30 year old, 325cc moderate plus 32A - 32D then cancer

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I recently decided that I wanted to have breast...

I recently decided that I wanted to have breast implants and put my mind to it and made a plan to get it done, i have been on the net researching non stop and have my first appointment on the 7th of April. I am extremely nervous now and wondering if I'm making the right decision to get this done. I am a mom of 2 boys and I'm barely a 34a, I am 5.4" and 114 pounds. I want to go up to a C and thinking moderate plus silicone with 300cc. Has anyone had doubts about going ahead with their surgeries?

Before Pictures

It feels so strange uploading pictures of my boobs on the Internet, I think my husband would be appalled if he found out but I really love this site and looking forward to all the support because I feel that it's so important.

From my before pictures does it look like I will be a good candidate?

To tell friends or not to tell friends...

Only a few more days until my first appointment and I am getting more and more excited. I have actually told a few people that I'm getting this done already, Ive had mixed reviews but I don't really mind. Should I rather keep it quiet? I just know it's going to be obvious so why hide it? Plus I'd rather be upfront than have people wonder and talk about me behind my back.


I can't wait to feel luscious breasts instead of rib cage soon when I or my hubby runs his hands over my chest!

First Consult!

Today was awesome!!!
Apart from a few risks I didnt know about I am even more excited. Everything that I wanted the doctor felt was the best decision for me, we settled for 325cc moderate plus profile under the muscle. Even though I am petite I have a broad boob (can you believe there is such a thing) so my chest can accommodate moderate plus implants, I am so happy that I'm going to be able to have a more natural look. Everything is still set for the 23rd, I guess it's the final count down now.

2 Weeks to go...

2 weeks to go, I wanted to add some more before pictures for records and to help others out there as I know I just love seeing before and after pics of woman with similar stats as myself. I hope I am right in going with 325cc moderate plus profiles, I do definitely want a more natural look but also want to make sure that I will notice a significant difference...

Reshapr Online Tool

What do you think? Honest Opinions are welcome!

1 Week to go!

In 1 weeks time I will be on the other side! I can not believe my whole family is sick and I can feel a very tiny tickle in my throat, my doctor says I must dose up on vitamin c but goodness man does the flu have to show up now????

4 more sleeps!

Only 4 more sleeps until the big day, it really can't come soon enough! I'm still unsure of the size, I chose 325cc moderate plus silicone but am wondering if 300cc would be better? I really don't want to look too fake and top heavy but at the same time I want to make sure that they are big enough?! I wish I had taken photos with the sizers...

Before with Bra and with Sizers

Here's a few pics of before in a 32a bra actually instead of a 34a so I think I'm smaller than I originally thought... As well as with some quick home made sizers, 325cc (well 1 and a quarter cup so I'm hoping that's 325cc as per a video I watched) I think they look good but feel huge.

Less than 12 hours...

As long as I can remember I have wanted breast implants, I watched Dr 90210 religiously and fantasized about what it would be like to get big boobs... Never in my life would I have thought it would become a reality for me. The fact that I'm going in tomorrow for this procedure just blows my mind, it must be a dream!

When I think about all the other more useful things I could have done with the money, new kitchen? Kids school fees for a year? I feel a twinge of guilt, this is by far the most selfish thing I have ever done for my self... I hope that it's all worth it in the end!

This time tomorrow I'll be on the other side!

All Done

What a wonderful experience, I'm still waking up slowly but the local with conscience sedation was a dream, I don't remember a thing. Here's a bad pick of me..

Post Op Day 1

Well I thought I was doing an incredible job at this healing thing but I was wrong! My chest is very red and I'm very swollen, can handle the pain and discomfort but the doctor said I can expect to see some bruising around the breasts especially where it's red... I'm so scared to open my post op bra not sure what I'm expecting to see... Maybe I'll take a peek at them later for a quick pic. I had my best friend helping with the kids today but I think I still over did it. My moms here now and I can't wait to relax and lie down now.

Finally opened the bra...

