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Hi there. I'm a mom with one boy, 5 years old. I...

Hi there. I'm a mom with one boy, 5 years old. I had a difficult pregancy, carrying very big and gained about 38 kilograms (almost 80 pounds). I managed to lose the weight slowly, after about 2 years I was almost back down to my original weight. But due to having gained so much weight and having put on so much fat and excess tissue, when I 'shrunk' back down to around my old size, I have loose flabby skin on my tummy which looks terrible if I drop back down to my almost pre baby weight,and my breasts have dropped quite a bit. I've put on about 5 pounds which actually helps make my tummy not look so wobbly and full of loose skin rolls, but have always wanted to get my tummy back to its flat old self without having so much skin!

I had been thinking about having the surgery for months, and finally got the nerve to see the surgeon when I talked to my Pilates teacher. I have been having really bad back pain and a lot of tightness in my stomach muscles, and have been doing Pilates for almost 8 months with not much improvement in my core muscles. My Pilates teacher said to me the only thing that would really sort out my abdominal muscles and prevent me from developing future hernias would be a abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, as they sew the rectis abdominus back together again.

I have something called diastasis rectis, where the surgeon said my rectis abdominis muscles have pulled away from each other really badly. The surgeon advised a full tummy tuck, as it will sort out the diastasis, and also remove the loose skin. The breast lift & augmentation is a nice to have, and I know after having a tummy tuck I probably won't ever want to go back for more surgery like this in the near future. I feel a bit guilty about spending so much money on myself, but my hubby is supportive and will stay home with me for 3 days after the op, and I have the following week off work as well. Getting so nervous now, as only 16 days to go until surgery date.

One more week to go! Do any of you ladies have...

One more week to go! Do any of you ladies have helpful advice on what foods to stock up on for after surgery? Getting so nervous now!

So I thought I'd post a quick update. Yesterday I...

So I thought I'd post a quick update. Yesterday I went shopping for some tape and dressings, gauze. Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. I also bought two ice packs for my back and tummy to help with pain and swelling. Last night I attacked my drawers and bathroom cupboards to re-pack so that everything I'll need is within reaching height, as far down as possible so that I don't need to rise up or bend down.

Today I'm investigating hiring a hospital bed for the 2 weeks I am at home- think it may help. Can't believe it is in just 6 days time! Who else is having surgery next week or the following week?

So today it is just 4 more full days to go! I had...

So today it is just 4 more full days to go! I had a bit of a panic session last night cause here in SA we seem to do things a bit differently - i.e: no 'pre op' session with the surgeon. I was extremely worried as to what he was actually going to do and where my scars would be, and how he was going to do the cuts for my breast lift. I chatted to him on the phone about a week ago, but other than that it was only the first appointment that we had done. I called his surgery to ask if I could pop around and see him for a few minutes. His secretary was helpful and told me to come around about 2 hours after I called - it was good timing as he is going away from this afternoon to Sunday night on a golf weekend with his family and friends and isn't at the practice tomorrow, so I got to see him today. I'm sure he'll be rested from the weekend when he does my surgery on Tuesday, as on Monday he has no surgery, only appointments.

I'm the first surgery on Tuesday, so feeling very happy about that. So at the appointment he took time to show me my photographs, and explain to me exactly where the scars would be and the whole procedures. He told me he'll be lipo - ing and cutting about 2 kilograms of fat and skin off - wow! Instant weight loss :) So full TT and breast lift with augmentation (to replace thin tissue). He is doing 290cc silicone implants, and removing about 180cc's of fat and tissue, so my breasts will be just slightly bigger than they are now which I am happy with. He also doesn't need to cut around my nipples, only down and across under the breasts, which is great. I feel better and more excited now knowing what to expect :)

Two more days to go! I have to go to work tomorrow...

Two more days to go! I have to go to work tomorrow (which may be a good thing, to just not think about Tuesday) and after that I'm fetching my hospital bed. I'm also going to try get a raised toilet seat from a pharmacy that rents them nearby to where I live.

