My Journey to Smart Lipo - Abs, Waist & Back bra roll... My gift to me!

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3/7/13 I have been thinking of lipo for over 2...

I have been thinking of lipo for over 2 years. I have researched, read reviews, watched Youtube videos and researched some more. I have thought about going to Dominican Republic to have lipo done, since they say it's cheaper. I decided not to go that route because, what if something happens to me? Also, for my post check ups they are done via phone... I'm sorry, I want the doctor to see the work he has done on me. I have a 1 week, 3 month & 6 month follow up after surgery... I don't see how logically going to DR or anywhere else abroad would make sense. Since price was always an issue, my inner voice kept questioning me if this was the right choice. Well I finally decided to get it done here in Boston, where I can recover in my own home.

What I did do for the last 2 years was, learn portion control, started eating healthier, walking more and preparing my body and mind for a lifestyle change. I started taking skinny fiber pills which are all natural. They help me with my portion control and to lose some of my excess weight. (w) bdskinny1 dot sbc90daychallenge dot com - Check out that site for more info on losing weight with an all natural product.

FYI... You are charged by your bmi to get smart lipo done. So the lower your bmi, the better pricing & results you will get. With the weight that I loss, I got my body ready for the smartlipo surgery. The doctor said I was a perfect candidate and my results should be amazing.

So my journey begins... I went to my pre-op yesterday. I was given 4 prescriptions... 1 for anxiety, 1 for nausea, 1 is an antibiotic and 1 is a painkiller. They also gave me Arnica which I started today, it's for muscle aches, bruising, swelling and stiffness. It was required I started the Arnica 2 days prior to surgery and tomorrow I start the antibiotic.
I was told to shower Friday night with an antibiotic soap and Saturday before surgery as well. I was also, told to bring in all of my prescriptions to my surgery. I told them I don't have anxiety issues, but they make you get the meds anyway.

Ok, so I am 5'6" and 158lbs, bmi of 25.5, I am getting my upper abs, lower abs, waist & back bra roll done. I will admit I am a bit nervous. But I am hopeful as well. I am looking forward to a new me, or maybe a renewed me I should say! But none the less... this is my journey I'm willing to share it with you... stay tuned for more updates & photos! =)

3/8/13 So it's the night before... I have started...

So it's the night before... I have started taken my antibiotics along with Arnica. I'm having doubts about doing this surgery.... My own personal battle with myself. I also had the clinic call and reschedule me for a later time in the day. Is it devine intervention?

I know I came this far... I have to finish what I started. Going ahead and getting this done tomorrow afternoon. Right now I'm getting my bedroom ready with old sheets, plastic to cover the mattress and my night stand table lined up with all my meds & bandages. The anticipation is driving me crazy...

Ok, so surgery was a hassle yesterday... I was...

Ok, so surgery was a hassle yesterday... I was scheduled for 7am, then it got pushed back to 4 : 45pm because of equipment issues. I then got pushed back 2 more hours! At that point I was aggravated. But the staff was awesome, they kept checking on me & apologizing for the delay.

So there it is 7pm and the procedure began. They had me take a pill for nausea, and an axiety pill before we started surgery. For the most part, I did not feel pain. There was some discomfort in certain areas, but I told the doc & he gave me more local anesthesia. It felt like one of those wooden rolling massage with wheels on it. Like a Tonka truck the kids play with. Lol No real pain except a burning sensation when the incisions were made.

Afterwards when I first stood up, I had a lot of drainage. I asked them to allow me to stand there to drain as much as I can. I was then helped into my compression garment. I got dress, & was wheeled out to my ride.

I got home had some toast, took my antibiotics, Arnica & hydrcodone for pain. My doctor called me personally to make sure I got home safe & to check on how I was feeling. After that I went to bed.

Ok, it's 14 hours later, I have been up & walking around... Still draining a little bit. No pain killers yet, I just feel sore... like I had a serious workout & my muscles are sore. It's hard to sit on the toilet, cause it's so low & to get into bed since it so high. But besides that, I'm feeling great! No nausea! :-) So relaxing in bed & walking around the house every 2 hours to help the blood circulation! :-)

3/26/13 Hello... ok, I know it's been 2 weeks...

Hello... ok, I know it's been 2 weeks since my last update.
So I finished up my antibiotics within the first 5 days, I continued to take my Arnica for the bruising. By day 3 I was doing ab contractions and moving around, because my body was tired of being in bed. I only took the pain meds the first day and after that I was good. I didn't really feel pain, but I was sore.
I went for my post op a week later and they said everything looks good. My back incisions healed within a couple of days. The incisions on my bikini line took a little longer, but they are healing well. It looks like when you skin your knee and the scab comes off and its that pink color right now. I used alot of Neosporin Ointment... it help speeds up the healing process and it keeps it from getting infected.
You are only required to wear your 1st compression garment for 24 hours the first 3 days. I wore it for 24 hours the 1st 10 days!!! It came off to get washed dried and put back on... so actually 23 hours a day!! But I couldn't wait to get out of that garment, because after 4 days it hurts to keep it on. I figured I'm only doing this once, so I'm going to maximize my time in the compression garment.
On day 10 I started on my 2nd compression garment, the swelling is going down... the ab area is still feeling hard. But there is no pain, I just have that sore feeling.
As of today 17 days later... the hard area in my abs are starting to soften up, still have some swelling... but 2 & 1/2 later... I look a lot thinner in my shirts. I went to a couple of birthday parties this past weekend & everyone was like... OMG you look fabulous!!! Yes, i was grinning from ear to ear... and knowing this is only the beginning... I haven't actually lost all of the swellling yet, I know if I continue to eat right, take my skinny fiber pills, drink lots of water and some moderate work outs... It' all going to be worth it!! I'm 2 weeks away from my 40th birthday trip... so I am enjoying my new body!! To look down and not see the overhang of fat, to sit without that uncompfortable feeling... especially when you put your foot on the top of the tub to shave your legs and I no longer feel that overhang fat against my legs!!! It is amazing... I feel like a new me, because its been so long since I can look at my body & be happy to remember the old me before the fat!!! New pictures will be posted later... So you can see the difference for yourself!! =) Let's keep it moving on winning the battle with the fat!!

Sorry I've been away for a while... I'm seeing the...

Sorry I've been away for a while... I'm seeing the great transformation and I'm loving my body. I just celebrated my 40th birthday and was able to wear a fitted slinky style dress!!! It was amazing to get all the compliments about how great I look!!! This is definitley the best decision I made for me!!! I will put up photos soon! I love the folks at Sono Bello in Woburn... The customer service and personal care is awesome there! If your in the MA area... definitely consider them for your procedure and ask for Dr. Thomas Walek. Tell them BD Skinny1 aka Rhea sent you!!! You truly will be amazed with your results. I'll post some updated pics soon! Take care and lets celebrate our bodies!!! =)
Providence Plastic Surgeon

I didn't choose my provider, he was designated to me. But the clinic gave me a bio sheet on him & I googled him to find out more info about him. So far the reviews I read was positive. I had a positive interaction with him at my pre-op, so I'm feeling confident about the surgery.

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