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Typically speaking, I'm not that into plastic...

Typically speaking, I'm not that into plastic surgery. I think I've always joked that if I met my goal weight I'd get the ladies done.

Anyways, a year ago a met my 100 pound weight loss mark. I still seemed like I had tons to lose, although at 6'3, ladies shouldn't be too thin. I waited it out a year to see where things would land and if the stubborn fat would spread or lessen. Things bounced up but maintained it's fluffy shape.

After a few consultations and recommendations, I ended up going to Sonobello in Denver. I have to admit, the reviews made me EXTREMELY nervous. However, their bedside manor was unbelievably great. In hindsight, I think that reading too many reviews is bad. It's far to easy to relay a negative review then a positive one. So, I chose to sit with everyone and accumulate my own opinion, who I clicked with, and who made me feel most comfortable.

My starting BMI was/is 23.4. I wear a 31/36 pant, usually a med to large top, 36B bra. My main areas of concern were in this order - my gut shelf (the ridge of fat above my naval...soooo big and ugly), my love handles to flank, my hips, thighs, lower abs and finally knees. I hadn't considered my knees an issue until I spoke with another patient in the waiting room. She had come back to have those done, since once her thighs were done the knees looked large and swell moved it's way down.

After working with the consultant and doctor (yes there is a sales person in this, whom by the way checked in on me the entire time...the consultant was never not there); we decided to split the procedure into two stages. First would be my top half upper ab, lower ab and hips. The second stage would be the inner and outer thighs and knees.

It's important to state I've already had the first stage of the procedure, and let me tell you, drugs are gooooooooood. I think the most painful part was the local.

They haven't called me, but that's just as well. I never answer my phone anyways. However, they send reminder emails once or twice a day. Which for me, is way better. My memory was spent after the procedure so these subtle taps on the shoulder are exactly what I needed.

I am 72 hours post first stage and I can say "TAKE YOUR ARNICARE IT WORKS." It's over the counter. Don't wait on a doctor to recommend it, the sooner you start taking it the better. I may just add it into my daily routine, given I bruise so damn easy. The creme is also awesome. Rub it in wherever you plan on having work done.

At 72 hours post, I am swollen, but expected it. How could you not? I am trying to keep it low sodium, but that's difficult in general. I have a wrist pedometer that goes off about thirty minutes of not moving. It's pretty awesome. Again, those automated reminders are my all time favorite. My pelvis is pretty swollen, and I'm going to head out to look for a compression short here in a few. I've also decided to leave the binder on a majority of the day. Instructions from the surgeons suggest you could take it off now, but the best results come from consistent compression. I work from home so this isn't a huge deal to me, plus it helps with my posture. New waist, new and improved posture, what's not to enjoy??

Hmm, what else can I say? You don't need poise pad panty things. Your first day, yes, have a couple extra maxi's and surgical tape, you're going to have tons of drainage. I changed out twice that first day (3 sets of pads in total), day 2 I started using gauze. I made little pads to eliminate the bulk and taped them down with surgical tape. My fiance, who is completely freaked out by the holes, insisted on wrapping my entire torso with the gauze. It's itchy, but it helped hold all the cover ups I think. Today, I just did the little pads.

One more thing, do have someone with you. At about the 12th hour post procedure I became "awake" best way to explain it. I was pretty disoriented, didn't know where I was or how I got there. That lasted about three minutes and I calmed back down, fell asleep.

Alright, well, that's my wrap up on that stage. I have one more round in a week. I hope that it goes as smoothly as the first.

My own advice:
1. prepare food in advance (I made burgers and grilled chicken to put on greens)
2. stay off of your phone during procedure and about 48 hours after (similar to drunk texting)
3. invest in a back massager. My back felt so much better just relieving that stress.
4. walk. circulation helps you heal.
5. no startches, they help the swell
6. bring headphones, although I totally ended up chatting the entire time.
7. don't read too many reviews. Choosing the doctor is like choosing a hair stylist. Someone may be super talented but if you're put off by their personality, it's not a good match. Adversely, someone who doesn't have any reviews but a remarkable bedside manor could be your best bet. Remember you are trusting them and will be nekkie in front of them a lot.
8. stool softner - yep
9. start arnicare at least a week before - pill and cream
10. have someone with you those first 12 hours at the very least
11. eat before you go in

That covers me for now! More to come and pictures to post!


