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Hi all Boy! Am I glad I found this site, some...

Hi all
Boy! Am I glad I found this site, some things need to be shared with 'like minded people' I have been saving for a tt for goodness knows how long & my day is looming but boy does time drag on when your excited about something. Im having an extended tt (longer scar) some lipo & revised breast lift, the last one didnt turn out so great, when someone tells you that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is........one boob is bigger than the other & hurts all the time SO Im having the full monty, I chosen this arena to chat in because I already know what to expect with the boobies ;-) so its all about tummies form here on lol! My main objective is to remove tatoos that I stupidly did to "cover" the stretch marks ha ha bloody ha! So after emphasising my stretch marks with a botched cover up plan & many years of total regret & self loathing, I put on a bit of weight (chocolate doesnt solve any problems, I found out the fat way) ok let me not exaggerate too much, I put on 15kg's (36lbs) WOW right? Anyway I have managed to get back down to my goal weight of 60kg's, I have become a gym bunny ha ha! At 40yrs of age I started hitting the gym, now 42yrs old I have finally got enough money & enough loose skin lol! To have my dream come true, whoohoo!

13 days to go!

I have been a bit concerned about my train of thought these days, I wonder if my expectations are realistic, I really hope that this is all I need to make me feel good about myself, does anyone else think this way? You know! Like after my healing process is over am I going to find another problem & then another. Gosh! I really hope not.
Im forgetting the most exciting news, my op is all paid for & the first 2 days in hospital, I dont think I can go home sooner than that, its comforting knowing I'll be looked after by professionals.
Still 13 days to go (not including day of op)
Here are some before pics

full of beans today

So I woke up feeling full of beans today, Im going to pack a bag for my 2 night stay in the hospital, I must make sure I have everything I need, I went out on monday & bought 2 new nighties, a matching gown & new slippers, all very sensible cotton items. I'll need to pick up a toiletry bag today as my old one just wont do.
I have decided to prepare a whole range of meals to freeze for my family, anyone else do that?
I have also booked myself in for a pedi before I go in & 2 weeks after (wonder if I'll be up for that) & so on (every 2 weeks) until I can carry on doing it myself ( ex beauty therapist)
One thing I'm a bit worried about is my spastic colon, I dont want to struggle after the op to go poop ?blushing ? it seems to be a common problem & I already have issues in that department. I find that prune juice does nothing for me, I'll have to ask my gp I think, I'm not sure if my ps would be helpful with that. Anyway I'm off to gym now, chat soon


My period arrived today phew! I kept thinking that with my luck it'll arrive on the day of my sx, I couldnt imagine dealing with that as well, that would have been a disaster! Anyway thank goodness for that lol its one of the very few occasions that I've actually been happy it came.
Ok so on a lighter note, I have my last pre op tomorrow, then only 10 days left whoohoo!
I must confess I'm really having to force myself to go to gym since the begining of this week, I think its not going to make much of a difference because I'm probably going to be off for about 6 weeks afterwards anyway. I go to a private gym & have a personal trainer, we do weight training, not body building, I love my femininity, big ups to gals that do it but its just not for me, I just want to be toned. Anyway so I havent told him what Im about to do because I dont need the "speach" I told him a big fat lie, feeling very guilty, I told him Im going to Australia for a month. He closes for 2 weeks in Dec so it works out perfectly UNLESS I'm one of those ppl that doesn't heal quickly.......ugh!. Then how do I explain having to take it easy, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!
One more thing "I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!"

another gorgeous pic!

ok it official, Im hooked on real self lol!

I cant help myself ha ha!

last pre op

Today is my last pre op, im getting more and more excited and nervous at the same time, this week actually went alot faster than I thought it would, goodie! I hope next week wizzes by. I realise that I'm going to be in a lot of pain but it will pass, I'm terrified to be honest........ :'-( but I want my flat tattoo less tummy more!! Oh not to mention my one size smaller boobies, I cant wait! All those dresses that I couldnt fit into before better beware because l'll be coming for you in a big way or will that be a 'small' way he he he! I cant wait!

pre op done & dusted

Ok so that was very informative and scary at the same time, I now know that I'm going to be very very tight due to the fact that I dont really have too much loose skin, I do however require some muscle repair & lipo, I'm so worried about the pain now even more than before. Well I'm still going for it, no pain no gain right? He explained the entire procedure to me & it sounds very invasive, I mean I knew it was going to be but now Im so scared, I really had no idea just how much eeek!
I must just keep my eye on the prize! Imagine myself all sexy & flat with no tattoos! Not to mention my new little boobs! Happy healing everyone x


Happy weekend everyone!!

1 week left

Just 1 week left but who's counting...........ME!!! Lol! I cant wait, however Im a little grumpy today not sure why but Im definitely a little grumpy!
Anyway I went and bought some sensible panties today 'granny panties' no offence to any grannies out there, I have nothing but love for you. I decided to go 1 size bigger than what I wear for comfort sake what with all the swelling & cg, drains etc... I also managed to get most of the stuff on the must have list that I've made up from this site, from all the most valued and appreciated women out there that have shared their stories, thank you! Now Im off to cook supper ( dinner ) lol! Happy healing & to those not quite there yet, its not long now x

stupid me!

I've gone and put 1kg on since last week, how could I be so stupid. My sx is in 6 days time, I always eat when Im stressed, I just dont know what to do now. I hope it wont make any difference to my outcome or anesthesia as I have not been weighed by my ps or the anaesthetist.......anyone else have that problem & what happened ?

oops only 5 days left not 6!

