Breast Lift with Implants and Uneven Sized Breasts - South Africa

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I had different sized breasts, my left breast was...

I had different sized breasts, my left breast was triple the size of my right breast. Something i always wanted sorted out one day after i had kids. Little did i know that after my kids, the different sized breasts would'nt be my only problem. i breastfed my daughter for a year. my breasts took a strain and sagging took part of my breast dilemma.

i spent many months trying to find a trustworthy surgeon. i came across many "cosmetic surgeons" who were in fact, GP's. certainly not qualified for my needs. After several consultations with several surgeons, I decided to go with DR C. word of mouth is the most trustworthy source afterall.

I am now 2 weeks post op, and am very satisfied with the results. i was informed that my case was a difficult one to correct and that i would not be able to be totally symetrical. due to the fact that one breast was triple the size to the other.

I spent hours researching the healing process. I found my breasts to be more painful than some ppl have said theirs were. the reason for that was because on the one outer side of the right breast i got an excruciating stinging burning pain that at times felt unbearable. that does not get mentioned much on the internet, thats why i'm mentioning it on here. as i discovered after phoning my plastic surgeon, that it is normal and usually happens on your dominant side. 2 weeks later and i am starting to feel "normal" again.

i am so happy with the results. i'm very excited to see the final results. the reason I am posting my experience is because I want DR C's name to show up for any other women who are still in the plastic surgeon research phase to know that he is an amazing and very skilled, trustworthy doctor.

I will follow up with photo's in a few months. good luck to all the woman out there who are facing breast lift/ augmentation surgery :)

Dr Vernon Ching

I spent a long time trying to find a suitable and trustworthy doctor capable of the difficult job of my required procedure. He is an amazing RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEON in every aspect.

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