So Happy with my Nose Job and Chin Implant!

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Let me clarify why I only spent $2800.00 on my...

Let me clarify why I only spent $2800.00 on my facial surgery. My doctor did my rhinoplasty after he did medical surgery on reducing my sinuses and fixing my deviated septum, so my insurance covered my nose. I only had to pay for my chin implant/liposuction. Even then, because I had shopped around for surgeon's, I worked a 'cash deal' with him :-)

Definitely 7 days out of surgery and I am still in a lot of pain. Mostly because of my chin/neck, not my nose. I really thought my nose would hurt worse, but that was not the case. The chin implant surgery did give me a lot of numbness in my chin/neck, but as I understand it, it's temporary and will go away. At this point, I will not worry too much about it. What I didn't expect was the amount of soreness in my teeth/jaw! I love to eat and was disappointed that even soft stuff was very hard to eat. Needless to say, I have lost weight by accident. :-) I am still concerned with the size of the implant, because we discussed pre-op that he would put both a medium and a large implant in to see how they looked, but ended up going with the large. I am not convinced yet that he made the right choice, but I will wait 6 months to see!

I also have a hard 'lump' under my chin implant that I am going to ask the doctor about tomorrow. I get my stitches and nose cast off, whoopee! Another issue is that I have developed a lot of chest congestion, and I am not sure if it's from the 'drainage' or I just coincidentally got sick after my surgery. Again, I am going to speak to my doctor about it tomorrow.

I LOVE how my rhinoplasty turned out!! I can't even explain the amount of pleasure my new, smaller nose gives me to see it in the mirror!

I definitely would recommend anyone thinking of the surgery to go ahead. I am very happy with my results. My doctor is a fantastic surgeon that specializes in surgery from the neck up, so I felt confident going in. I don't think I would have felt as good about it with a less experienced surgeon.

I have to add that the liposuction that was done under my neck caused FAR more bruising than either of the other procedures and is by FAR the most painful part. BUT, the result is amazing and I no longer have a double chin.

I don't know that I would put myself through facial surgery again, but I am definitely considering breast implants next!

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