And I am in LOVE!!!
I am quite bruised in the middle but really am impressed with how they look. Pain is okay, my mom let me sleep in so nicely this morning that I feel like a different person... Time for some tea x

Post Op Day 3

I woke up this morning feeling much better but had to go the shops and with the walking and pushing of the pram I am sore and irritated... Hope I haven't hurt myself :(

Before and After Pic

So excited for them to settle... :)

Post Op Day 4

Breasts haven't changed at all, still quite hard and high and numb around the nipple. I really hope I regain my feeling but no pain at all. I have been able to do dishes and make a cake etc and manage on my own for the last 2 days... If it doesn't feel sore it should be okay to do things right?

I understand how people obsess over this site, I feel like I've made a whole bunch of new friends that I can share this experience with and want to talk to everyone here all the time. Thank you ladies for all the support from all parts of the world x

Post Op Day 4


Post Op Day 7

I can not believe its been a week since my breast augmentation, 1 down and 5 more weeks to go until I can go bra shopping... Can't wait!

I had my second follow up appointment today, it went great. He changed the dressing and I found out I have internal dissolving stitches, have to wear a special tape on the insision for 3 weeks to keep the scar as thin as possible. The cut is still very red but I assume healing fine as he was happy with it.

I am still feeling more sore at night which I battle with, he said that it's from the exertion during the day and I should just take a pain killer to help ease it a bit. Tonight though I feel much better and I hope every night will get easier and easier.

I'm so excited about how they look naked but when the tight post op bra gets strapped on and under clothes I feel that they look small. I have had a few people comment that I should have gone bigger. After all the money and recovery it does hurt a bit to hear this but hopefully with a decent bra I will feel better.

100% Worth It

Can't wait to show them off...

Post Op Bra

When I was first told I would have to wear the post op bra for 6 weeks I was really fine with that, I thought it doesn't matter what I have to wear cause I'll have big boobies and be happy but now that I'm on the other side I can't wait to go bra shopping and see what size I am... I don't know if it's because I feel too small in the post op bra but I just want to show these puppies off so people can see that there is a big difference and all the money was worth it... I have also added 2 photos of my incisions, I think they are healing very well (taken yesterday at 10 days post)

Pic in old Top

Just adding a picture.

Trying on a Bra for the first time...

I went into our bra boutique called La Senza (we don't have Victora Secret in Durban) but this shop I think is pretty close or at least their prices would be. I walked in with my little guy in his pram and asked to try on 32C and 34B medium padding and 32C and 34B no padding... I was given an array of options and headed for the changing rooms. Hmmm how to get big pram into tiny changing room challenge accepted! So after 5 minutes of maneuvering I got the sucker in and closed the door, at this point my baby boy decided it was a good time to start crying so I quickly whip off my top and surgical bra and choose the 34B no padding to start so that if it did fit I wouldn't have the heart ache of being too small in a C...... Low and behold it DOESNT fit! YAY!!!!! So I quickly grab the 32C and put it on, it fits snuggly very snuggly as if I may even fit into a 32D (wishful thinking but it's possible) anyway my child is not letting up and one of the consultants come to check that everything was alright and I decide not to try in the rest. I also was too frazzled and I forgot to take pictures :( but I am so much happier now knowing that I am at least a decent size. My boobs are sore from this adventure, didn't realize that trying bra's on would be painful. Does that go away, if so I assume around 6 week mark? Till my next adventure at the bra shop.... :)

2 Weeks Post Op - questions/ concerns

Evening lovely ladies,

I am 2 weeks post op and everything seems to be going well for the most part. As some of you know I am a mommy to 2 very busy boys aged 3 years and 9 months. The 9 month old always up and down in the arms then moving around, he is BUSY! I stay at home with them and am concerned that the constant lifting and hold may be causing harm. It's not physically sore when I do lift or hold him but I can feel it at the end of the day.

How are incisions supposed to feel at 2 weeks post op? I think mine are healing ok, the right side not as fast as my left and it feels very tender and sore. Is this normal?
I can feel my breasts getting slightly softer but not realistic boob soft yet, do they get softer and if so how long does it usually take?

I am struggling at times to stay happy with the size of my breasts. Attached are my 2 week photos and they look great naked and from the top in the tank top but the side view of the tank top will hopefully explain why I feel this way.


Tracking Progress

Tracking the settling process

Bigger than we think?

Hello :)

Well ladies, my impatience is getting the better of me and I had to try on bra's just one more time. I swear I won't do it again until 6 weeks!