Well the part about the anaesthetist didnt make sence lol, obviously if he hasn't weighed me yet it wont make any difference there, blonde moment, gotta love them.

back from gym

I sure am going to miss going to gym everyday, gosh! Its going to be tough but I need to do this, I am on a mission, mission flat side!
I got the dogs yearly vaccines done yesterday so thats not going to nag on my conscience phew! I still have groceries to do, I'll squeeze it in somewhere. Tomorrow I'm treating myself to a pedi & doing my lashes, I wont be seen dead without my lashes or less than perfect feet, another obsession I have, at least its a good one lol! Off to jump in the shower, have a nice day ladies & happy healing where relavant x

cant wait to be rid of it

It doesn't just look bad but its down right uncomfortable

ooh la la!

4 days to go......whoop whoop! I paid for an extra day in the hospital, I dont want to be a burden on my ' hubby' he's so busy with his work & its year end, poor thing is run ragged as it is, so I'll be there for 3 nights & 4 days. I can stay longer if I choose, we'll see how it goes. I also dont want to burden the girls, oh how rude alala, I never mentioned the fact that I have a 22yr old daughter of my own & 21yr old twin step daughters, my daughter has flown the coupe but the twins are still very homely it seems, lol! I thought about going to my mom but she doesn't need that in her life either, I'm sure she would be only too happy to look after me but I cant do that to her its kind of unfair, shes got her own problems.

more pre pic's

Pre Sexyness!


Purely for reference, I dont want to leave these pic's lurking about. So I'll put them on rs & delete them off my system......phew!

surgery time....

Its so strange, I only have to be at the hospital by 11am huh? I can have breakfast before 7am & clear liquids until 8am, then nothing more. My actual surgery is booked for around 2pm, I have never heard of that in my life before.........I guess it beats sitting around in the hospital from 6am till after 2pm having had nothing to eat since the night before & twiddling my thumbs, I can live with that, however I would have preferred to get it all over with by 10am lol!

my last weekend with this belly.....

I want to be as busy as possible, out of the house as much as I can because I'm going to be getting cabin fever once I get back from the hospital, I dont have a recliner & dont think you can hire one in south africa either, hey what am I thinking, my Mom has one in her bedroom, I'll ask if I can take it for a week or two. I know she wont mind. Cool!
Oh! I started drinking slimmers tea when I realised I picked up 1kg & in just under a week I've lost it again.......yay! For me! Happy healing everyone!

bored out of my mind....

'HUBBY'S' Home & snoring he's head off on the couch lol! Well thats all good but I would like to do something, I have booked a table at our favourite restaurant for tonight but that's only at 7pm.......guess I'll just have to watch him for a laugh in the meantime. I must be bored out of my mind! Lol! HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! Happy healing & ? big hugs ?

the ?......

The ? Are supposed to be stars, fail!

nervous rash!

I cant believe that this horrible rash I get when stressed has appeared all over my tummy, in between my boobs & lower back, im so peeved because it itches like crazy & the only thing that stops it is cortisone, I dont think I'm aloud to take it, not that 1 day will help, I hope its not going to be a problem.........Im so worried now & thats only going to make it worse!

tomorrow is my turn!

Ok so tomorrow is my big day, it marks the begining of my journey. How do I feel? Anxious, itchy lol! I googled allergy meds b4 sx & it seems to be ok, not sure about the cortisone but at least I can take allergex, it helps a little! I must be stressing more than I know because I haven't had a reaction like this, well, not since my Dad passed away, if I can just keep it from getting worse then It's going to be fine. Im off to one of my favorite brunch spots today, its called the black horse restaurant and brewery, its the magaliesburg mountains. What a gorgeous, relaxing & friendly place, they have the most gorgeous black horses there, hence the name, not to mention the silky chickens, I just love those little guys, so flippen cute!
All the interesting stuff starts tomorrow, however my sx is late afternoon so I doubt you'll be hearing from me until tuesday, my daughter has booked the day off work so that she can be with me until I go in & be there for me when I get out of sx, hubby's going to take me there get me settled then off to work sgain, he'll come by during visiting hours later that evening! Hopefully his 2 girls will come along too, I love them like my own. I've told my mom not to bother because its not like Im sick or anything, Im inflicting this upon myself lol! Besides I dont like her driving at night because of the shocking crime thats plagued this country of late. I cant wait to emigrate to the UK, so on a lighter note, I'll try my level best to inform you all of as much as possible, even the seemingly trivial stuff, you never know who might need it right?
Have a wondeful sunday, happy healing & be blessed! X

4:50am butterflies!

I've been awake since about 4am, tossed & turned! I decided to just get up! Today is my big day! Im covered in this itchy rash but hey, hopefully the doctor can prescribe me some cortisone after my surgery, otherwise I'm going to be a very itchy grumpy mess! I see that in a lot of cases itching is a problem anyway mmmmn! Fun fun fun.........not!
I have a bit of a upset tummy from all the liquid paraffin, thank goodness I forgot to take an aloe pill lol! That would have been very crap! Lol! Ok so Im itchy, bloated & windy, stressed to the max......I'm off to a great start lol! Well things can only get better right? I am the eternal optimist!
Things to do this morning.......boss everyone around, make sure they all know whats expected of them while I'm away, also gives them a chance to appreciate what I do around here every day, im sure they think I just lay on the sofa watching my favourite shows all day lol! This will show them. I have a bit of a dark streak it seems whahahaha! No seriously, everyone will have their list of chores I have drawn up, why not! Ok Im off to do the weekends laundry & feed my animal side of the family.........see you on the flat side WHOO HOO!!

post op!