I think with that setup I should be ok!! My hubby will be supportive as he is very good at helping and will look after me very well physically. I am not sure how much he will be able to help emotionally though - but my best friend will be there on the day of the surgery and will come and visit me afterwards too. Really lucky to have a supportive hubby and best friend. I have no brothers or sisters, and my other friends are a bit 'removed' supportively from my surgery which is a little sad.
I'll have 13 days at home to rest, so going to make the most of it and just heal.

Did any of you meet your anaesthetist before your surgery? My main worry is that I haven't met mine, and I'll be under for about 5 hours. Doing the last of my shopping today :)

Surgery tomorrow! Phew - night before and I am so...

Surgery tomorrow! Phew - night before and I am so wide awake. It's 10pm and I don't feel I need to sleep at all - must be adrenaline. Going to take a nice shower, shave my legs, take my toe nail polish off and wash my hair just now - all something I won't get to do until about 3/4 days from now. Urgh - for me that will be a challenging one. Good luck to all who have their surgeries this week - I'll post pics and updates as soon as I can. Wish me luck :)

Hi ladies, am now 8 hours post op and feeling...

Hi ladies, am now 8 hours post op and feeling alright. Had one really bad episode of pain about 2 hours after, but they gave me an injection of pethadine into my thigh which really helped.

Feeling pain inside my tummy- hardly feel the boobs. I'm in a post op recovery place (like a guesthouse, wow!) For tonight, and will go home at 10am our time tomorrow.

Thinking of my fellow surgery ladies who were also today. Hope u can update soon xx

Had a relatively good night last night, got given...

Had a relatively good night last night, got given a volaten injection for the swelling, into my bum cheek. Then I had a injection of pethadine, which is for pain. I had really needed it by the time they did it 9.30pm.

I struggle somehow to fall asllep and stay asleep- it could be the anaethetic or the pethadine, been sleeping on and off last night.

I also have those little stocking / leg warmer socks that compress your leg to reduce the chance of DVT. Its almost breakfast time here and I'll be going home at around 10am today. How did your surgery go Chicalife?

Added another pic. Going home now- can't wait to...

Added another pic. Going home now- can't wait to be home :)

Hi everyone, today was my 2nd day post op. It was...

hi everyone, today was my 2nd day post op. It was a difficult day, probably due mostly to the fact that my doc said I could take painkillers every 6 hours, and only if I was in severe pain could I take them 4 hourly. I tried following the instructions rather than listening to my body and the pain got really bad in the middle of the day. my morning and nighttime anti inflammatory med had ask worn off by afternoon. I've now learnt my lesson and am monitoring pain levels. My TT and hernia and muscle repair is what hurts, my breasts aren't too sore thank goodness. My hubby showered me this morning and washed my hair- it felt so great! He has been wonderful, very lucky. I was so exhausted afterwards though from sitting in the shower! I hope tomorrow will be less painful :)

Day 4, and slowly feel like I'm getting there. My...

Day 4, and slowly feel like I'm getting there. My legs are still tingly and feet are swollen, and my tailbone/ lower back is so sore (think I have a pinched nerve) but seeing my PS on Monday morning for first follow up, so really looking forward to that. I had a BM yesterday (not pleasant but survived!) and am eating prunes now to make sure that I stay regular.

The compression garment helps, and hoping I can get my drains out on Monday. I only have the TT drains in - draining about 50 milllitres a day which is very little.

So, I popped a drain out this afternoon - can you...

So, I popped a drain out this afternoon - can you believe it?! I was sitting and started to get up (unsupported) and just felt this 'pop' inside my tummy near to where my belly button is. Then the drainage compartment lost its suction. I had to call my PS on a Saturday afternoon (shame he was so nice) and he said to tie a knot in the tube and reconnect it till I see him on Monday morning. Its Saturday evening here now so is only about a day to go. The drain on the right is still in.

Wow what a day! Hubby just put on my compression...

Wow what a day! Hubby just put on my compression garment again in the bedroom and said 'oh, we need to change these drains'. So I said we should move to the bathroom - and he said nah don't worry he's used to changing them by now, and stayed in the bedroom. So he decants the drain contents into a jug so he can measure, and then promptly drops the jug all over the floor. Blood everywhere, all over the sheet, base cover and floor. Looked like a crime scene :)

He cleaned it all up (he's not afraid of blood or anything bodily at all) and then said he should have listened and moved to the bathroom. So a popped drain and drain contents on the floor later, we're having a productive day. And its our wedding anniversary today! Fun day for all...

