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I had my botox done on 6/12/2012 on the 7/12/2012...

I had my botox done on 6/12/2012 on the 7/12/2012 left eye was looking smaller and felt heavy. I panicked and rubbed it. By the 8/12/2012 my left eye was completely shut I can not move my eyelid at all. It is now 16/12/2012 and no improvement.

I phoned my doctor and he said it shouldnt last more than 2 weeks. This is the 3rd time I had botox done and the first 2 times i was really happy with the outcome. My doctor did my forehead and i think he injected to close to the eyelid. He said it wont last longer than 2 weeks because he did not inject the muscle for the eyelid but rather the muxcle for the frown.

He does not want to prescribe me any medication. So I went to go and see a nother doctor and he prescribedt to help with the process. He prescribed me a antibiotic called CCiploxx 500 some panafcort which is a cortisone and some eyedrops called Betnesol -N.

How long will I have to look like a stroke victum. Its almost the festive seson and I look terrible. Please help. Both the doctors I went to see have been doing botox for close to 10 years if not more. I am the first person they have come across with such a droopy eyelid.

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