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that I'm a 34C or a 32D in the brands I chose today. So maybe I am bigger than I look, this too me is the best news and am so happy!

I'm still wondering when they are supposed to soften up, they are still quite stiff. I don't mind if it's normal but just concerned if it's not...

I've added pictures of the bras


I love my new Bikini!!!

I had to share some pictures of my new bikini top, I just love it.


How are the incisions supposed to look at 3 and a half weeks post op?

I'm so worried about getting a keloid scar...

One Month Post Op

Hello Everybody,

Today I'm exactly one month post op and I can say that my new boobies definitely feel like a part of me although I still have numbness in the lower part of my breasts but they are a lot softer and feel more natural. I really can not wait to get out of this post op bra!!!

My mom mentioned the other day that my right looks bigger than my left and I said I know it was slightly bigger to start off with but I didn't mind a very slight asymmetry to add to the whole natural look however she then said but it's quite a big difference and now I'm freaking out.

The angles I shot these pics are good I think but there was a few where the right looked almost a cup size bigger. I am hoping that was the light! My right one is the one with out the beauty spots (some photos were taken in the mirror some weren't)

Anyway my incisions are less painful and I don't get much tightness in the mornings anymore which is great.

I still wish they were bigger as I'm feeling quite down about how much money I spent to just be average...

So much happier!


Today I feel amazing, I bought 2 high end slight push up bra's and I am so satisfied with the results!

How much do Victoria Secret bra's go for in general?

I think my boobs look big enough and quite natural (unless I'm in denial, please let me know if they do indeed look overly fake)

Ps: quite nervous showing off my face for the first time but wanted you to see the full length photo for comparison.


6 Weeks, well almost :)

I can smell the 6 week mark, it's getting close!

Taking the girls out for their first rodeo this coming Saturday, can't wait!

Update: They feel great, bras don't hurt anymore and getting much softer. My hubby played with them for the first time on there weekend and I must say it made me feel like a real woman... As daft as that sounds I really got it for him and hoping to be more sexy for the both of us so I'm glad he enjoyed it.

Hope you are all doing great x

Nipples too high?

I know I just updated but am wondering if anyone else's nipples look too high if they raise their arms above their head?

I am freaking out! they seem like they are sitting higher than they used to a few weeks ago, and I keep feeling my nipple to check where it is.

7 Weeks... Don't think they are going to look better than this?!

Good Day All,

I'm just short of 7 weeks post op and I absolutely love having boobs...

I still wish that I had gone bigger and knowing what I know now I would have like to have gone for 375 or 400cc high profile (I would only change the profile to accommodate the size of my chest) maybe if I need a revision in years to come I'll consider this.

I'm wearing my nice push up bras more often and I'm excited to go clothes shopping soon, as soon as I can get a babysitter so I can go carefree for a few hours.

Again my hubby has also loved this change and now when he touches them or "feels" me up it excites both of us, I like that he is also enjoying them as it makes me feel less guilty about how much money we have spent.

I hope all you ladies are doing well.

Decided to review - Not Worth It

Hi beautiful ladies...

I have unfortunately decided to review the procedure as not worth it. Not because of complications but that I feel I wasted so much money... I still feel small chested as in clothes you can barely notice a difference.

If I had the money I would have a revision in a heart beat... Even if the cost was half but to pay this amount again seems ridiculous :(

It is not my plastic surgeons fault, it's not anybody's fault but my own. What I thought I wanted was wrong, I took advice from friends that had the procedure and based the size on what they looked like not realizing that they probably had more to start with since both had no kids etc. I "wanted" a natural C look which I think I definitely got but now I know I wanted to look big, big enough to have people stop and say sho that lady has big boobs. Not disgustingly big but definitely more noticeable.

I have seen a few woman regret going to big but never as much as woman regretting not going big enough so my advice is to go at least 50cc to 75cc bigger than what you want especially for woman with kids as we know how big our boobs can get while pregnant and breast feeding but generally want even bigger than that!

I hope this helps someone else one day to make the right size choice!


Photo - Clothes

Picture - sucking my stomach in and pulling my shoulders back

Moderate Plus vs High Profile

I still feel guilty about the money I've spent to still feel small chested, I can't help thinking about the things I could have done like take my family on an amazing holiday or re do my kitchen and bathroom but instead I spent it on myself.