Days 3, 4, 5, 6

Ok, tomorrow is my post op for my mid section and pre op for my lower half (which is Saturday).

Here's my diary I've kept since the start:

2200cc upper lower ab and hip/flanks - BUH BYE GUT SHELF!!
Love me some drugs, I look like a water fountain when changing wraps. Get a back massager if you didn’t get much done back there! Woke up, didn't know where I was at. Miss college.

Holy crap I’m sore. No swelling yet, I know it’s coming.

OH F*** I’m swollen. My mind is blown, I generally keep a low sodium diet as a rule of thumb. My ankles blend into my calves. I must say tho, I see my hip bones, never knew I had them. The bruising isn’t awful either, I believe arnica is the BOSS. I’ll be using it year round to prevent bad bruising during snowboarding season.

Sigh, I am sad, there was a foot of powder the day of the surgery. Wish I was there ;) Two mile walk with pup, and a few strolls later in the day. I also worked on my feet from 5-10pm, I was very swollen and stiff at the end of that. SO SWOLLEN. I went and tried a bunch of shaping garments on today. I wonder if I should just buy a steel busk corset and wear to bed every night, barf. Did I mention the swelling is all over??

AM -
According to my calculations, I walked two miles this morning. I also attended my pilates reformer class for an hour, followed by pilates on the ball and roller. The roller hurts, but I know it’s stimulating circulation which will heal me. I am going to look for a lymphatic masseur this eve and hope to get in sometime this week. Also, my follow up is in a few days. My measurements are up about .5 inches and my weight up about 4 pounds. It’s really nothing I didn’t expect. I have sworn to myself I will not get angry about my weight or measurements until a full month has passed non both procedures. It would be unrealistic otherwise. Also, bought a ton of greens and other antioxidants to supplement my days. I am going to drink my detox tea I usually drink steadily during my juice fasts, in general it’s a really good way to remove the toxins in your body. I’m not sure why I didn’t consider it before, seems like with all the melted butter up in da belly, cleansing wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m screaming foul words if I turn wrong, but I’m drama in general. I consider this a new part of the “Danie” character. Tonight I shall drink kale and apple while watching the Mindy Project, she is, afterall, my spirit animal.
PM - I ate way too much salad, momma hurts.

No cerveza – BOOOO. Honestly, I don't have a lot to report, much of the same. I am keeping BOTH garments given to me on. I did buy a bathing suit style one. I wear it to bed with the big white velcro compression garment. I am considering this my "treat." I wish M&Ms would cease to exist. They are my comfort food. Anyways, pretty with the program today, feeling good, drinking water, eating salad. I am constipated which makes me even more uncomfortable in the belly. Also the white garment thing is digging into my skin or rubbing, the incision sites are not what hurt. Who knew?

I also decided that today I will walk like I am hot stuff...like everywhere. Gonna fake it till I make it. I added my xbox Just Dance to my morning routine, 30 minutes. Now, to be clear, this isn't my weight loss or even circulation tool. I am doing it for my spirit, you know, after all, I'm hot stuff (you saw me walk right?).

Naval incision is still oozing a bit, the other six sites are not. I decided to start with Neosporin and only cover the naval site for blood.

Tomorrow is my post op, I think I'm nervous. I'm so worried that they will slap me on the hand and tell me I effed up my recovery. I know that won't happen, but I think I have some anxiety about it (more then the next procedure).

I know that this site is intended to share experiences, but some people have such negative things to say and they census is 79% say worth it??? I guess it is easier to share bad news. I promised myself at the beginning of this review that I would stay positive, even if the results were not immediate or close to what I had expected. I consider the procedure another instrument in my tool belt on my journey to happy healthy body. There is never going to be a one size fix all to a problem that's attached to so many parts of our overall body. Action - reaction - take reaction - another action. It's a chain, you get it.

Anyways, I'm totally not shopping for the sexy cloths like one would think a post lipo chick would do. I am totally hunting for comfortable compression garments for tall people. LOL. I get all excited when there is something available in black and nude - even happier if it's below the knee.

