Botox Created New Wrinkles Under my Eyes and Gave Me Weird Chipmunk Cheeks!

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1o weeks ago I had Botox injected between my brow...

1o weeks ago I had Botox injected between my brow and into my crows feet area. I had it done once before between the brow area and the results were wonderful. I'm 35 and I don't even know why I had this procedure done in my crows feet area because I didn't even have crows feet. I thought that I would delay getting wrinkles.

My results were horrible - 3 days later I noticed that my cheeks looked like a chipmunk and I suddenly had wrinkles under my eyes that were NOT there before because of the weird way my cheeks were bunching under my eyes. To make matters worse, I decided to change my face cleanser because I thought that the wrinkles under my eyes might improve if I use a product that is more nourishing (I've always had a flawless, smooth skin). I had a bad reaction to this new product and developed a rash on my face. It has now been 6 weeks since I tried this new skin care product and I still have a rash :(

I am absolutely devastated because I look terrible from the Botox and this rash and I've hardly left my house in 10 weeks. My work has suffered and my children and husband are really being affected by all this. I'm living like a hermit - too complexed to face people. Christmas and holidays are almost here and I don't want to put my nose out my front door. I'm so scared that the Botox has permanently affected my face and that the cleanser has ruined my skin. I've never been so depressed in my entire life. This has been the most traumatic experience I have ever endured and the worst 10 weeks of my life. I don't know if I can handle it for much longer. I was always attractive and proud of my looks and I now feel the complete opposite.

I have read about the amazing effects of facial muscle exercises and I have bought a book and DVD and started doing the exercises, but the muscles that were botoxed are still completely paralysed and I will only be able to do some of the exercises properly once the mobility returns.

Has anyone completely recovered and returned back to normal after having a bad Botox experience and if so, how long did it take? I will NEVER inject my face with this poison EVER again.

It is now 20 weeks since I had Botox and I still...

It is now 20 weeks since I had Botox and I still have all the same symptoms. I have never been so depressed in my entire life. I really hope that things start improving soon because I don't know if I can take this for much longer.

It is now 23 weeks since I had Botox and I'm...

It is now 23 weeks since I had Botox and I'm finally feeling more hopeful that things will return to normal.

I have seen a MAJOR improvement in the last 3 weeks and my face is starting to look normal again, thank goodness. I'm not sure if it is due to the time factor or if my Bioptron light, facial muscle exercises and acupuncture have contributed to the healing, it is difficult to say, but I am relieved that my old facial proportions have returned and that my new under eye wrinkles are improving. The cheek ptosis that I developed after Botox is not so exaggerated any more and I am starting to look like my old self. :-)

I am ecstatic!!


7 months/30 weeks update - My upper...

7 months/30 weeks update - My upper eyelids are now drooping and puffy and I have a new horizontal line coming out from the outer corners of each eye when I smile...uugghh.  I still have the new lines under my eyes, although they are looking better and I still have slight cheek ptosis (chipmunk cheeks with flat sides). When I smile I now have slight puckering by the crows feet area and I can STILL feel the Botox in my face. My skin rash has returned through all my stressing about Botox and I am unable to do my resistance facial muscle exercise because they make the rash worse. I'm wondering when this nightmare will come to an end.

BOTOX IS REVOLTING and I sincerely hope that if anyone is considering injecting their faces with this poison, they will change their minds after reading all the negative posts on this site. I deeply regret having it and wish that I could turn back the clock. It was the worst mistake of my life! I hope that my next update is more positive.

I had Botox injected into my crows feet area 10 weeks ago and I absolutely hate the results. My cheeks have a chipmunk effect when I smile and I have new wrinkles under my eyes that have formed from the bunching created by my cheeks when I smile. I had NO wrinkles under my eyes before I had Botox. I have not seen any improvement and I can't stand the way I look. Has anybody returned completely back to normal after having the same bad results as me from Botox?

5 and a half year update!

It's been 5 and a half years since I had Botox and I can honestly say that it's the biggest regret of my life. I have come a long way and if it wasn't for the regular facial muscle exercises ( Carolyn's Facial Fitness Program) that I have been doing for all these years, I don't want to know what my face would look like. It looks much better compared to 5 and a half years ago, but it has never returned completely back to what it was before Botox. I had no wrinkles or crows feet at all and my eyelids were firm. I was stupid to have it when I didn't even need it. Botox has left me with a slightly saggy upper eye lid on my right eye and when I smile very widely I have crows feet. When I smile gently or don't smile at all, the crows feet disappear. Botox made the muscles bunch up the side of my eyes when I smile and it's permanent. Botox causes permanent, irreversible damage to muscles that never recover fully. The more severe the damage, the less likely that the muscles will ever return to normal! It ruins the face! Nobody should put this revolting poison near them. Luckily, I didn't have severe damage when I had my Botox disaster in comparison to many other people on this site, but I've always worried a lot about my appearance and enjoyed being an attractive person who always looked much younger than my age, so when my face suddenly changed for the worse and I looked older, I was absolutely devastated to put it mildly. I became depressed for a very long time and my health took a toll from the continuos stress. My life changed completely and I didn't want to go out and see people. I am very critical of my appearance and I've learnt to smile more gently so that the crows feet aren't so noticeable and luckily I have long eyelashes that hopefully hide my slightly saggy right eye, but I will never be the same person, which makes me very sad. I so wish that I could turn back the clock. I've lost a lot of confidence and when I see photos of how young and fresh I looked before Botox, I get angry. I do believe in the law of attraction and that we get more of what we focus our attention on, so I try focus on good things and visualize my face being beautiful and young. My face has healed about 90% since having Botox and it's very firm from doing facial muscle exercises, but the 10% damage that is left behind will NEVER recover.

Botox will in many cases causes permanent damage to the muscles

It has now been over 7 years since I had revolting Botox injected into my face and my upper eyelids never recovered properly from the droopyness (ptosis) that Botox created. I've just had an upper blepharoplasty 4 days ago to correct the damage. I've been doing regular facial muscle exercises since I had the Botox disaster 7 years ago and although it's kept the rest of my face young and fresh, it did not make a difference to my upper eyelids - I'm sure the muscles damage was too severe to be reversed, I'm very worried about the blepharoplasty procedure because the swelling and cut wounds are quite hectic - I wasn't expecting it to be such a major thing, which is very stressful. Having Botox was the worst thing I ever did and I know that's it's a time bomb with all the millions of people who are getting injected with this poison. Even young girls in their early twenties are getting it and think that it's ok with no side effects. Everyone's going to be very sorry further down the line when they start seeing permanent damage on their faces. There is no way that this poison can be injected year after year without complications and believe me there are MANY serious complications that arise from Botox.
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Botox made me look older.

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