Ok so I'm finally on the flat side, yesterday I was so zonked from all the meds that I couldnt even see out of my eyes, never mind letting you guys know how I was doing, I knew you'd all understand. Ok so its 8:45am as I update. I arrived at the hospital yesterday as nervous as anything but was soon put at ease when greated by the most amazing staff ever, such professionals & so very welcoming, I felt right at home. The anaesthetist came to see me first & once again what a friendly guy, not to mention easy on the eye. I got all my questions answered to my satisfaction & told him to send me to krabi islands in Thailand for the 2.5 hours lol, he promised he would & I'm sure he did but for the life of me I'm a blank at this stage lol then my ps came to see me & made me look like a road map, how embarrassing though because it was so ticklish........I was giggling like a school girl, just another one of those cant believe I did that moments lol! I then got given an amazing pill to relax me & fell asleep. The next thing I remember is being woken up by my hubby asking me how I feel, so how did I feel, I felt surprisingly good considering! All I wanted to do though was be left alone so that I could go back to sleep, I guess everyone left quietly & will be back later today, I did wake up at around 11pm and asked for pain meds because my boobs were on fire.......wow! No tummy pain though! After that my sleep was pretty much intermittent because of these things they put on your legs to stop DVT (deep vein thrombosis ) so annoying! Anyway so this morning I had the plasters taken off my new smaller boobies yipee! They look so cute lol! Had breakfast of fruit salad & yoghurt then the nurse helped me to get up & walk around while my bed was changed, getting up wasn't anywhere near as bad as I imagined. 10 min after getting back into bed ( also relatively pain free on the tummy) I had the catheter removed, not so bad at all! Weird sensation thats all. I am now sitting here so chuffed with myself ........ hooray hoora! For me!

my first go on the loo

#1 was a go & #2 was a no show, its ok though because I had a bm before sx so I'm not too fussed, besides I'm used to skipping a few days in between, the story of my life in the bm department lol! Saves on loo paper! Lol! Glad to report that the wee was a good one, wink wink!

quick pic

Looking good so far, sexy bandages whoop whoop!

no nausea

Oh & btw, I haven't suffered any nausea either, that such a plus!

starting to feel some pain

Ok so the pain is seeping through, its tolerable but still an unwelcome guest! My boobs feel like they on fire & my tummy just aches, not to mention the back ache dios mio!

Soon I'll be off to lala land surfing the milkyway so night night all, pleasant dreams

sponge bath!

I woke up today & deciced, im going to have a sponge bath, which was awesone btw, obviously the back ache was there but my desire to be clean was greater. So so tired, chat later

napping off & on

What a pleasure it is to be able to just nap off & on as the mood takes me, I can hear the birds Chirping outside, sounds wonderful! I wonder what lunch will be today? Hopefully not salty like yesterday my gosh! I did complain along with some other patients, apparently she is new. Did anyone else get a chest exerciser, to prevent pneumonia, you have a tube attached to 3 equally sized cylinders with a ball inside, now what I have to do is breath all the air out of my lungs then suck in on the tub attached to thr 3 cylinders, all 3 balls should float to the top for as long as your breath can hold them there......its as boring as it sounds lol!

still in hospital

Call me a sissy girl I dont care, but, I'm still in hospital lol! Hubby says if thats what I want to do then its fine by him lol saves him having to look after me lol! I just love it here, the staff are wonderful. I get up and walk around about 6 times a day, I dont think I'll be doing that at home, it's this amazing bed that I'm in, it moves every which way you could think of, makes life easier thats for sure. Hubby just came for an early visit how sweet, I think he just might be missing me! My daughter and her bf will pop around a little later, they always good fun, laughing hurts a little! Im such a dits, I still want to ask Roger my ps if he got all my tattoos off, I still havent asked, I csnt believe it!

happy healing

I hope everyone is coping well with the healing process, you are all in my thoughts, I wish you love laughter & sexyness, everyone deserves it! Blessings everyone!!!!

another pic

2 days po

I'm quite bored

Im sitting here in my hospital bed feeling very bored & sorry for myself, my boobs are burning, my butt has gone to sleep & theres nothing I can do about it! My back aches like nobodies business & they wont give me anymore pethidine, only pain pills woe is me. Oh! Well only 30min till the next pill time, I'm affraid to even ask, I dont want them thinking I'm some drug fiend! Secretly though I would love another one of those pethidine injections, I suppose they know what they doing & the last thing I need is to get hooked on something. Happy healing everyone, be blessed!

home sweet home!

Well I'm finally home again, couldn't stand another day in hospital, boring boring boring!
Its exhauting trying to get around, back pain off the charts! Im still so glad I did this, despite the discomfort. Im down to 2 stilpane every 8 hrs.......not too shabby!
I still haven't had a bm, just very windy! Im taking my movicol & liquid paraffin religiously so somethings got to give. Im sure the cramping I have going on is due to the fact that I probably need a poop, hopefully soon sigh!

all set up!

Thats me, all set up!

sneek peek

Ok Im being very naughty now, heres a peek at my new bb..........so cute hehe!




