Sounds of Crackling and Weird Belly Button

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I had my tt on March 19th. I am still swollen and...

I had my tt on March 19th. I am still swollen and I'm really aggravated because I want my stomach to look flat. My huge issue that bothers me is my belly button. The inside of it is enlargened and it looks weird. I told the doctor only one thing before surgery. I made him promise to give me a nice oblong belly button instead of a large round one like I see on websites about tummy tucks. Well, He told me at my first post-op visist that it would go down bc it's swollen. I see pictures of other tt patients and their belly buttons don't look enlargened like this.

I am freaking out about it. Another concern I have is the crackling sound I heard in my upper abdomen. I was rubbing my upper stomach and I heard fluid moving around. Doc said that it will eventually be absorbed but now I am freaking out bc I think that I may have had the drains taken out too soon. The last one was around 33 cc's. Anyone experience either of my concerns???

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