Tight now I have been giving myself breathers with trial garments, maybe just at night or couple hours during the day. So far DKNY has a swimsuit style one I like, with adjustable straps and and bra opening. It's actually kind of sexy, as sexy as this gets. The other kind I like is a Maidenform from Target, the boyshort/tank ready to wear. Since I have itty bitty tatters, I usually don't wear a lot of bra, it feels like I'm choking. Anyways, I can get away with no bra in that one, it doesn't ride up and the crotch snaps are not hooks (unlike it's high end retail counterpart). Oh, and the high end retail maiden forms are meh. The cheaper ones are actually much more comfortable. I can also say they have better compression. When I go shopping these days, I take a measuring tape. I hate doing returns. People look at you so strange when you bring back a broken massager and under garments.

Posting all pics I have today. Please don't be too judgy. I am still quite swollen and retain water easily in general.

Also, my pelvis is where the bruising is mostly at. I refer to it as my Blueberry Muffin, as you can too ;)

DAY 6 - Brain Fart

This means less to me then the shape of things, but thought I'd share. I'll update my review with measurements later. I keep a dry erase board attached to the bathroom mirror and scribble that jazz out.

Pre Op 187
Day 3 189.4
Day 5 184.2

Mom was right, I should have gone into creative writing, I'd enjoy it. Although, secretly waiting for the moderators to kick off my posts. No biggie, life is way too long to be serious all the time.


Not Surgery Related!

Ok, pre/post is today at 2:30, updates to follow.

BUT I HAVE GROWN HERBS!! Patting my Brooklyn back today. City folks can be taught!!

Ok, maybe this is surgery related. Eat fresh!! Eat clean!! Grow it if you can!!


Addendum To My Purpose for Sharing

I created this reply to a comment below, but wanted to share it in the review because I believe it is important.

**Alright, home from work, getting ready to start my 3B routine - bed, beer and blogs. Well, these days it's cider and very rarely.

My comments are in no way meant to diminish anyone else's experience. I am an over stressor. I will obsess and obsess over any topic until I would find myself tethered to the computer and not bathed for three days. For this, and my scalp picking habit because I do pick out my own hair strand by strand, I take meds for. Meds I had to suspend during my pre surgery time. In doing so, I had to maneuver a way to regulate my own behavior. Repeating to myself, I will not over read I will not over read. It has been my own experience, that obsessing all happened pre me entering this community. I read long and hard, and what ended up helping me from obsessing about everyone else's outcome, was joining the community. Negativity breeds more negativity. Individuals can psych them selves out and be totally convinced their lives are botched. When in actuality, it's not at all. One young lady on here had the same areas as myself done, she looked phenomenal afterwards. Absolutely stunning. Her posts would were full of complaints. She was convinced it was botched, that she looked the same.

A woman's confidence is VERY infectious.

Perhaps I did not state my intentions or back ground thoughtfully.

I'd like to say that this review, Real Self board, is about the entire experience. From my 25 year struggle with confidence issues, to losing 100 lbs, gaining 100 lbs, gaining and losing it again. I am 37 years old. I don't believe in quick fixes and I don't believe things come with no effort. I went through the ringer after moving to NYC. I went there and grew up. Instead of having an idea of what I want, I've got a list of things I don't. I found my quirks were my assets and that I don't really ever feel like losing my youthful soul. The experiences I'll keep. The one thing I could not embrace was the gut shelf. I mean, a girdle could embrace it, but I'd imagine going home with some guy on a date, breaking out of it and him screaming CATFISH! If you aren't familiar with the term as a verb, please look it up.

For all that and more, I'm here. The choice to enter into the world of plastic surgery is all financial, mental, and physical. All things must be at least medium to fair skies, or it could be a difficult road.

From age 11 to now, I've looked at my shelf everyday. Then I'd look at the other girls, they didn't have it. Then something changed, most faded and let go - so to speak. I realized my life to exciting, my job is super exciting, I friggin love projection mapping. I'm excited about life and you know what, I am changing the out to match the inside.

