Had Vaser Lipo of I/O, Front Thighs and Buttocks Today! - Pretoria, South Africa

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Had the procedure done about 6hours ago. I have...

Had the procedure done about 6hours ago. I have absolutely no pain at all, just numb at the areas that were lipoed. He aspirated 6liters all together. I can already see a difference, my saddlebags are gone and my thighs look slimmer. I tried on a tight fitting pants of mine that I haven't worn in a year and it's actually loose and my bum looks good in it.

I had a quick peek and saw a small bruise on my right thigh which was to be expected. I am also expecting the dreaded swell hell soon and have taken a few pics with my cellphone in the mirror before the selling kicks in. I was advice by the nurse and doctor to stay ahead of the pain by taking my medication as prescribed. I was up within half an hour after my surgery to use the bathroom and the nurse was surprised by that. I know I'm no superwoman cos the aenesthetia is still in my system.

Will upload before and after pics once back at home.


Updated on 16 Jan 2011:
I'm 3days post op today and still np pain just a bit of stiffness. I'm super swollen and bruised especially in my inner thighs. I oozed more from my left thigh than the right and seems like the right side is more swollen than the left. I'm also having my first ultrasound massage tomorrow and will comment about the results. My doctor highly recommends at least 10 treatments post op.

I must say my saddlebags are gone and my buttocks definitely looks much smaller although swollen. I'm really happy with the results although its been only 3days.

Will keep you updated about my progress.


Updated on 17 Jan 2011:
Day 4: had my first ultrasound today and I can feel an improvement in my thighs. The swelling in my right thigh has gone down a bit but seems likee the bruising has moved down to my inner knee area, horrible dark, dark blue but no pain. I will be having ultrasound for the next 9days and believe it will get better as time goes by. Also having lymph drainage this Thursday.


Updated on 22 Jan 2011:
Day 10:

Updated on 3 Feb 2011:
Today, I'm exactly 3 weeks post-op and extremely happy with my results. I've shrink from a size 46/48 pants to a size 16/18 in the first week to a size 14 and still shrinking. I am very glad I've done this and will do it in a heart beat. Will keep you updated as the weeks passed with latest pics.Updated on 16 Feb 2011:Today, I'm almost 5weeks post-op and still seeing changes in my thighs. My pre-op pants are way too big now and I have to buy new one but not now yet!! Recovery is very good so far, just overwhelmed about the changes in my body each and every week. Check out my new pics!!!

Any comments or questions are welcome!!!Updated on 23 Feb 2011:Updated on 15 Apr 2011:I'm still doing fine so far and extremely happy with my results. Still seeing changes in my body as the weeks pass. No loose or sagging skin, thanks heavens to my grandma! I just have a tiny bit of swelling at the end of my left butt cheek. I couldn't have been happier and planning to do my upper arms, bra rolls and tummy. Check out my latest pics and your comments are welcome!Updated on 27 May 2011:It has been 4 and a half months since my surgery and I am extremely happy with my results. Suprisingly, I still see how my body changes every month. Will definitely post new pics as soon as I upload them.Updated on 2 Nov 2011:So, now I'm going for round 2 on the 8th of December to have my upper arms, bra-rolls and lower back done. I'm a bit nervous and very happy at the same time. I was thinking about adding my inner knee area but will have to check with Doc, hope he says yes. I was telling my girlfriend that my back looks like ''Body builder gone wrong''. I'm trying to eat healthily to lose extra kgs before my surgery to make it easier for me. I know that I'll never be a size 0, just wanna be comfortable and happy with the way I look.

Here I come SA and Dr. H! Make me smile like you did the last time. I'll upload my before and after pics after the surgery.Updated on 12 Dec 2011:So, 3 more days before my surgery and can't wait. Prepared everything and hope that it's gonna work out with the flights etc.

Will upload some before pics for comparison soon.Updated on 14 Dec 2011:Arrived safely at this beautiful place with the friendly staff. Had my meds as per docs orders and watching TV just to get my mind off things.Updated on 15 Dec 2011:My procedure was this morning at around 7H30 and guess what? Doc sucked out 5.1litres of fat from my upperarms, bra-rolls and flanks. But looking at my before pics it was to be expected. I flew out at 17H30, that's exactly 5 and a half hours after surgery and felt good, no problems so far. I am at home, Yipee and very happy that everything went well. Dr. H is a Godsent! I trusted him from the get go due to his bedside manner and artistry. My arms are so slim now I am in awe, even my boy was like ''Mommy your arms so small, it actually look like somebody else's. I was up and went to bathroom after 20minutes without any pain. Took my medication at airport after having something to eat. Oh dear, did I ooze, luckily I was wearing all black and the drain is jsut there to do the job. i had to empty it at the Doc's room before leaving at 15H00 for the airport and had to empty it at the airport before boarding.