I am itchy all over, wherever I have any plaster or bandage, even surgical tape itch itch itch itching.......does anyone have any advice for me because Im about to go postal, I dont know how much longer I can stand this, the only reason I haven't ripped all this stuff off is because Im scared to injure myself but its taking everything I have to behave lol!
Hubby has been so sweet so far.....I'm blown away, I never imagined he could be so compassionate lol! Well I may be falling in love all over again!
I really hope someone will wash my hair for me today, I hate this feeling, yuck!
I still have quite a substantial amount of fluids coming out, yesterday afternoon was 33ml, then this morning at 6am 42ml, its quite a translucent red/orange even yellow,which is a good thing so I'm told. Seems my healing process is doing well, comforting!
We had such a major storm yesterday with hail stones the size of cricket balls in places, the damage was through the roof ( literally ) for many families, my heart goes out to the underprivileged & homeless, anyway God works in mysterious ways & he has a plan.
I feel as though Im standing more upright today, I'm not trying to push it because I want to look after my scar, its just naturally......cool beans!

my post op went well

I just deleted everything I painstakingly typed out grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Not in the mood right now, will type later , here's some pictures


Maxim pics

a post op

I managed to get an appointment with my ps this morning at 10am, I emailed him with regards to my itching, anyway he made space for me phew! Because I was going nuts with the itching lo! So I had an allergic reaction to the plaster/bandages, gosh I even have raw patched, so anyway, the plasters are off whoop whop & Im sporting my cg! Feels so much better. Oh & 1 drain came out. I must say, it doesnt bother me much at all, still, it'll be good to be free of it, then I can at least wear normal clothes.

seems I spoke too soon

Ouch! The slit where my drain (the one I still have in ) comes out, is burning like someone put hot sauce on it, ouch ouch ouch! Is this normal? Futchycapesta Im on fire! Maybe its just irritated because its not securely strapped down now, perhaps it moving around a little.......not nice! Maybe it time for my pain pills, yip some tea & drugs lol!

down in the dumps!

Im so down in the dumps, will I ever snap out of it.......urgh!
My new bb is off centre, my scar goes all the way round my back ...poof! My boobs look like torpedoes but not in a nice way, something like Grace Jones on steroids or Madonna on crack, I suppose my feelings a common but really, enough is enough! One thing the doctor didnt prescribe was a happy pill. Hubby's turned into an absolute jerk, he only showed any concern in the hospital while he didnt have to really look after me, well thats what I get for my choices I suppose. I think I'm repulsive to him at the moment, he cant even look me in the eyes, I always knew he was cold but this takes the cake, I want to go home to my mom lol how childish is that? Sorry to be such a downer ladies, I'll come back when I feel better. Happy healing everyone, be blessed x

Today's better!

Thanks for all the support yesterday, you are all amazing! I dont know what I would've done without having rs by my side....really!
Today's better, I tried to explain my moods to hubby & he replied by offering to make ckicken roast lmbo! Thats obviously his way of showing support .... fail! Oh well I'll take what I can get. Forget about him, I am so excited because I might get my drain taken out tomorrow, its gone down from 44ml twice a day on friday to just 15ml yesterday & only 5ml since 9pm last night till 9am today......good news right! I had another peek at my bb & it looks amazing, I think it pulls to one side a little due to the swelling, hope everyone is healing well & coping with the emotional side x

allergic reaction to the wound dressing

I have an allergy to plasters gauze or sergical tape, I have blisters on either side of my cut, some places worse than other, anyway it will heal, not sure what to do because I have to dress my cut everyday. .......huh!
GOOD NEWS THOUGH! My drain is out woop woop!
I'm craving chocolate really badly, will it make me swell? Can I just spoil myself?

the big reveal

Ok so I promised a big reveal pic, looks gross! Now that all the surgical tape has come off & a less secure method of dressing the scar has been introduced I feel more pain on the actual cut & I also feel as though it could stretch, I want it to remain as thin as possible. Im scared to move to much!
Am I being paranoid?

half a tattoo

I've decided to re-do my half a tattoo on my tummy, stupid having a piece of it chopped off, so when I'm all healed up I'll just complete it again, it just looks crap lol!


My boobs are still the most uncomfortable part of this entire process, I havent posted pictures because they look weird lol! I'll wait until they look more like boobs before I post, they hurt quite a bit, its like a deep burning sensation, on top of everything I'm itching up a storm, I really cant stand the itching, its driving me postal! However! Having said that, it's not as bad as I thought it would be, so to all the future mmo's & ttrs out there its very very manageable, its not a walk in the park but its doable!

horror in the mirror!

Today was the first day I've had to do the dressings myself & what a shock horror to see myself in a full length mirror, its quite different from the snap shots, seeing everything together all at the same time from eye level position is pretty scary, my tt look fine but OMW! do the boobs look bad, Im was so worried about what they look like that I panicked, called my ps & demanded he put my mind at ease, I'm not happy & basically I'm now taking a blind leap of faith to wait for the results to appear from the horror I sore in the mirror, I've looked a ppl's before & after pics of their lifts & mine don't look like that, I'm so worried, did anyone else feel horrified when seeing their breasts for the first time? My ps said he is so sure of what he's telling me & what he has done that if in 6 months time I'm still unhappy he will do them again WTH! I dont want to go through this again, thats just crazy!

boobies pic

Im going to post a pic of my boobs but im going to delete it in the morning, please be honest! Im off to sleep soon so you guys have all night to check them out........my nerves

potty talk!

