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I did alot of research of because I was frustrated...

I did alot of research of because I was frustrated with fat in my abs, back (muffin tops) and under bra area even though I exercise 6 times a week and eat healthy for the most part.  I started with checking into traditional lipo, velashape & then that led me to finding out about smart lipo. 

I did do consultations for all three procedures before making my decision.  I'm so glad that I checked it out so thoroughly.  This website was a huge help for me.  I had the procedure done a little more than 2 weeks ago on my back, hips, flanks & abs. 

Right from the first time I saw my body out of the compression garmet I saw a huge difference.  I finally have a nice waistline!   I am short waisted so before the procedure I had trouble buying tops that fit me correctly because my hips were so out of proportion.  Now, that I'm out of the garmet, which I wore religiously for the two weeks, I can't believe the difference of how my clothing fits.  I'm not sure if I lost any weight, but honestly I'm not one to care about what the scale says,  I'm more about how I look in the mirror and I am truly pleased with what I see.  If everything I read from this website is true it should only get better. 

Right now I have a few minor lumps but I feel each day that is getting better.  As far as the overall experience with the procedure itself I was really nervous beforehand but I can say it really wasn't that bad.  I would describe it as uncomfortable as others on this site have, because of being awake and feeling things going on inside you but not really feeling any pain. 

The doctor and his two nurses that were in the room made the whole experience so incredibly comfortable for me.  We actually played music trivia to the radio that was playing.  The first few days were difficult getting around, mostly getting in and out of the car.  Each day I feel a little better than the day before so I keep reminding myself of that.  I am still not a 100% back to normal but I went back to the gym after 1 1/2 weeks and have adjusted my workouts to what I feel comfortable doing.  I think I will be back to my normal level in another week or two.  For the result I've gotten so far this is a small price to pay.

Philadelphia Emergency Medicine Physician

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