I'm gonna take my medication now and change the pads again before going for bed. I actually had to change the pads twice in the plane and was squeezing it through the holes at my elbow and a lot came out. Glad I did that.

Will upload some pics, obviously wearing my garment for comparison.

CiaoUpdated on 15 Dec 2011:This is the first time in years that I can see a glimps of my biceps. I am uploading some early pics just for comparison later.Updated on 15 Dec 2011:I had a good nights'sleep but was a bit sleepless as from 3am this morning. I watched a bit of TV (Oh yes, I switched it on) and eventually fell asleep. Woke up at 05H30 as usual and had nice cuppa coffee, took my pain medication (I always advise to be ahead of pain and I'm just doing that) and did some arm exercise advised by the nurse. It really helps with the stiffness. She actually said to do these every hour. I am still oozing alot, had to change the pads at 3o'clock and also pushed out more fluid through the holes at my elbows which I believe it helps. The drain really helps a lot. I have also noticed that I'm oozing more from my left arm than the right arm, this has also happened to me after my thigh lipo. Anyone know why this happens???

Anyway, I have no pain so far and I hope it stays that way.Updated on 16 Dec 2011:Day 2 post-surgery. Oh my gosh!!! I was so SORE and STIFF waking up this morning, moving around just to get out of bed was a big CHORE. Took my pain meds and did the arm exercises (it has become sort of a routine cause it really helps with the stiffness).I think the big SWELL HELL is coming but I haven't noticed any swelling at my arms due to the garment. I will change the garments today and take a light "bird bath" today and check out the bruising.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:Today is day 3 and the stiffness and soreness is much better than yesterday morning. I took my garment off yesterday for a quick bath and to check-out everything and am super surprise that I have minimal bruising and swelling. I know it's still early days but what the heck, I am very happy with the results so far.

There is no hanging skin so will have to keep this garment on for even better skin retraction nevermind the heat. My skin is very sensitive to the touch and can't wait to have the stitches out cause they are actually irritating. The drain is still going and I am not as annoyed by it anymore. I have noticed that the more I move around and get busy doing the normal staff the stiffness completely subsides. I am still doing the exercises cause it helps a great deal as well.

Check out the pictures without the garment on.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:One more thing, this damn garment is super annoying, riding up and uncomfy.Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Day 5 and the drain and stitches were removed, so glad cause the stitches were an annoyance. I have bruising that was not there before but not too much. It is so hot and the sponge and garment are just not so nice. I am actually sweating on my back just by sitting and it stings were the drain was. The stiffness and soreness has definitely subsided tremendously since yesterday but still a bit EINA! when putting on this garment. So far all looks and feels good, can't complain just yet.Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Day 6 and the swelling has kicked in big time. My left lower arm is swollen but not the right one. I don't why this is happening but think maybe it's due to the drain being removed. I was so stiff and sore when I woke up this morning. Took arnica and did some arm exercises and felt much better. I actually neglected a bit doing the exercises regularly yesterday since it was so hectic for me. Lesson learned... Do the exercises as much as possible to avoid all the above. Today I'm gonna take it much easier and relax.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Today is exactly 1 week post-op. I have a bit of bruising and swelling mostly on my left arm. Took some pictures for comparison later. The stiffness is still there but the exercises really help with that. No major issues just yet and hope it will stay that way. I am still in AWE with my new shape.

Today is exactly 4weeks post Vaser lipo. I am...

Today is exactly 4weeks post Vaser lipo. I am extremely happy with my results. I am 100% back to my old self and doing the normal stuff. I still wear my garment for best possible results. I will try wearing it until 8weeks, but the heat is killing me. I am still sensitive to the touch or should I say "to massage", cause I am still massaging the areas every morning and sometimes evenings with Arnica oil. The lumps I had in my left armpit is almost gone. Sometimes a little stiff but massaging really helps.

I will take some pics and post them a bit later for comparison.

Tomorrow will be exactly 1month since the Vaser...

Tomorrow will be exactly 1month since the Vaser Lipo. Still a bit swollen but here are the pics for your comments!!

It will be 3months since my procedure next week...

It will be 3months since my procedure next week and I am still EXTREMELY HAPPY with my results. I have shrunk about 2-3 sizes and have to buy new clothes since my old clothes are way too big now. I have joined a 6weeks Bootcamp starting next Monday; have to tone-up this new beautiful body of mine.

I will post new pics soon.
Dr. Henri Claassen

My girlfriend has had 3 procedures done by this doctor and I've seen her results which are fantastic. He is a true artist. Will do it again in a heart beat!!! He has done wonders to my arms, took away the bra-rolls and flanks. VERY HAPPY SO FAR WITH MY LATEST PROCEDURE!!!

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