This would normaly be tmi but not on rs.......love this space! I had my first propper bm this morning! 10days SA time, woa lol 10 days holly cannoli! I have to share how good it felt, lol I feel like I've lost 10lbs ...... feels great! Its the best thing thats happened to me in a long time lol! Sad but true!
Ok so I've decided to leave the boobies pic up seeing how it actually isnt repulsive, a little odd looking but not repulsive whoohoo!

feeling good today

I have been blessed with a Good mood today, thank you for your prayer my online friend! Im up & about, played (gently) with my 4 legged babies, I've missed them, they always brighten my day, animals are my antidepressants! Tickled my chameleons even though they hate it lol! They make me laugh! Im relatively pain free today, still very swollen but I feel I'm on the mend! I wont over do it!
Im greatful to all your positive comments & concern for me, I love all you guys, you are angels!


OMW! My bm have been frequent however normal, I dont have an upset tummy, I went twice yesterday, again this morning, this is record breaking for me, I havent pooped more that twice a week since I was about 13yrs old, strange thing is that I stopped taking any bm aid about 3 days into my recovery, infact right after I wrote you about how good I was being by taking it lol! So naughty! I just got tired of the rumbling & wind, all smoke & no fire so to speak! It all worked out in the end.

I also have bunching!

The stitching around my back from my hip rol is very very painful, on further investigation this is what I found, 1st, it felt like it was infected because it felt very raised kind of like a big ol pimple & very ouchy, so I took a pic, I have bunching of the sutures. Its only a very tiny area but boy is it a huge cause of discomfort, I mean, I got to lay down, sit back lol! But its all going to be worth it in the end, no more sexy love handles, I cant wait to get into my jeans again without a tummy & love handles. I can actually wear tighter fitting Ts & sexy fitted tops, not to mention the dresses.......I cant wait to buy dresses!! Hehehe! Im gonna be a sexy momma!
I have my 2nd post op today, I could probably drive myself but it is quite far so the twins are taking me, love those girls, not keen on their Dad at the moment, lol! He is being very sweet again but I've been down this road too many times, another calm before another storm! Eeeeeeek!


Forgot the pic

my 2nd po

I just got back from my 2nd po, Im healing fantastically according to the nurse, she was like "WOW! How long ago did you do your op, 2 weeks, isnt it? I cant believe it" it was a genuine reaction me thinks & so so wonderful to hear. So Im elated as you can imagine, nothing can harsh my mellow today!
I also took another pic of my boobies this morning because I already see a change, theres hope ladies!! Yay!


No more pain pills as of this morning! Im ouchy now! Feels almost like tingling pulling, prickling.........not nice, I'm off to raid the medicine cabinet, wish me luck! Oh! No! A sneeze! OUCH!!!!

desperate measures!

Found some old celebrex & I'm taking one.....Mine! All mine!! I'll get the girls to ask my pharmacist to give me something, Im not into takin 3mnth old pills but this calls for desperate measures!

doctors forum Q&A

I put my questions to the doctors forum about my BA concerns, seems Im right! However! I do see some changes with my own eyes, perhaps its just because my posture has changed, ok so having read the response Im having mild anxiety, I hope to get other repsonses, more positive please! Peep peep goes my phone, a new email answer lol! It seems like a more positive answer.
I just have to accept that theres nothing I can do about them right now, I'll have to wait a few months regardless, the thought of having to go through this again is making me awfully anxious! I dont like the way I'm feeling inside right now, I felt so good the last day or so, I'd had such a positive attitude, I realise that how I feel is up to me its a mindset.......I'm going to try & stay postive! I just need to work through what I'm feeling right now!

Nelson Mandela

I just heard on the morning news that Nelson Mandela passed away last night, today is going to be a sad day for so many many South Africans!

pic update

Work in progress!


Sneezing really hurts!


My allergy to the dressing tape is starting to annoy me because just as it starts to heal it gets irritated again, I'm very careful not to put the tape anywhere near the bad areas, I also keep the tape as small as possible and only stick it round the back, by my bb I put the tape in a different positions everyday *sigh* but have started getting blisters from the tape anyway, one would think they'd make the stuff hypo-allergenic duh! Im hoping to be able to stop with the gauze & tape by next week monday, I hope Im not allergic to the silicone strips because then I'll scream!

its the weekend baby!

Enjoy the weekend everyone, remember positivity heals! Be blessed all! X

sleeping bliss

I had the most amazing sleep last night, I must have kicked the pillows out from under my knees & slept in a fetal position ahhhh! My favorite! Still cant do the flat thing but no worries because I dont normally sleep on my back anyway, nor do I sleep on my tummy so I'm not missing much except my star fish stretch in the bed every morning before getting up, I love stretching! I wanted to go visit Mommy bear today buy she's been invited to attend a anniversary, my daughters babysitting for someone so I'll see what tomorrow brings. My mom has a house guest until the end of feb 2014 so if I wanted to go live with her I would have to wait until then, gives me plenty of time to get all my ducks in a row. However daily visits or a weekend stay at this stage would also be welcome but not long term *sigh*
'He' comes home this morning pooyukfoo! So let me go make the bed & tidy up before the poop hits the fan lol! No doubt I'll be back soon *wink*

I'm back

Ok so I caught my chameleons getting their freak on! Lol! The first thing that came to mind was, at least someone's getting some around here, then I just thought oh hell no! Thats the last thing I need!, Right!?!

