and introduced himself, and he could clearly see how nervous I was. He took my hand and said he was going to take such good care of me and I shouldn't worry about a thing, I should just enjoy myself and have no worries. He made me feel so relieved, and I was so happy.

Then Dr. de Wet came in to see me, and asked how I was, and if I was ready, and he just seemed so calm and gentle that I instantly felt so much better. He marked my chest with a marker, and explained to me one more time what he was going to do, and everything looked very good. And then the nurses came down and rolled me into the operation room. The operation room was very cold so they gave me a heated blanket, and I had to move over onto the operating table. The anesthetist then injected me with the anesthesia while chatting with me and making me feel calm. So I felt very dizzy and next thing I know I was just out cold.

I woke up around 11 AM, and I was in so much pain, it was much more pain that I had imagined, was even kind of hard to breathe or even speak. Dr de Wet came in and said that everything went super well, and he was certain that I would be very happy with the outcome. He had put 470 cc inside me, he told me that the 420 cc just looked too small. I woke up in a supportive bra, that I have to keep on for the next 2 weeks, so it was hard to see the outcome just yet, but it felt as if there were 10 elephants standing on my chest lol, it was pretty heavy.

At around 7 PM I was cleared to go home, I didn't even want to go sooner, I was in that much pain, and just dosing on and off. So the drive home was to say the least horrible! 2 hours of sitting upright, bumps and ups and downs, oh it was terrible. I was so exhausted by the time I came home, I just sat down and cried. But I took another dose of pain meds and I was feeling better within an hour, and surprisingly slept through the whole night and didn't wake up until 10 AM next morning, then I woke up very stiff, and I could feel it was time for my pain killers again.

1st day post-op was very good for me, mostly pain free, except for that morning I felt stiff, and swollen.

2nd day post op was not good for me, I was much more swollen and had sharp pain, more in my left boob than the right. But in the evening I went outside and took a 30 minute walk. I was a little exhausted when I came back, but felt all better after getting outside for a while.

I am just so happy with the outcome, they are still very swollen and high on the chest, so I can't wait for the swelling to subside to take a better look, but I have a feeling that they are exactly what I had in mind :)

Will post pictures and updates, thanks for reading :)

8 days post-op

So I'm 8 days post-op now, and I feel like my life is just "on hold" at the moment, since I can't get back to my normal routine. Especially not being able to train drives me crazy, since I'm used to working out 6 days a week. And I've been eating very healthy for the past few months, cutting down for a fitness competition I will do this fall (November), not a hard-core cut, but just a low calorie diet, nothing too strict. So since January my body fat% dropped from 18% to a 12% (in April). And during my recovery I feel that I lost all of my motivation, and enthusiasm. I'm eating much less than I should, so I know that my body is in a catabolic state (breaking down muscles), and I hate that. But I think in a week or so, when I can start to do a little cardio and lower body exercises, I will find my motivation again, and start eating properly.

I will see my PS for my post-op appointment in a little less than a week, as he wanted to see me 2 weeks post-op. I think he will remove my dressings and cut the remaining stitches, and maybe take photos for his records. I think it will be my only post-op, since I'm leaving South Africa in 3 weeks. Wondering if I should send him pictures of my final results in 3 months, since I will still have swelling at my post-op if he takes the pictures, but he will probably let me know about that.

I've been kind of pain free for the past 2 days, except for the discomfort at night, sleeping on my back, and not being able to move a lot, I get very stiff, and my back aches a lot. And in the mornings I still find it very painful to get out of bed, just to stand up, the gravity pulls, and hurts a lot. I wonder when the "morning boob" goes away, at least I hope it won't be like this always.

But I'm very happy with the size and the shape, just can't wait to see the final results!!
Dr. Japie D de Wet

Dr Japie D de Wet exceeded all of my expectations. He is very professional, he has excellent bedside manners, he is very nice and caring, and he explains everything to the tiniest detail. He replies e-mails very quickly, and over all I could not imagine a better doctor. I trust him completely with everything, and am very grateful that I chose him to do my surgery.

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