21 Years Old, Petite, 48Kgs, 154cm in Height, 15% Body Fat. South Africa, ZA

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This is the start of my journey! Although months...

This is the start of my journey! Although months away, I'm scared and equally excited! My PS recommended 350cc smooth, silicone, high profile for my frame, under the muscle, he will have 400-500cc on site, in the event of my breast pockets allowing a bigger size. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping to be a 400-450cc!

I don't know what to expect, regarding pain! Super excited though.


My wishboobs! Courtesy of meme.me, these stunning boobs belong to her!

21Y, 48KG, 154CM

Just some photos of my frame and my breasts from the front and side! Getting 350cc HP Eurosilicone implants, under the muscle!

Photo update!

Wearing a crop top with no bra. Can't wait for my surgery! Counting down the weeks. I really do hope most of my clothing fits after surgery, I wear my dresses and tops size uk6.

I emailed my PS to enquire about UHP! Still awaiting his response, my fingers are crossed that it's available, I'm currently leaning towards UHP opposed to HP, I feel like HP won't give me the projection I desire.

350cc rice sizers

Made myself rice sizers. *insert boob greed*


After my conversation with meme.me, it makes more sense to me to go with an UHP implant. I'm after projection, rather than ccs, I contacted my PS yesterday and he's confirmed that it is an option for me! I'm so happy!

Getting Excited!

96 days till my surgery. Still a while to go, but time flies:) before I know it, I'll be getting new boobs! PS and I are looking at UHP now. I definitely think this is the look I want.


I'm starting to get nervous and have mixed feelings of doubt and excitement. Worried about the pain mostly lol and whether or not I should get HP or UHP. Wish boobs attached! Hoping I can get at least 400cc, but no more than 450cc. Does anyone with 350cc wish they had gone bigger?

Decided to go with 400cc HP

After BA

1 day post op

Ended up going with 400cc HP! The pain was bearable, I rate it a 6.5 out of 10. Most painful part is this band I'm wearing, I had some trouble breathing with my chest feeling so tight. I'm experiencing discomfort sleeping propped up on pillows, also, I'm not sleeping much and the sleeping pills they prescribe isn't helping either. I vomited at the hospital straight after surgery, as soon as they woke me up and gave me some coke to drink. The staff is amazingly friendly and supportive. So far I'm happy with my results and looking forward to my follow up appointment on wednesday. I feel quite fine today I might even go for a short lunch date with my boyfriend. My boobs are a lot softer than they were yesterday but obviously still hard. Experiencing bloating which is normal. The stretching is a bit uncomfortable but I manage to get trough it and feel so much better after.

Thank you dr CJ Marais from Centurion Day Hospital.

400cc HP 1 day post op.

400cc HP

Excuse the tummy bloat!

Feeling great, barely have pain I'm just constantly drowsy and falling in and out of sleep, must be the antibiotics and pain killers. Going to cut down on pain killers feel like I don't currently need them! My doctor did a phenomenal job I have no bruising and minimal discomfort I almost feel normal.

400cc HP


Soooo today I went sports bra shopping and it did not go as well as I imagined. It definitely is not all sunshine and unicorns with big boobs! Everything was either too small or too big. I eventually found an okayish one at H&M. Before that though, I felt like crying and giving up, today was the first time I was a little depressed and frustrated with having boobies. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret them, I just had a bad boob day.

In other news, I take photos daily to document my progress and so far nothing has changed my boobs look exactly as it did on day one.

Also, I can finally lift myself out of bed, so no more bugging my hubby! *yay*

One week today :)

I'm not uploading any progress pictures, because nothing has changed but I got to see my incisions! Need to keep them covered for another week though. They're still raw, hope they'll be dry by next week. Btw this bra is really comfy. I've started cutting down on pain killers, don't need them as much.

Almost 2 weeks

I'm starting to wish I went with 450cc. I'm just afraid of having complications!

Favorite bra + boobie rash??!

Apparently my rash is normal, the skin stretching is causing irritation or something. Looks really icky, hope it doesn't leave marks. When did you ladies start using scar treatments? What are your bra regimens, do you wear it 247 except when showering, or during the day and remove it at night? Thoughts anyone? Also on a side note, sneezing hurts so bad!!

Almost 3 weeks! 1 more day.

So nothing has really changed, aside from the fact that they're softer. I still have a lot of swelling but it went down A LOT compared to my first two days. Went to a hotel to chillax, couldn't swim for obvious reasons but dipped my legs in the pool. My boobs look HUGE in bikinis and bras but small in clothes. So far I'm satisfied with my result and don't truly have a case of boob greed, maybe a 5% chance of BG currently. BTW how do I make/post a video on here from the app? Thanks. Attached a photo of me in my bra which I bought like a million of and I'm not ashamed of how ugly it is 'cos it's comfy and YES I wore it as a bikini top in public, judge me. Attached a photo :)

3 weeks update!

Yay figured it out after intensely googling!

Almost 1 month!

Just photos to compare 1 day post op vs 30 days :)

34D bra!

They look HUGE in this, to me anyway lol.

400cc to small

I swear my boobs are shrinking everyday! Will need a revision within the next 3 years or so.


I find that my scars are significantly larger than most of you ladies. I can't see them unless it's from the bottom view, they fall in my crease but it is annoying.... Anyone know how to remove this sticky glue dressings thingy? It's been here for like two months and no amount of scrubbing helps. Also, my boobs don't look symmetrical because my one arm is taking the selfie. They're not perfect either but not as weird as this photo makes it seem :)

No different from last week

400cc HP Eurosilicone implants

Boobs currently

Really happy with them, still wish they were slightly bigger. They look small when I wear clothes :(
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