Im feeling really great today, no pain, no hubby yet, still swollen but its ok! Almost standing upright but I'm not going to push it,, I was told to delay it by my ps so I'll be a good girl!
The house is clean, I'm all sexy & its only 9:45am humnnnn? Think I'll read some rs updates etc...

butt kissing!

Ok so lets just say that theres been some serious butt kissing going on around here lol! Im not showing any interest though lol! It seems that whatever pain meds he is on for his sinuses has a really nice calming effect on him, great I hope they gave him a boat load. He has also asked me out on a date tonight whooooo! Booked a table someplace the whole toot. I hope they do a good grilled chicken salad lol! No dressing, I hate dressing! I also want to avoid the swell hell everyone talks about, now my normal diet is a low sodium diet anyway but you never know what chefs put in their food, you ask for salt free but you never know because it always tastes more salty than my own cooking. You cant really go wrong with a salad!

granny panties!

Guess what guys! Im still wearing my granny panties & I'm loving them! Lol just thought I'd share that life changing fact with you all!
I just had a cough......ouchywawa! I had to push down on my tummy because it felt like I was being ripped open, the after pain lingers too! My tummy feels like its burning prickling & pinching all at the same time, like millions of little needles or ants under my skin, really unpleasant!
My boobs a pain free today, still no real hugs though! My hat off to all you gals that have small kids to juggle while going through recovery. It cant be easy. Happy healing everyone * big hugs*

much improved!

Well there's more good news, my blisters from the dressing plaster are much improved.

I managed to buy some hypo- allergenic plaster today however I couldnt find the fixamol brand, I dont think we have it here in SA so I got some in the Nexcare range, its kinda spongy but im sure its going to be fine.


Hubby&I went out for breakfast this morning then we went to the mall & OMW! It was so busy with Christmas shoppers, all we did was get 2 mobile phones for the girls & I was finishes, I cant believe how quickly my energy got depleted, I dont know what I'm going to do because I still need to do all my christmas shopping & if today is anything to go by I'm not going to do too well! I need one of those motorised wheel chairs lol! Anyway it has to be done so boo!

post op today

I have my 3rd post op today at 10:30am, I'm hoping to move on to another form of maintenance, perhaps silicone strips or just simply taping the scars up, I'm getting tired of all this gauze! Anyway happy healing everyone!

3rd po done

Well that was uneventful, I guess they need to make sure you dont have infection etc... but 1 hours drive there & 1 hour back just to be told I'm all good is somewhat annoying lol! I didn't enjoy such a long drive, my boobies started getting ouchy not to mention how hungry I was by the time I got home, I forgot to eat before leaving this morning because of all the extra faffing & everything taking so much longer to do. I feel better now thank goodness!

14 days po!

Yesterday was 14th day po, it was a tough day for me, I had a lot of burning sensations under the skin on my tummy, ok it was also my 1st period since my tt so it probably had everything to do with how I felt, it was very unpleasant (more than usual) I'm still feeling as though I've taken a few steps backwards in my recovery but I think its just the monthly blues on top of everything else!

snooze on the sofa!

I went out at 19:30 this morning to do my Christmas shopping, I only got home at 1 ish! I was so pooped, I had to stop half way through, have tea & a salad, my tummy was cramping but not like a period cramp, my muscles were cramping, I couldnt anymore! So I came home & had an amazing snooze on the sofa! Never finished all my shopping *sigh*
Feeling sore now, probably swollen! Going to cook dinner then I'm off to vegitate on the sofa....again! Happy healing everyone!


I meant: I went out out at 10:30 not 19:30

last biweekly

Had my last biweekly po today. I see the nurse again on tuesday next week then my ps on the 27th. My ps said today that when I see the nurse next week that I should bring a variety of underwire bras with & the nurse will find the best fit for me & that I should wear that during the day & the sports bra at night. Apparently he had to totally reconstruct my breasts & attach them to the rib cage temporarily for support. This is to prevent the droop from returning, my left breast was worse than the right, they were still pretty though! However the 'droop' was getting worse and worse at a rapid rate. Im still not sure about the new boobies anyway only time will tell!
I dont have to use gauze any more so I can just tape my scars now, it should be a lot easier & a lot more comfy, thats if I dont itch like crazy! I've also only just started noticing how swollen I am in the evenings compared to early mornings, this is obviously a sign that the swelling in general is going down because up until now I couldnt tell if I was swollen or not, now I'm definitely smaller in the mornings, feeling good! Happy healing everyone!

bikini pic

I see some abs under the swelling, yay!


I had another po yesterday, I was told to change to under wire bras during the day to obtain a more rounded shape of the breasts & my sports bra at night for comfort. Ok so I did mention this in my last update but now its official.
Im still finding sneezing very painful, I had a double barrel sneeze from out of the blue yesterday & I'm still feeling the effects of it, I didnt have time to prepare for it coz like I said it came so sudden & boy! so today my tummy feels a lttle more stiff than before the sneeze.
Im probably 100% straight now only I cant strech yet, I want to so bad but its only because I cant lol! I hope everyone else is healing well!


It seems that the more the swelling goes down the lower my scar appears, so it either is or its my imagination.

I have no feeling bellow the incision on my hips & its very very weird, it kind of tingles but if I rub it I cant really feel the area, I have feeling on my upper tummy but not lower tummy above the incision, bellow the incision is perfectly normal, I cant wait for the numbness to subside, its a very strange feeling! Like I'm touching someone elses body eeeeeek!