For anyone who is just interested in lipo disaster porn, I'm not going to give it. That isn't in my personality. Sarcasm? yes, over sharing? every damn day.

If things start to sour, my intentions are to remain objective and thoughtful. I am NOT going to back slide into self deprecating negative behavior. My body is mine and I sustain that no matter what, I will love it just the same.**

Today's Post Op Stage 1 and Pre Op Stage 2

My pre op variables are back to normal and I'm at something close to where I was activity wise prior.

1. Maintaining the gluten free
2. Continually (10 years or more) low sodium
3. Back to five miles a day, incline. Gym or outside. Rainy today.
4. Back on the reformer five hours per week (although I am cramming because my rear is going to hurt next week)
5. Back to my normal creative self. Did I mention I was an artist? I finally took it into tech, and now work large corporate conventions and concerts.
6. Back to my volunteerism - I

Ugh, it keeps clipping my reviews

Sucks.. I was all introspective and thought I had developed some good insight. Shared the changes and progress and what's to come.

Oh well, over it tonight.

Sticking Around Until the Weekend...

**Then I will switch to my own blog to share and document my entire experience.**
I'm a little confused but that's ok. I'm going to share my comments, let them stay up until the weekend, and then I'll pull the whole review down.

1. I would never encourage a woman or anyone to have a surgical procedure without thoroughly investigating the entire process. From reflection on their pre surgical lifestyle, the doctor, the procedure, the after effects and the maintenance. For me, I did that. I waited for my skin to repair on it's own for a year, I focused on clean living so my outcomes would be ok, I found and tracked a doctor across the country that I liked.
2. There are women on here, maybe not within this procedure, but in others that did not take care of themselves before, during or after. It's important to know that the surgeon can only do so much. Your decisions and lifestyle have to be sustainable and able to carry the procedure of choice. If you ate bad before, and ate bad after lipo, that fat does grow into places where it was not melted. Also a reason I waited a year. Also a major discussion during MANY of my consultations.
3. Surgery can go wrong, or our bodies reject it. It's unfortunate. Our bodies are vast systems, linked together in many ways science hasn't even scraped the surface on. I don't know if my gut shelf will stay away or come back. Why? Well, it won't be because I didn't exercise, eat well or had a bad surgeon. It could be a bad laser day. As scary as that sounds, it's VERY possible. Have you ever had a bad hair day? No matter how hard you tried, shit had a mind of it's own.
4. Disaster porn and the ilk. My home was destroyed by a tornado years ago, one of the more disastrous ones (it was so sad actually, not for myself, but many others lost so much more). Our lives were nothing but that for the extent of that year and into the next. People drove from miles and miles away to see the destruction. They were in the way, and not helping AT ALL. The same happened with Sandy, gawkers. The same happened in lower manhattan. Some people really love destruction and propagating it. So when I refer to any of that nature, that may be on here, know it's NOT in a perverse way. It's because people push that badness around, want to look at it, stare at it, enjoy the wreck. If you were to track unique IPs to this site, I'd take a bet that there are a GREAT MANY more than there are reviews. Why? Because there are people truly interested and need to research and get real time advice. However, there are others that poke through the pics that might have thought they wanted the procedure and got caught up in all the bad experiences. It only becomes disaster porn to the unique individual, if they get absorbed in the destruction of anything, that's when it transfers over. Tornadoes, car wrecks, hurricanes, earthquakes, political scandal, any surgery gone wrong (you know there are sites designed just to showcase that negativity).
5. I, personally, would not have had this procedure if it wasn't FDA approved. We are lucky here, Laser Assisted Lipo has been FDA approved since Jan 31 2008. Given it's year of approval, I can only assume the populous was busy watching the stock market crash, bail outs flying around willy nilly, and saving every penny just in case. A PDF of the document is located on the ASoPS for consumers to view/download/print etc. All prospective clients, should make sure that their surgeons meet all requirements assigned by the society.
6. This procedure is VERY new. Bad things will happen, it might happen to me. I don't know. It was a risk I was willing to take. I had the discussion with my GP, OB, mom (surgical nurse and patient of ps), and my final surgeon. Am I good candidate? All things assessed, yes. Could something arise? Totally. Cars give out on the highway, and the technology is not so new. I realize this metaphor is very cold and boiled down.
7. People have died from the procedure. I had investigated a few before the sign off and omg even more after. I scared the piss out of myself. I made it my mission (and how I landed on real self reviewing), to find out why. The one girl I connected with was actually a patient of my surgical center (other location). I read and read and read and read. She didn't tell anyone she was doing the procedure, let alone tell the doctor she was on anti depressants. Her blood pressure shot through after her taxi driver (a man she claimed was her parent) the roof and that was that. When it comes to the body, you can not afford in any circumstance to not be honest with your medical professionals. It is vital, not everything mixes.
8. Why am I here? I can tell you about my months of research, digging around my mother surgery, watching her limp in pain. I can tell you about my doctor. I can tell you if he was nice, clean, or smart, personable, certified etc. And I will. BUT I think it's really important to be honest, assess yourself, know what to expect before during and after. I think it's really important to eat anti-inflammatory foods like pineapple and melons, I want to share that. It helps a lot. I want to tell you to not grab poise pads, get med grade tape and gauze. It's less bulky and your body will not start to heal in it's shape. I want to encourage those working on their abdomen to really assess what is that bothers them the most. Would waist training work better? Sleep in a busked corset every night and you will lose inches literally. It's not comfortable AT ALL but it's cheap and effective. I wanted to review the doctor, procedure and myself. I wanted to share that and maybe encourage women to see things through another lens. It's not a quick fix, and you have to do work too. How's my mental state during this? My mood? Am I miserable? Are people saying hostile comments? How am I handling that? Can I talk to someone here about it? These are the sorts of things I wanted to share and before this thread felt comfortable in doing so. I see that it isn't the space for that, and doctor reviews are solely what everyone here wants. I do not want my reviews and posts to cause people to not think intelligently, I want them to review the bigger picture realistically. I don't really have a lot more to say. If you made it this far, I guess thank you for sticking with me, and if I caused you some sort of strife or bad feelings, or felt like I pushed to blindly jump into surgery (which is NOT what I recommend), I am sincerely apologetic.

