Going to Budapest for Dental Care to Close Gaps in Front Teeth Nov 2015

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About 6 months ago before I discovered Realself,...

About 6 months ago before I discovered Realself, my husband wanted to have dental implants for his teeth. I freaked as in the UK, they cost thousands. My husband has a friend that was living in Budapest (Hungary) that was working as an agent for French people seeking dental care in Budapest. He advised that doing the procedure in Budapest would be much easier for his pocket.

He found him a company called Save On Dental Care (SODC) in Budapest, they helped international patients to organise their trip. They advised where to get flights, advised on a number of hotels close to their clinic, they also offered airport pick up and drop off to your hotel and pick up for all appointments. This sounded amazing, but i was very sceptical as I felt this whole thing would cost a small fortune.

As the months go by and my husband does his research, I then found Realself and had my own plans for medical tourism.

So my issue with my teeth has always been the gaps i have in the front. I also have a teeth missing on the top left and a tooth missing from the bottom right but not in obvious places where those 2 teeth are noticeable if I smile. I have heard too many negative comments about veneers so I was not interested in that. I was interested in having implants if it was possible.

So forward a few months and we arrived in Budapest on Saturday, I must this place is stunning, the food is amazing, the people are so friendly (even the ones that don’t speak English, do their best to help). If you come here, use the Hop On Hop Off Bus, it shows you places you would not normally manage to see on your own sightseeing escapades. Sorry I digress.

So the plan was for my husband to get a consultation and for me to see what other options were available for my gaps, I already knew they didn’t do teeth braces so this was going to be interesting and also MOST importantly how much was this going to set me back. I have 3 other operations already lined up. If I am totally honest, I had no intention of doing anything, the other 3 operations planned for next year were more important.

Free Consultation Package Includes: oral examination, panoramic x-ray, written quote, and transport within Budapest for appointments

So today Monday they first took the panoramic x-ray, a nice lady carried this out for me. I went in and I was seen by Dr Anamaria Oros (pretty and friendly lady) She complimented me on my teeth and asked what were my concerns, i advised her about my Gaps. She advised me that I could have Veeners, I poo poked that idea, she then added definitely no implants as I do not have the space for it and it would look odd. I was then thinking fair enough, i’m out of here. Then she suggested the crowns, I must have had a funny expression as she then said, I will show you what I mean.

She stated I would need to do 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom for a balanced look. I was interested she then showed me a similar patient to me a before and after and I must say that did it for me. At this point I was going to have the crowns only if my husband was not having his surgery done on this trip as we couldn’t afford all of it. I advised her I needed to discuss with my husband, to see what I do. The problem was Dr Oros wanted me to stay in Budapest for 5 days if having the crowns, but we planned to leave on Wednesday, she stated if i wanted to go ahead she could get it done for Friday but we’ll need to start today.

Next bit the quote..

The Quote and Procedure

Porcelain - Jacket (5 days stay in Budapest) 8 x £285.00 = 2280.00. The quote is valid for 3 months if you at any point choose to go ahead.

After a thorough discussion with Mr Beanz, he stated go ahead as his plan was more complicated and he couldn’t have everything done on this trip anyway, so in that short 15 minute spell, I booked a new flight home and hotel for the remaining days. My husband was happy as we have even more time to explore this beautiful city.

So I went in again, she numbed the front of my mouth and then she injected the anaesthetic, it wasn’t so painful even though Dr Oros warned it will but that would be the most pain I feel from the surgery. She also warned about the teeth being a little sensitive once the crowns are in and for a few weeks after as my mouth gets used to it. She began by shaping my teeth for the crowns, this was actually not so back but OMG the smell of teeth being chiseled away was truly awful. But once that was over, I was fine, no pain. She gave me temporary crowns in the shape of my original teeth for the next few days. Its has slightly larger gaps but it’s only for another 3-4 days and I have to be very careful when eating as my temporary teeth might fall off (lol).

I thought I would be on a liquid diet but i have managed to eat a Pasta Salmon dish at the hotel with no problem, however breakfast this morning was tricky. So I basically gave up. I am still not experiencing any pain, I thought I would once the anaesthetic wore off. The thing that is weird it the edges of my temporary teeth, i can feel them as my tongue rests. The best explanation I can give is that it feels like I haven't brushed my teeth in weeks. You know that feeling of waking up and your teeth feeling bit ugh with, multiple that by 20. A thick layer of ugh on your teeth. It also feels as if hey could lift if I played with them too much (which at the moment I cannot help myself)

Nothing more to say until I have the crowns fitted on Thursday to check shape and size, colour etc, I will try to take a photo if possible.