I have started feeling a few suturtes pocking through my skin now in a lot of cases that spells trouble, I'm a little concerned but what I've decided to do is remove the tape from those areas & put bactroban ointment on with some gause, I hope it'll help keep the skin from bursting open & getting infected.
I see my ps again on the 27th December so I hope to keep things running smoothly until then atleast, if not I will definitely be giving him a call.

Morning glory!
Hubby got all frisky this morning but I'm just not ready, I'm scared something will go wrong besides terrified of what an orgasm will do to my tummy, so he got sorted but im going to wait until I feel confident!

loving my boobies!

I know I hated my boobs in the beginning but they really are starting to look good, they so perky!


Don't you just hate typo's!

No itching!

Im so pleased that I'm not itching anymore, hope I'm not jinxing myself lol! But seriously even my stress rash has gone, I'm itch & rash free for now.
It may have something to do with the supplements I had been taking for gym because now that I've stoped them for about 6 weeks I'm healed *holding thumbs* I wonder???!

I'm not finding my cg tight enough anymore, it is one with velcro so I can make it tighter but if I do it just bunches up, the spanx I bought doesnt come up high enough & I'm not sure what to do........I didnt have lipo around my tummy area, only under my arms so do I really need a tighter cg?

Heres a pic from this morning after my shower

another pic

This morning after my shower!


I dont know why the pic wont load.........?

trying again!


let me try again

Here goes nothing!

let me try again

For the umpteenth time!

sound advice!

I probably should have mentioned this before, I got some really good advice from my ps before the surgery, he spoke to me about feelings of guilt, regret depression one generally gets post op & he told me to avoid the scale all together for as long as 6 months to a year if I could & to avoid trying on any of my tight fitting clothes because I'll just be setting myself up for disappointment. I should also avoid buying new clothes because my new true size is yet to be determined. I hope this helps all you ladies out there that are feeling down because things arent the way you expected right now, you've gained weight & your clothes dont fit anymore, please be patient it WILL get better, some people sooner than others but that's just the way it is. Each & everyone of us has our own personal journey! Yes they all very similar in ways but for most of us our healing is personal, happy healing & Happy holidays yay!

cg & spanx

So yesterday I did laundry, my last load was whites so i decided to throw my cg in quickly forgetting that all my spanx had just been washed too, anyway I had to go without wearing any form of supportive wear for a couple of hours, I didnt like it one bit, I felt like I couldnt stand 100% straight & every move I made felt like it was pulling on my tummy, not to mention the swelling OMGolly! I dont advise going without a garment.

So today I'm off for my lashes & a pedi.........nice!
Think I'm going to have a nap first though!

the love of my life

One of my 4 legged kids

Seasons Greetings!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone, please be safe! I hope you all get spolied in someway or another & may you all be blessed xxx


Since having my tt I've noticed that I get heartburn on a regular basis, I'm not prone to heartburn so I'm assuming its got something to do with the tt. It doesn't last too long thank goodness but it is uncomfortable especially when I go to bed, I lay there for about 10min feeling uncomfortable & then it just goes away phew! Has anyone else noticed this?

high incision!

I'm a little disappointed with my scar that goes around my hips, its very high, I dont have a single pair of undies that cover it comfortably I have to pull them up, I wonder if it can be fixed, does anyone know?
I would also like to have a bbl but dont know how to convince hubby, he is totally against it! Im still on the fence about leaving him in feb, so maybe I'll do it then?! I have to wait 3 months anyway so march would be when I would do it if I can, I have the money for it so I'm almost there right?!
Wish hubby was an understanding type but he's so not, he has so much self confidence & thinks people that feel the need to change what God gave them is insane, he sees it as a weakness worthy of serious phyco therapy urgh! He finds fault in everything everyone does & is very judgemental, he makes life very tough! Anyway boo! I dont like him much at all anymore so I think it time to call time out! I really needed to get that off my chest!

bumpy bum

Yuck yuck yuck!

hail damaged

Sexy not!

bbl or ?

Ok so I had my 1 month po today, unfortunately hubs came with so I couldnt discuss my butt issues with my ps :'( oh well, I get to see him again on the 7th of Jan so I'll broach the subject then.

I can start weaning myself off my cg, I'm not sure if this is good news lol! SO! I haven't had it on for a few hours now & I'm feeling tight, my T looks amazing lol! But I feel vulnerable.
I have some stitches just below the surface on my boobs that look poofy but my ps said they should dissolve, if the skin opens up I should get hold of him & he'll wip the stitches out quick before infection sets in, to be honest it already looks infected because theres the purple stitch and a yellow capustule around it eeeew! I have to trust him if he says not to worry....right?!
He also said that my left breast may need a small revision & the underarm lipo, what rotten luck or maybe not, do I sense a bbl at the same time?!?!


5 hours without my cg NOT GOOD! I'm officially in pain, this is not good surely! I'm going to put it on again.........me no like!

opinions please!

So ladies I have posted a pic of my lumpy posterior :-( does anyone have any advice, opinions or suggestions?! Its big enough so thats not my issue, I want a more smooth rounded look :-)


I forgot to mention that I've started with a ball of gauze in my bb, my ps said I should just until all the scab has gone so +- 10 days, then I can start with either an earplug or a marble, which ever fits comfy, I think the earplug will be good, its flexible so should be more comfy.