If I was happy with my size I would definitely feel that it would have been worth it, the confidence boost is wonderful and the way I feel with my husband is great but when I look down I am heart broken. Tonight I am wearing no bra and a t-shirt and when I walked past the mirror I wanted to burst into tears, I look like a small B.

I wish I had researched my sizing better and not settled after one consultation. I advise seeing at least 2 doctors and having at least 2 consultations with the chosen doctor. I also should have researched moderate plus and high profile more, I have attached a picture of the different cc's and their respective diameter and projection. It's a remarkable difference.

I have my last follow up with my surgeon on the 23rd and I am going to beg and plea for either a payment plan or discount or anything that can help me get a revision. I really hope that it will happen and if it does I will be considering 400cc high profile, it has the same diameter of the 325cc moderate plus which I like but the projection and fullness will be considerabley more...

I hope this photo and my review helps some one out there make the right decision.


3 Months - Final Check Up

Hello Everyone,

I had my final follow up consultation and I chatted to my surgeon about my sizing concerns. He sounded very dissapointed that I wasn't happy and I explained that he did a phenomenal job just wish I had gone bigger.

He seemed accommodating and suggested that he does help with regards to the cost to get a revision done, he just asked me to wait 3 months and if I'm still unhappy to come back and see him.

I felt the sizes again and I compared 325cc moderate with 450cc high profile and the projection is completely different, he did say that I will lose my nice tapered / natural effect if I go big high profile which concerns me a little so now I need to do a lot of researching on this site for 450cc girls and weigh the up the pro's and con's.

My hubby and in laws will be going away in September and taking my toddler with so if I do this it will have to be then. I am just waiting on the surgeons availability and revised pricing before I make up u mind...

4 Months Post Op

Hey All, Hope every one is well. Not much has changed this side. I am 4 months post op and am still numb from my nipple down, I do hope that it comes back to normal eventually. I'm still trying to figure out ways to pay back the money spent on this operation, (to my hubby not the doctors) every day is a bit of a struggle trying not to feel guilty for wasting a part of our savings. Don't forget ladies... High profile all the way Xxx

Hurts to do a pull up?

Hello everybody,

I can't believe it's only been 6 months since my surgery. It feels like it's been years...

Anyway I was wondering from the ladies that gym if it hurt to do monkey bars or pull ups? I still can't do a pull up, it feels as though my scars or cuts are going to rip open...

Bad News

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had problems with a lump and redness that I thought was a complication from the implants. So after all this and having beautiful boobs, they will probably be cut off after chemo. My heart is broken and I am completely shattered. Please ladies if there is anything unfamiliar or night quite right get it checked out as soon as you notice it...

Bi-Lateral Mastectomy

Hello Real Self Members,

It's been a few months since my last post and the devastating shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

I received so many messages of love and support that I wanted to give a bit of un update.

So I was diagnosed with Stage 3 locally advanced IDC breast cancer with an inflammatory response (was also in my skin), I completed 15 rounds of chemo and have just had a bi-lateral mastectomy with lymphnodes removed under both arms... I am one of the rare ones that cancer affected both sides. In 2 weeks I start radiation and all my hard treatments should be over by the end of October.

I am only allowed to consider reconstruction a year after finishing radiation. When that happens I will write a new review under the reconstruction section.

I wanted to document the last picture of myself with boobies and me now (with dressings).

As I have mentioned before, if there is anything that feels strange, hot, red, lump of any kind GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. Rather be safe than sorry, cancer has no age limit.

Lots of love


This is my chest now, it feels like someone has taken a piece of string and tied it tightly around my chest.

Between my very short hair and no boobs, I look very boyish and cannot wait to have reconstruction.

But.... I just learnt that I'm in remission! I have never been more happy!

New Stage IV Diagnoses

My remission was short lived...

Cancer has returned in several nodes in my chest and liver.

Reconstruction is no longer an option.

Please try be happier with your bodies ladies... in the end it won't matter what we looked like x

Such an idiot for being unhappy

Just had a quick read at my story and all I can say is that I was a complete idiot... my new boobs were absolutely perfect, they were big enough and so beautiful. The doctor couldn't have done a better job.

I was a complete fool ????
Dr Paul McGarr

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