48 Years Old Have Been Struggling with my Weight for S Long Time - Somerset, NJ

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I had my procedure yesterday, although I get...

I had my procedure yesterday, although I get expects nausea and committing I didn't think it would be this bad, when I got home I slept for a few hours and I work up to being in pain and feeling very nauseated threw up just what looked like Water and saliva I took the nausea minutes and the meds for cramping and then tried to have some apple juice and later some jello. I thought I was going to be fine and then I was getting really tired so I came and lay down again. Woke up after a couple of hours nauseated, threw up all the jello and everything came out. Today's second morning and so far I have thrown up twice I just took the anti-nausea minutes waiting few minutes and then on to take the anti-cramping, let's see how this goes. So far I have any mini both keep down anything that I try drinking, and it's been about 15 minutes since I took the anti nausea medication I'm still feeling really nauseous. I can't seem to find a comfortable position to sit or lie down. Anyone have any input would be greatly appreciated.


Hi it's my second day, and so far vi had pain and cramping,and vomiting several times, not able to keep the meds in and not tolerating even water or apple juice. Can anyone offer any advice?
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