Lol! So today I'm keeping my cg on, its not coming off no way no how! Im off to a friends farm to see their new calfs......so cute I'm sure which means I wont be eating beef anytime soon. I dont much anyway, I prefer chicken & fish. Ok back the the cg, I'm keeping it on because I'm wearing jeans YES! Ladies I can fit in my jeans just like before only now I'm sporting my cg as well! I mean what else do you wear to a farm?! Jeans & your cg, nothing else seems fitting lol! Im just a bit worried that I'll damage myself & wont even feel it, hope its going to be ok........gosh my nerves!
Im especially worried about my bb because of the waistband, I cant really feel it so who knows whats going on there.......MY NERVES! Who would have thought that I'd be terrified by a pair of jeans that I've known for sometime lol! I have faith in my cg.......I think!

No jeans!

I won't be wearing jeans again for a while, it felt fine whilst I was wearing them but later on that night I kept waking up with the most painful burning sensation & I'm still burning this morning, me no like! So its back to comfy gear, I am not ready for any tight fitting outfits unless its leggings


It seems hubby & I have finally come to a crossroads, we will be splitting up around the 9th Jan, I'll be moving to my moms house, it'll be cramped but I cant live like this anymore. He's making me so miserable!
Anyway I'm ok with my decision!

Happy New year!

I wish everyone all the best for the new year, health, wealth & happiness to all!

1st day back at gym

Im going to go to gym until I leave, I just wish I could take my personal trainer with me when I move ugh! Hubby has asked me to stay, however he hasn't apologized but he never does! I dont know what to do?!
Ok so today will be interesting because I never told my pt that I was having any kind of surgery, obviously he will want to push me so I'm going to have to tell him something, I think I'll tell him about the br only & not the tt, you cant see any difference with my gym clothes on anyway, Well I can see that my boobs are smaller but I dont see any difference with my tummy. I still have a 3rd boob peeking out from under my arm so thats going to need some revision ugh! Thats a story for another day!
Happy healing!

gym was great!

Ok so I took it easy, I'm not ready for any ab work yet, I did 10 mini crunches at home & decided that was enough for a couple of weeks lol!
Lunges & squats are fine, cardio is fine. Im going again today & will just work other muscles in my legs & do some more cardio, got to start somewhere!


I had another po today, I had 2 stitches removed from the bb & some monster stitches removed from my right boob, they were busy being pushed out by my body anyway, at least now I can start healing faster in those areas, it becomes very disheartening when you still have scabs after 6 weeks ugh! Soon I'll be able to post new pics that actually look different to the ones I have posted already, where you can see some progress lol!
I was also told what I can & cant do with regards to gym, so I can do crunches but no leg raises etc... I'm to listen to my body, if it doesnt feel good then it isn't! I can use very light weights like 2kgs for the next 2 weeks then I can start moving up, I dont really use heavier that 4kgs anyway so it s all good. Once again though if it doesn't feel good then stop, as for the rest I got the ok yipee! Cardio is a big yes.......boo! I dont much like cardio! I do it but I dont like it!
Im healing well so im happy, happy healing to all x

going back to my roots!

In about 2 yrs time I'll be moving back to the uk, my country of birth. It wil take that long to tie up all the loose ends, sell homes, cars etc...


Its been slow progress so far, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm stiff as anything lol! I've been doing lots of squats & lunges, I've increased my crunches to 3 sets of 15 & I'm doing just fine. I'm also doing upper body, nothing to heavy & my boobies don't hurt at all...........wonderful!

Yesterdays po
I finally have a marble in my bb YAY! My healing is progressing, I can't wait until I can use silicon strips & bio oil, when did you gals start with your scar 'creams'?

its been a while!

I trust everyone is fine, I have had a few issues with my body rejecting the sutures on my boobs, its been unpleasant but I'm on the mend again. I will have to have revision done at the end of march & I'm hoping to get my lipo revised too.
Gym is going great, I can do whatever my body will allow so if it feels ok I'm ok with it. Today I did legs & boy am I unfit, its weird how quickly we deteriorate & how long it takes to build up again, anyway I'm getting there, rome wasn't built in a day.
I hope everyone is healing well xx

no more cg

I haven't worn my cg at all for about 2 weeks now & I'm feeling great about that however I feel that my expectations were obviously unrealistic with regards to my outcome, I still feel fat, I dont really look different in my clothes, I expected to look like I had a flat tummy but maybe I'm still swollen, either that or I've put on weight! The thing is, I dont feel like I'm swollen but I do feel chubby, I dont know if that makes any sense?!
I'm still taping my scars so the next time I change them I'll take some pics, it'll be interesting to see the change when compared to the previous pics.
Happy healing!

some pics

Tummy pics at 3 months po

its been too long

Im sorry to have been away for so long, I had issues! How are you all doing?
I had some revision done on tuesday, lipo on my lower tummy, no bruising & minimal pain, it all looks pretty much the same. I've also decided to have some femine tattoos to cover my scars......I will post pics afterwards.

post lipo check up

I had a check up today, my doc says all looks good, I have to wear the damn cg again urgh! Does anyone have an opinion on water retention pills? Will they help with my healing?

new pics

Here are some new pics taken this morning, you wouldnt say I had lipo a week ago.......no bruising & no hectic pain

new pic

New pic

tt scar

Looking good

lets try again


I'll have to try post the tt scar later, dont you just love it when that happens lol

lob sided

Ok so one boob is slightly bigger than the other but I'm not too fussed about it, not at this stage anyway! I think I'll live with it, going under the knife again just doesnt appeal to me. I still want to do more lipo but nothing major and anyway its a lot less invasive me thinks!
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