First check of Crowns, fit and colour

Today I received a call to ask if I can attend the SODC clinic to check on first stage fit and colour. I believe Dr Oros stated it was the first layer of porcelain.

I thought it looked great, I was so anxious about it and I hoped it wasn't going to be too big as I think I have baby teeth. But the crowns looked a perfect match. Dr Oros appears to be a perfectionist (my kind of Dr) she wasn't so sure initially about the colour as she thought it may have looked a shade white than my own. However my husband and I thought it looked great. Dr Oros also advised after the second and/or third coat of porcelain if its a shade too white it can be darkened.

I'm a big foodie, she stated after they have been glued I can eat pretty much anything but I cannot bite through nuts or anything extremely hard with my front teeth as it may crack :(

My husband took the photos on his camera phone (his phone is better quality than mine as you will be able to tell).

Let me know what you guys think.

My new teeth

I should really stop making promises. Mainly because I forgot the answer by the time I get back to the hotel KMT!

So good news, I had my crowns fitted permanently today yayyyyy!!!

Anyway, here are plenty of photos for you to see and decide for yourself if porcelain crowns are for you.

Although I did not come to Budapest with an intention to have crowns put in, my experience is that I am extremely pleased, I tagged along with Mr Beanz and I followed through with a plan offered by Dr Oros. I absolutely love my outcome.

I planned to only have an additional procedure an implant put in but my husband says its better to put both as I may lose the bone in that area i leave out. He has this kind of problem and unfortunately for him his procedures are going to take 1yr and half to 2 yrs to fix his issues. Also visiting the clinic highlighted a few things to us that we were blissfully unaware of, so for that alone I am really gratefully and thank God we came to SODC for our treatment. I should also Thank our co-ordinator Betti, such a sweet lady via email for making this trip very easy. And she was right the company as great people working for them.

Not sure I will be allowed but I will try to get a selfie of Dr Oros her dental assistant who has been on this journey with us Regina (a very sweet lady whom I’ve nicknamed Bad Cop).

So I was given instructions not to eat for 3 hours, to brush my teeth at the end of the day as usual but a little gentler as my gums may be/will be sensitive for a few days. Again advised not to eat anything to tough, but I can bite into an apple I think she said 2-3 weeks. I will have to record my next conversation with Dr Oros, mainly because I genuinely forget the answers and I’ve got a learning difficulty (dyslexia) my memory and writing are shocking. Even with spell check I still make errors (sorry, I digress). Tomorrow for my final check up, they are going to show me how to take care of my new teeth. I am so excited and I believe this includes brushing my new teeth. Brushing twice a day (of course) I honestly cannot remember what else.

Guarantee details

I was given a form which advised of my guarantee, Dr Oros talked about this before, it is a 6yr guarantee, but for this to be valid I must come back to Budapest for 1-2 days for a checkup in the first yr. Ani (receptionist) explained if i did not my guarantee would not be valid. It also mentions if you grind your teeth, poor oral hygiene and some other things it listed it would not be valid.

I think I better check that what is on the list I do not already do without realising or that would suck.

My husband needs to come back and so I will join him and probably go ahead with placing an implant in the gap in the top left of my mouth at the same time.

Guarantee and check up and selfie :)

So I have my final day check up with Dr Oros, she attempted to check my bite but as i'm still a bit sensitive she couldn't really do it. However, she did adjust my crowns as I described my jaw shaking a bit when I placed my top teeth on the bottom. Her adjustment has definitely improved this, when i go back for my check up she will attempt the bite again (I think now is just too soon).

I suppose in my own way i'll miss both Dr Oros and Regina, they were really lovely, fun and I felt they cared about me and my outcome. I took a selfie just before I left, I was trying to do my biggest cheesiest grin, but we were giggling as we took it so doesn't look as cheesy as I had hoped.
Dr Anamaria Oros

I am really happy, she was friendly, not pushy regarding having the treatment. Professional and quite funny too. I also love the fact she is a perfectionist and wants to make sure you look your absolute best before leaving her care. I could not have asked for a nicer person to take me through this journey. She answered all my questions regarding the treatment and I also have the option to contact the clinic should I have any further concerns or more questions. I was always seen with 5 mins of arriving at the clinic. I would definitely be recommending SODC and in particular Dr Oros for treatment to friends and family.

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