26 Years Old, 123lb, Pre Op: 32AA, Post Op: 32B. Married No Children. ..yet -South Africa, ZA

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Hi everyone. .. im new to RS. I had my BA done a...

Hi everyone. .. im new to RS. I had my BA done a week ago. My mussels are so sore. The bra they gave me yesterday (to wear for 4weeks) is crushing my ribs! It was the best choice I have made, like they say: no pain no gain! So today I am taking my first full body, new boobies for a lovely shower! Wish me luck! Any ladies out there still in the first week stage? Would love sleeping advice!!!!!


New best friends

Post surgery day 10

So today I feel pretty good! Started driving on day 7.... not the best idea if had, but I needed to get out of the house. Don't want to overdo anything so I am taking it easy the next few days. It looks like my right boob has dropped, it's lower than my left, not a lot but enough to notice it if im naked. Massaging is getting easier and my boobies are a lot softer than in the beginning! !!SENSITIVITY from yesterday is gone, felt a sharp sting in my right nipple last night - it woke me up! Stitches are itching like crazy but they come out this week!!!! :)

Look how pretty! !

Look how pretty. ..


lets try again!

So its been 17 days and I feel good! Start work on Monday, had a lovely 3 week school holiday, looking forward to seeing all my little ones! Pain is better, still have morning boob at times but I have decided that I will enjoy all the weird feelings while they last as it is not going to last forever!! Hope my pics upload this time!
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