Revision Needed After Mini Tummy Tuck

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After three babies in less than two years (single...

After three babies in less than two years (single plus twins) my tummy had a pouchy look below my belly button. I also have lots of stretch marks. I opted for a mini as I didn't want a new belly button and long scar.

My tummy was FLAT after the surgery but I developed a seroma on the lower right hand side. This was drained every other day for three weeks till it subsided. After each draining my tummy was super flat! But as the months have progressed I have developed a little pouch where the seroma was. It looks and feels like fat to me but my PS says it's not and may be scar tissue from the seroma. He wants to do a revision in his rooms. He says he will given me dormicam and cut on the scar to pull it a bit tighter.

My tummy skin still looks a bit loose. But I don't think this will address the pouchy fat bit (as seen in photo). Wonder if he can re lipo it or if that's dangerous (already lipod area and revision will not be under general anaesthetic)? Also worried will develop another seroma?

He says in hind sight we should have done a full tt. I just cant understand the good result after surgery and the gradual slide back to pouchiness ;( I have not put on weight since mini tt and am fairly slim.

I had a breast reduction at the same time. LOVE my new breasts but tummy not as good as expected. Perhaps a full tt would have been better?

Photo Update

Dr Halley-Stott

So professional! brilliant surgeon, very compassionate and understanding. Highly regarded in his field and chose him after seeing four PS *follow up* Did a brilliant revision (very little pain) and am now thrilled with results

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