So after I popped one of my drains yesterday, a...

So after I popped one of my drains yesterday, a bit later on in the afternoon I could feel it pull out inside somewhere near my belly button. I called the doc and he said to diconnect it as I'm seeing him tomorrow. But the whole of last night it was so sore- could feel the drain pipe snaking around inside my tummy, loose! It seemed to put such pressure on my bladder. I went to the medical surgery this morn to have a doctor remove the loose left drain, feels much better now and bladder irritation seems less so far. Look after your drains :) mine are only draining abour 40cc's a day (for both) so think the other one may come out tomorrow I hope

One week post op today :) been resting, but last...

One week post op today :) been resting, but last night I woke up to find myself in some contortionistic position with my arms spread out on each side of me. It really killed the mood for my upper rectus abdominis muscles where they did the repair! Been burning pain in them on and off, and a muscle cramp like feeling in them today. My bladder is still hyperactive and urgency is still there.

My PS is concerned it might be a urinary tract infection, so am on antibiotics for the possibility. It is a bit better than yesterday though, so may just be the healing/ internal swelling of the cut?

I've posted some pics taken tonight of me in my underwear my PS and I used as a guide for the scar/cut. I'm very pleased with how low he managed to get it. I have micropore tape over the scarring- the scar is like a crease in most parts so think he did a really great stitching job :) I also have a tight two strips of micropore tape on each boob- and they are swollen. He didn't need to cut around the nipple, which is great. Hopefully they settle soon and decrease in swelling a bit.

Very happy with the overall result :)

Hi all. I'm 2 weeks PO today. Time has gone so...

Hi all. I'm 2 weeks PO today. Time has gone so much faster than I thought it would. I went back to work this week, and so feeling a bit more sore than normal.

Over the last few days I have developed a long 'line' of what looks like muscle that's gone into a ridge, above my belly buttonm it appears after a few minutes of not wearing my compression garment, and I always get pain there when it starts. I wonder if it could me a muscle spasm there under my diaphragm where the muscle repair starts?
I saw my PS yesterday and he felt around the area and looked at it, but it wasn't raised at the time he saw it. Just a little worried that it is a problem starting.

Good luck to all those of you with surgeries this week and happy healing to those who have had theirs xx

Hi ladies Well, today I have been sneezing. And...

Hi ladies

Well, today I have been sneezing. And wow, does it hurt! The pain you get afterwards from those upset spasming tummy muscles! I think it is because I had the muscle repair and my PS said he sewed the muscles/ fascia pretty tight. Ouch! How are all you ladies doing? And good luck to the ladies who's surgery is this week.

Hi ladies, so sorry I haven't posted in a while....

Hi ladies, so sorry I haven't posted in a while. Work has been crazy busy and I have been wearing heels, which hasn't helped the back in supporting my healing tummy muscles! Back went into a crazy spasm the other day and made my tummy muscles all spasm too, so am more swollen above my belly button where they did the MR now. Otherwise I am fine, scar is healing nicely, and itching!

Good luck to all those joining the flat side this week x

Wow, 6 months post op - finally posting again!

Hi all

I just realized I have been periodically reading about everyone's progress but never posting on mine. Terrible, sorry for not updating. I can't believe 6 months have passed since my MM, time has really seemed to fly. My scars have faded to a dark pink colour and they seem to fade more and more as each month passes. I've been doing Pilates and have found that the muscle repair did wonders for abdominal muscle strength and tone. It obviously took a while to get back to that strength that I had before, but even in my 3 month post op stage I was then accomplishing what I had when I had weakened ab muscles even 1 year into Pilates.

This op has been a blessing and really has helped me in so many ways, from fitness to self confidence to better stability and core muscle support. I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to do this. Hope all you ladies and guys out there considering this realize the benefits eventually do come after the hard parts :)

I had a great experience and healing journey and thanks to all the support was able to get through it much easier!
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