So-so Results from Radiesse but Research Your Provider First!

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I had so-so results from Radiesse when I tried it...

I had so-so results from Radiesse when I tried it last year. I went to a skin clinic. I had a free, no-obligation consultation first. They took my photo and then drew on it where they wanted to make improvements. I felt valued by this; I knew plastic surgeons did this but I didn’t think spas and clinics would. I bought a full vial of Radiesse for my nasiolabial folds. The deal was to inject into my NL folds and use the remainder on the crease on my chin. My NL folds were my main concern but she said in consultation that I might have some left. Again, this sounded like a good thing. My nurse was fantastic the day I had it done. She numbed me, gave me a dental block, then talked to me while she injected. Even still, the pain was INTENSE. It was actually a lot worse than I imagined it would be. But it went fantastic and it was over quickly. I got home, iced the areas (she said she did have enough to do my chin too) and I didn’t bruise. Let me say that again: I DIDN’T BRUISE! I don’t know anyone who didn’t have a spot or two from fillers and I have been on all the forums. Later I found out this was a sign that they’re watering down the filler; no reason to bruise if you’re not getting anything! After-care is so important. The swelling subsided in about a week and then I started to notice the lines forming again. I called immediately and was put through to the lady who injected me. She explained that “fillers are temporary” and if I wanted more I would have to pay. I couldn’t believe it! I’m not an idiot; I know fillers aren’t forever but less than a week?! She offered a 50% discount on the re-do because she didn’t think I’d need a whole vial... not really a discount then, is it? I was really upset that they were taking over $1,000 from me and unfortunately I told her where to shove her “discount.” I was livid. That was the end of my relationship with that clinic; they stopped taking my calls and told me to stop calling. I never did get my $400 touch-up and my lines were back completely within two weeks. I don’t know what I would do differently because I felt I did everything right. I also felt the Radiesse would have worked if it was a stronger mix and not watered down. The clinic looked perfect and everything was fine until after they had cashed my check. Then I became another sale, then a nuisance when I wouldn’t play their games.
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