Thanks for all the supportive comments during my healing process, I have an amazing and positive outlook on everything and every

If you're looking to deflate and have no support, this is the site for you. If you want people to tell you that you will suffer, hurt and look horrible soon. This site is for you. If you enjoy misery. The people here will share theirs with you. If you like having conversations with individuals who don't practice critical reading, you'll find many. If you took this posting personally, you're probably right. Except for the Community Manager "TwoPlusOne." If you want any kind of real time advice, she is sincerely the most educated. And since I can't delete this review, I guess the negativity gets to grow in the comments section. Best of luck.
1. Be informer - Talk to you General Practitioner before anything. If you don't know who that is, that's your "doctor."
2. Read about the procedure your interested in. I wouldn't really advise here, look for more credible documented sources.
3. Be realistic. Liposuction in all forms requires your follow through. Your caloric intake and activity level must be adjusted post operatively.
4. Regular juice fasting for removal of toxins. I sustain that doing this pre op is great (I do it every three months, even before the procedure). Most lymphatic massage therapists can recommend one or refer you to a doctor assisted fast. It's important to remove the TOXINS. Your surgeon cannot do it all, you MUST BE SELF RELIANT and know that YOU ARE PART OF THE SUCCESS IN PLASTIC SURGERY. YOU ARE AN ACCOUNTABLE ADULT, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND WORK.
5. Attend an open house
6. If you're GP doesn't have a recommend for you, interview five surgeons.
7. Be honest with your surgeon about EVERYTHING. Not doing so can result in failed results or injury to self.
8. Eat Anti-inflammatory foods in the days leading up and forever after the procedure.
9. Drink LOTS of water
10. Use Arnica Montana religiously
11. Again, run far from this site. It's like using The National Enquirer as your bibliographic reference on a term paper. We both know it is not valid. The only comments you should be taking into consideration are those that were posted by medical professionals in the Q&A section, the rest is fluff and emotional masturbation.

Take care, Be Safe, Be Realistic, and Stay Positive

Hendersonville Plastic Surgeon

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