26 Year Old Mommy of 2 and Getting a Mommy Makeover - South Africa

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After having kids my body has changed so much. I...

After having kids my body has changed so much. I carried very big and now I am left with a lot of stretch marks and loose skin on my stomach. I am currently a saggy 34b after breastfeeding both my kids. I am getting the lift done with 500cc's HP textured implants. I have booked my surgery for 9/09/2016. Seeing Dr Marshall Murdoch before the surgery on the 30/08/2016 for last minute details. I am so excited. I started watching videos of the surgeries and it looks so painful but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Wish pics

9 days before my mommy makeover

I had my last consultation with my surgeon Dr Murdoch. Just to go over some last minute details. I am still not set on a size. Still deciding Between 485cc and 520cc round high profile textured implants. He will be ordering both sizes so I have until surgery day to decide what size I will be putting in. So excited, it's almost here!!!!????

Still don't know which implant size I am going to put in!!!

So my surgery is on Friday and I still cannot make up my mind about the size I want put in. Its so frustrating!!!!! Its all I think about. I have looked at reviews on the different sizes. When I ask other ladies opinions they say go for the bigger size. My husband is no help at all.

2 days pre op photos

As you can see its gross!!!! I had a huge stomach with both my pregnancies (it looked like I was carrying twins). This resulted in a lot of stretch marks and loose skin and abdominal separation. I cannot wait to get rid of it. Will still have stretch marks but those I have made peace with. Before pregnancy and breastfeeding I was a 34 C and nice and perky. After my 1st pregnancy not as perky but still a C cup. My second pregnancy, after I stopped breastfeeding it all just vanished and now I am a B cup. Very sad saggy breasts. I think I have made up my mind and going with the 520cc high profile textured round implants. Almost there cannot wait.

Tummy tuck wish pic!

Nice and low cut, cute belly button.

1day post opp

Yay! I made it to the other side. I am home. I still have my drains in, they might come out tomorrow. I am swollen and my breast skin is very tight. I am very hunched over my is sore it's hard to stand up straight. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a bit better.

2 days post opp

It's 2 days post op. I feel stiffer today. My drains for my breast came out today thank goodness. Hopefully my tummy drain will come out in a day or two. My breast are very swollen and tight still. The dr changed my dressings today and said he is happy so far with the results. Now it's a waiting game for everything to settle and heal properly. The only thing that really gets me is the sleeping at night I struggle to stay as sleep. Hopefully that will pass soon too.

5 days po

Everyday is getting easier. I am still very swollen and tight. Still walking hunched over which is killing my back. It's getting more difficult to sleep at night as I only sleep on my back with my head and legs elevated. My back is very stiff in the mornings when I wake up. I have bruising between my breast and some in my right breast at the bottom. My stomach is still swollen a lot as well as my sides of my hips were the little bit of Lipo was done are swollen and bruised. I still have my drain in for my stomach, hopefully that will be out by Friday. Drinking less pain pills. Can't wait to feel more normal again. I miss cuddling with my husband and kids!

10 days post op

Finally have my drain removed for my stomach. Dr is happy with everything so far. Got new dressings put on. Will only see him again in 5 weeks. I am still swollen everywhere. Also some bruises still. Everyday it gets better. I miss picking up my kids and having a nice cuddle with them. I miss sleeping any other position accept my back and most of all I miss my husbands cuddles at night. But we will get there again eventually!

11 days post op! Feeling more like myself

Still very swollen but loving my results so far. I had a tight-ish shirt on for the first time yesterday and my husband said my boobs look huge! Hope the swelling goes down a lot more.

12 days post op

Just photo updates

17 days post op

Everything is going good so far. I still have a lot of swelling on my stomach especially late in the day.

24 days post op

The swelling is starting to settle a bit now, which I am excited about. I live mostly in leggings. They are the most comfortable especially when I swell towards the end of the day. Overall I am so happy with everything. I will post pictures of my incisions as soon as the tape is completely off.

Scar update

They are healing nicely.

Almost 5 weeks post MM

Feeling good. Can't wait to start exercising. Still wearing tape on my incisions (my choice) I just feel my incisions are healing better with them on. I have a few problem areas still that will hopefully will resolve with time. Patience is key! Overall happy with my progress so far!

Almost 5 weeks post MM photos

They did not load with my post don't know why

Let's try this again

Eventually got them loaded almost 5 weeks post MM

5 weeks post op scar update

Looking so good, very happy. The redness is from the tape I pulled off to change it.

7 weeks post op and check up yesterday.

Had my check up with Dr Murdoch and everything is looking good. Stills a lot of settling to do. My breast have these fine spider veins around my incisions. The Dr is not to concerned about them. They will most likely go away, if not I will just laser them. I will be doing a bit of a revision on the left side of my tummy tuck scar but only in Feb next year. Thing will still change a lot in the next few months. He showed me my before and after picture and wow does not even look like the same person.

Before and 7 weeks after MM

Dr Marshall Murdoch

I would recommend Dr Murdoch to anyone. Very thorough and professional but also caring. You can see his job is his passion.

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